Wishful thinking not enough in Zimbabwe

via Wishful thinking not enough | The Zimbabwean 14.05.14 by Editor

Christopher Mutsvangwa, the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, recently indicated that government was willing to engage the west in an effort to normalise strained relations.

As we all know, disenchantment with President Robert Mugabe and those in the top echelons of power – political, economic and military – among western nations and global institutions began around the year 2000.

The Mugabe regime’s pariah status and consequent isolation and acute diplomatic discord with European countries and the US centred on the disorderly and violent land redistribution programme that started that year. It was exacerbated by widespread human rights abuses – notably Operation Murambatsvina, the horrific violence that surrounded the 2008 elections, poor governance and bad policies.

We commend the government for its sensitivity to the need to normalise international relations. The modern world is a global village that must thrive on win-win synergies and mutual harmony. The diplomatic tiffs that we have experienced for close to one and a half decades have not helped Zimbabwe in any way.

We have lost Foreign Direct Investment – as it had understandably fled to more hospitable destinations. The economy has been mired in the doldrums and people have been suffering for so long. The government lacks the political will to take the hard policy decisions that will put us back on track, fix the economy and curb runaway corruption.

However, the government must not think that merely wishing that international relations were mended will be enough. There is need for active and practical demonstration of the will to do so. For a start, the government needs to focus on revising or reversing the policies that are inimical to economic recovery.

Of late, officials have signalled a climb-down on the indigenisation policy – toning down the rhetoric and offering to be flexible. But toning down on talk is one thing, and changing the law to make it more friendly is another. There is need to remove all the clauses in our statutes that scare away investors. We need investor-friendly relations and improved governance. Without this, re-engagement with the west will remain a pie in the sky.

Similarly, the government must demonstrate to the world that it respects human rights. While abuses today are not as widespread as they used to be, concerns linger. For instance, it seems there is a renewed onslaught on the media by departments and individuals seeking to serve selfish and localised interests.


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    The West has no interest in Mugabe. You keep your Zimbabwe!!!

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    Petal 9 years ago


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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Deputy foreign minister indeed. Another ZANU apologist more like it. Too stupid to realise that anybody with a brain can see through his rubbish.

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Hey Chris you think we want to engage zanupf think again! We will see who takes the strain in the strained relationship as your bass said let the west go hang and Zimbabwe is his -so go shove Zimbabwe where it fits best. No one will engage Zimbabwe until you and zanupf ate fone

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    Christopher Hatikure Mutsvangwa – Zanu PF losing Candidate Norton Constituency

    Christopher Mutsvangwa was the Zanu PF candidate for the Norton house of assembly seat in the March 2008 general elections. He lost to a little known MDC-T candidate and it appears Mutsvangwa was heavily humiliated and terribly hurt that he immediately unleashed a reign of terror in the small town.

    Christopher Mutsvangwa a former director of the infamous Central Intelligence Agency (CIO) still commands respect and support from this spy agency. His links with the CIO in his campaign of violence were manifested in the fact that about 60% of political violence cases in his constituency were reportedly perpetrated by CIO agents. Mutsvangwa once served as the chief executive officer of the ZBC where he persecuted workers who failed to toe the party line thus constantly singing praises for Zanu PF and its Leader Robert Mugabe.

    Christopher Mutsvangwa is well known for his hate speeches towards Morgan Tsvangirai Leader of the MDC and has never failed to sing praises for Robert Mugabe and his party. He has appeared on national television an enumerable number of times as a so called independent analyst, where he has invariably churned out horribly biased analyses. Of particular note is when in 2008 at the height of political violence he appeared on ZBC-TV vehemently denying that there was any political violence in the country, calling the MDC spokesperson a damning liar, hell bound on destroying the image of Zanu PF and yet Mutsvangwa himself , was personally involved in the hue, murder and plunder.

    In August 2009 he is reported to have shot and killed a known MDC supporter and two other people in Highlands. The widow of one of the victims has since filed a law suit against Mutsvangwa for the cold blooded murder of her husband. She claims the murder was politically motivated as against Mutsvangwa’s robbery allegations he is citing in his defence. Despite these serious murder charges he is facing, President Mugabe has appointed him to sit on the Zimbabwe Media Commission. Some of the known and reported acts of violence directly linked to Christopher Hatikure Mutsvangwa are listed below.
    1 May 2008

    A war veteran who fell out with his comrades after he had openly campaigned for the structures of the MDC in Norton. Reports from locals note that his activities in the MDC incensed the Zanu PF leadership in Norton that they summoned him to appear before a kangaroo court comprised of Zanu PF party stalwarts that was chaired by Christopher Mutsvangwa as the senior member in the constituency. He was reportedly warned about his links with the MDC activities in Norton and it appears xxx could not be deterred as he continued to pursue the new path he had chosen. Two weeks later xxx was reported missing by his relatives and his body was discovered floating in a local dam a few days later.
    12 June 2008

    On 12 June Mutsvangwa addressed Zanu PF militia teams at the local community hall and during the evening following the meeting a group of youths including Oliver Tembo, Ian Kazungu, Wilson Asau and Adas Kudiwapfava and accompanied by local CIO agents abducted an MDC member to the hall where he was heavily assaulted with sticks under the feet and all over the body. They detained him at the hall for two days after which they were released together with other detainees, when Mutsvangwa visited the base and assigned the militia on other missions.
    12 June 2008

    On 12 June 2008 Oliver Tembo one of Mutsvangwa’s campaign team member led Zanu youths who abducted xxx to the local Zanu offices in Katanga, where he was savagely assaulted with steel bars and logs until he sustained a fractured arm and leg. His tormenters told him that his MDC activities in Norton were nauseating their chief Christopher Mutsvangwa and had therefore send them to deal with him once and for all.
    12 June 2008

    Xxx was taken from home to a campaign meeting held at the local community hall, where he was heavily assaulted with sticks under the feet and all over the body. Witnesses note that as the prisoners were being tortured, Mutsvangwa personally delivered food supplies to be used at the base. The perpetrators were noted as Oliver Tembo, Ian Kazunga, Wilson Asau, Adas Kudiwapfava and many other unknown armed people.
    13 June 2008

    After the 29 March harmonized elections Christopher Mutsvangwa was reported to have held a meeting with his campaign team at a house in Norton where they agreed to set up torture Bases at some of the Zanu PF officials houses.

    Mutsvangwa supplied the tents that were pitched up at Matambo’s and Knowledge Ndiya’s houses respectively. These were subsequently used as torture and detention centers. On June 13 2008, xxx reported that CIO operatives broke into his house and blindfolded him. They took him to Matambo’s house where they severely assaulted him and his left eye is permanently damaged as they allegedly tried to remove it.
    18 June 2008

    xxx was an MDC polling agent in the March 29 elections, and was targeted by the Zanu PF militia attacks . On June 18, 2008 Zanu PF supporters chanting Zanu slogans and holding Mugabe and Mutsvangwa campaign posters abducted xxx from his house and hauled him blindfolded to some place where CIO agents heavily assaulted him and left him for dead.
    21 June 2008

    An MDC lady was abducted to Knowledge Ndiya‘s house, where a tent had been pitched by Mutsvangwa’s team. On arrival she was taken into the tent and was subjected to a terrible assault and torture, the youth who assaulted her threatened to kill her if they wanted. They informed her that they had orders to kill from Mutsvangwa and it was up to them either to kill or spare her. She was then ordered to report to Ndiya’s house everyday to carry out household chores until after the 27 June Election.
    21 June 2008

    On 21 June 2008 a team of Zanu PF youths riding in Mutsvangwa’s twin cab truck driven by a local CIO agent known only as Simba , broke into xxx house in Maridale Norton. They ransacked the house and stole some personal items , destroying furniture and kitchen utensils. They took all the MDC regalia and used the register to track and assault MDC members.
    26 June 2008

    Xxx was abducted on 26 June 2008 from her house and taken to Ndiya’s home to the tent used as the torture base. She was told that the MP (referring to Mutsvangwa) had identified her as the pivotal MDC activist in the constituency and had instructed that she be punished. She was taken through a terrible torture and re-education session that lasted the whole day. The major perpetrators identified were Fungai Garapo ,Tarirai Javangwe under the instruction of four unidentified but armed men.

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    Rwendo 9 years ago

    Perhaps this is why the Minister of Foreign Affairs has yet to respond or react to Mutsvangwa’s public insults and insubordination after the Grace/Visa incident. This sounds like a thug in a business suit.

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Rewendo is a thug in a suit

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    Rwendo 9 years ago

    And at night I’m the bogey man, Mlimo. Or try Mark 3:24 – if you read the good book.

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    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    Yaah ngempela; Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), like water, follows the path of least resistance!