ZBC turns down Barwe resignation

via ZBC turns down Barwe resignation – DailyNews Live by Chengetai Zvauya 8 OCTOBER 2013 

Reuben Barwe, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC)’s veteran chief correspondent has resigned from the State broadcaster, but authorities have refused to cut him loose.

Barwe, 60, confirmed to the Daily News that he resigned last month after reaching the retirement age in March.

However, the national broadcaster declined his resignation and offered him a three-year contract to continue being the chief correspondent the position he held prior to his resignation.

“I reached retirement age in March this year and tendered my resignation in August because I wanted to help cover the harmonised elections, but the ZBC management offered me a new contract for three years and I am still around at the ZBC doing my professional work, which I have been doing since yesteryear,” Barwe said.

Sivukile Simango, the ZBC spokesperson, asked for written questions, which were emailed to him.

Barwe joined the ZBC in 1987 as a junior reporter and rose through the ranks to become the chief reporter.

The reporter, who regularly covers the president’s beat locally and internationally, denied charges that he was biased.

“It is not true that I am biased but I am patriotic,” Barwe said.

“I am not threatened by the political developments in the country as I respect the political processes that are happening.”

Barwe is amongst some Zimbabwean journalists who have been blacklisted by European Union.



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    Dairayi Slogan 9 years ago

    Ruben Barwe zidumbu rizere tsvina nenhema

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Jogo Bonita 9 years ago

    Who is he to retire at the tender age of 60 when others at almost 90 are at work.he must continue.he now wants to embarass the president.ma cio urayai munhu.

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    Gukurahundi upbringing 9 years ago

    Patriotism is about the country, NOT a particular party or leader gukurahundi Barwe!!

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    mhundwa 9 years ago

    rrhuu-uuu-ben barwe , zbc news , harare

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    Tozvireva Kupiko 9 years ago

    Even if you retire – you will live longer than Mugabe and so no running away until one day the …..will come home to roost! Professional work? My word … do you know what that means?

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    Torai hupfumi 9 years ago

    Rubie should have resigned long ago to start his own things with funds which he got from his boss and some allowancies which got while so ZBC were not being paid. If he says he was not geting extra dollars from himself, how much did he save from his salary as ZBC repoter that makes him retire. He should just say i now want to be that one or to do this than to tell people that he is 60years. Zvashamisa here kuita makore akadaro inga isu vamwe tichiri pabasa at +79years. Dai mutemo uyu uchishanda kumaMINSTERS and MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT this was going to make the nation improve.