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via Youth hold key to the future for Zimbabwe April 7, 2014 by Elima Audrey Mandaza

There is no stage in life as powerful as youth. The youth are young, energetic, fresh minded, full of ambition and drive. Africa is the most youthful planet with an average age of 20 and our beautiful country Zimbabwe is no exception.  It becomes obvious therefore that if there is anyone that needs to talk about the future and well-being of Zimbabwe, the youth need to be an integral part of that conversation.

Even the current government in all its faults has seen the crucial role played by the youths in national discourse and development. In a meeting intended for youth one leader in the current regime said of the youth and the future of the country:  “It is my sincere hope that you will take over from where we are now and make sure that Zimbabwe continues to uphold the goals that were set by our leaders at the attainment of Independence in 1980.”

He said it was imperative that youths benefit from the country mineral wealth and that Zimbabweans must organise themselves and exploit the resources for majority benefit. What a sham statement since the current regime ha so far reneged on its mandate regarding the youths seeking instead to use the Zimbabwean young for their material and self aggrandizement. Youths have been turned into weapons of violence and subjects of ridicule.

In the ancient Mayan tribe of South America, influential young men and women were involved in all the discussions by the fireside that were for the benefit of the tribe and village.  They were treated with the same respect and seriousness as their older counterparts. Sadly, in our culture the youth are often sidelined and in more recent times, we have seen them often abused and exploited by people and organisations pursuing their own personal agendas. We all remember too well how the current regime has indoctrinated the youths into submission in the so called ‘Border Gezi’ youth initiatives.

This is in direct contrast to the initiatives that are being propagated by ZUNDE which aim at treating the youths as well-meaning sections of the country. ZUNDE’s youth development policies include inculcating self esteem and building youths to prepare for roles that would be beneficial to the overall development of the country in the long run.

Youth involvement in policy making therefore needs to be seriously taken into cognisance as the youth offer sustainability for the future.  Empowering the country through its youth will ensure continuity for years to come and it is imperative that Zimbabwe leverages the talent and energy of its youth to create dramatically higher levels of prosperity, economic, social and political stability.  Young people are agents of their own change and if we are able to mobilize them we can be assured of progressive and resilient involvement that will help shape and rehabilitate our country in every aspect.

Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) offers the perfect platform for the youth to be adequately engaged.  We are calling on all Zimbabwean youths at home and abroad to step forward and be an active part of the change that we seek in Zimbabwe. The time has come for your ideas, demands and laments to be heard and not just heard, but acted upon and your full potential realised. The youth hold the future for Zimbabwe in their hands, hearts, minds and school and laptop bags. At ZUNDE our youth with not be those spent forty-something old man from the war, the word YOUTH will mean exactly that, YOUTH.  As we say in ZUNDE: “We don’t claim to know everything but we want to create a tradition of a consulting government based on enduring FAIR values which are Fairness, Accountability, Inclusiveness and Respect’.

Elima Audrey Mandaza (aka Nehanda) is ZUNDE’s official representative for Northern England –; .


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    John Thomas 10 years ago

    “Youth hold the key to the future”. Could a more banal cliched over tired thought be had?

    The keys to the future are more than this weak fare surely?

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    moyokumusha 10 years ago

    The future is for all Zimbabweans.

    To put this to the youth is denying the true issue at hand. We need true democracy and righteous leaders who respect the electorate and their mandate. Leader who are accountable to the people.

    You quote the Mayan tribe who included the youth but it is the wise who should determine and wisdom only comes with experience which in turn come with age. Of interest the Mayan’s no longer exist so they must have had their faults too, maybe that was down to the youth.

    Zimbabwe needs and will prosper under a combination of rule of law and respect for tradition. By this I mean our culture must be incorporated and respect restored at village level. The chiefs must be totally non partisan and tonga certain issues such as adultery, domestic violence etc and the law deal with more complicated issues such as murder, theft etc. We cannot have some city kid dictating to a sekuru or amai and showing no respect. That’s half the problem we have today.

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    Davidzo 10 years ago

    Those who fought in the liberation war were not 90-year-old men in diapers but youths in their teens and early to mid 20s. One day, this generation will rise to reclaim its dignity. They have EVERY right to do so.

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    Not only do youths hold the key to the future. They are the future. They are what the future will be. ZUNDE understands that and that is why it invests in the youths. The old can advise from behind while the youths lead. That is what leadership is about.Is that not beautiful? Well said Mandaza.

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    john philip churu 10 years ago

    This is one of the best pieces to come from a so called youth. I believe the tenets of a good government is well embossed in the character of the youth that we groom. Zimbabwe is for the progressive people. we believe the youth of this country will define the type of future that they want to lead. keep the wheels of Zimbabwe turning.

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    Interesting discussion. Though ZUNDE is an abbreviation, in shona what does that word mean? Can any one explain for me please.

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    Zvichanaka 10 years ago

    If Zunde wants to attract membership they need people who can make inspirational statements….this is not one of them!

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    Mudzimai Wanhasi 10 years ago

    This is a very good article. It’s a pity that some of you have completely misinterpreted it. The writer has made it clear that the youth need to be more involved in policy making as it is a sure fire way of grooming for future leadership positions. One thing we have learnt from the Zim Situation is that age does not necessarily mean wisdom. We certainly welcome any fresh minded approach.

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    Our youths are damaged goods. They have been abused, brain washed, misused, deprived of a future and used to carry out politicians dirty deeds. I weep for them. We need a lot of input, prayers and work among our youth. They need to be deprogrammed from this political claptrap and propping up monsters. They need a life. My heart aches to see what our youth have been forced to become.

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    Parangeta 10 years ago

    “Africa is a young PLANET”,
    what the hell are you talking about Mandaza?
    So now Africa is added to Saturn, Jupiter and …..

    Anyway, of course the Youth are the Furture,
    Elders are not the Future, that’s obvious.

    Only thing is, Zimbabwe’s youth are mostly and correctly
    stated, “damaged goods”.
    Most have no guts, no courage and no organization.

    The ZPF Youth are the scourge of Zimbabwe!

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    Mudzimai Wanhasi 10 years ago

    So you are saying because they are “damaged goods” we ought to just throw in the towel and give up??

    The youth have been misdirected. All they need is to be steered into the right direction and to be rehabilitated. Serious time and energy needs to be invested in them sooner rather than later.