Zim Govt Issues Ultimatum To Seize Gold Mine

via RadioVop Zimbabwe – Zim Govt Issues Ultimatum To Seize Gold Mine by Gary Hlatshwayo

President Robert Mugabe’s new government has intensified its forced company seizures after issuing an ultimatum to take control of Vumbachikwe Gold Mine in Gwanda, Matabeleland South province following the miner’s alleged reluctance to comply with the country’s indigenisation and economic empowerment legislation.

Under the controversial and widely condemned legislation, foreign owned enterprises are compelled to surrender 51 percent shareholding in any foreign owned enterprise to indigenous Zimbabweans.

The National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board (NIEEB) recently issued a 21-day ultimatum to Vumbachikwe Gold Mine, one of the country’s oldest gold mines to comply with the Indigenisation Act.

In a letter dated 25 September 2013 addressed to the mine director only identified as E.M Smithwick, NIEEB chief executive officer Wilson Gwatiringa gave Vumbachikwe Gold Mine three weeks to submit its final indigenisation plan. The ultimatum for one of Zimbabwe’s biggest gold mines expires on the 16th of October 2013.

“We note that you have not submitted a consolidated and final indigenisation and implementation plan. In the interest of finalising your compliance process, you are kindly advised to submit the aforesaid in favour of the indigenous Zimbabweans,” reads part of the letter seen by Radio VOP.

The mining company has been resisting to cede 10 percent of its shares to the community under the Community Share ownership Scheme/Trust (CSOS/T) arguing that all its shareholders are indigenous Zimbabweans.

However, last year government expressed its impatience with Vumbachikwe Gold Mine with the former Indigenisation Minister Saviour Kasukuwere saying government was fed with trying to negotiate with a mine made of white Zimbabweans who seem to think they are still operating in Rhodesia.

Minister of State for Matabeleland South provincial affairs, Abedinico Ncube recently warned the mine’s management that they will lose their enterprise if they remain defiant.

“Vumbachikwe is not a sacred cow, as long as you are in this country you will have to comply or you lose your mine, there is nothing special about Vumbachikwe mine,” said Ncube.

If the government proceeds to implement the threat to seize the mine, the seizure of Vumbachikwe Gold Mine will be the first such incident since President Mugabe issued threats to grab mines that fail to comply with the country’s loathed indigenisation legislation.



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    Mine Supervisor 11 years ago

    It is our resources that are sustaining them, labour from our borthers, let them go if they dont want to comply with the law. We cant have people who cherry pick the laws they want to comply with and disregard the rest.

    • comment-avatar
      Rudadiso 11 years ago

      Mine Supervisor, you are, hopefully, aware that the mine will then go the way of NRZ, ZUPCO and ZISCO among many other entities that include farms. That is the Mugabe way and sadly, you seem immensely proud of it. Shame on you.

    • comment-avatar
      Gondo Arishaya 11 years ago

      Mine Supervisor, where is your mine or are you going to benefit from the grabbing of this mine. Well let us see who really benefits and dont cry fowl and you think like a chicken

  • comment-avatar
    Zvapasipano 11 years ago

    Aaa kungotorera vanhu vanozoita zvinhu kwazvo. Let them keep it and do business .hey people get employment ikoko makabvuta maputazi chamakaunza chii ? Nzara basi

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    Collin Mackenzie 11 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    Sekuru Mapenga 11 years ago

    Seizing things by force has never really worked well anywhere.

  • comment-avatar
    T plus 11 years ago

    torai mhani tione chamunoita,this guerilla way of running the economy isnt working at all but you continue doing the same thing…nxa,i wonder what king of human beings you are!?

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    T plus 11 years ago

    torai mhani tione chamunoita,this guerilla way of running the economy isnt working at all but you continue doing the same thing…nxa,i wonder what kind of human beings you are!?