Zim needs the West: Minister

via Zim needs the West: Minister | The Zimbabwean by Nelson Sibanda 23.10.13

Zimbabwe needs global assistance to achieve economic growth, the new Minister of Industry and Commerce has admitted.

Speaking exclusively to The Zimbabwean this week on the side lines of a meeting with a Namibian business delegation, Mike Bimha admitted that there was no way the country would succeed without assistance from international institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank and western countries.

Asked whether business pacts with Namibia would substitute the role of Western countries and international financial institutions towards Zimbabwe’s economic recovery, Bimha said: “The Zimbabwe-Namibia business deal is just a component of the economic recovery process and that is the reason why we continued to engage global families,” he said. “We need international cooperation to complement regional efforts.”

At the meeting, the Zanu (PF) Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Christopher Mutsvangwa, raised alarm among local businessmen when he came out strongly against government protection of the manufacturing industry. The outspoken former Ambassador called on government to open up economic investment to able competitors from China and other countries.

The chief executive officer of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tarah Shaanika, said Zimbabwe should unreservedly clarify its position on the indigenisation policy and the lack of available power.

The government recently said it would be flexible on indigenisation and promised not to apply a one size fits all approach.



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    maisokwazo 11 years ago

    Today Mugabe needs the West tomorrow Mugabe needs the East -China What a hubbalobabbo Confusion at its worst W e are tired with WHICH IS WHICH and WHAT IS WHAT. Reign of terror and confusion abound. Just if a madman won one million dollars do not know whether to wipe his butt or start a big flame.

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    Mukaronda Potsi. 11 years ago

    This only reminds me of George Orwell’s book 1984. Where the general public is not sure at any point in time whether they are at war with the East or the West. In fact they whole idea was for them not know, and Zimbabweans are being put in the exact same quandary, almost 20 years after 1984. Cry Beloved Zimbabwe. Its China now and the West then, so which is which? Bimha and Mutsvangwa are all from the same Zanu stable , so who is telling the Zanu gospel truth? This only serves to proves that Mugabe is out of his mind and only cares to market his on heat daughter(who is like her mother- run away Mrs Goreraza). This contradiction in perspective between cabinet members only reminds me of the movie ” Home Alone”. Wake me up when its all over!

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    Animal Farm should be a set book in all african schools from grade 1 to 12 and on the weekends the lion king must be shown in all movie houses.!

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    Bazour Wa Kumuzi 11 years ago

    This Minister is the one who is confused. He must be fired! And the stupid Namibian interfering in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs. Business people must respect Zimbabwe’s sovereignty. Zanupf won on Indeginisation and this exegeration of power shortage is a black mail. Why does he not invite people from Iran, North Korea Cuba Venezuella and of course buyers from Israel and others who share the same aspirations with us. He could have Julius Malema and others from Niger, Mali and Equitorial Guinea to come and see our potential especially how we have taken our land from the whites. We do not need the West. China is with us!

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      Mwanawevhu 11 years ago

      You are writing nonsense.A cabinet minister is the mouth piece of the president that is why they meet regularly.

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      Haruna 11 years ago

      Bazour, dzokai kumuzi kwenyu. Muri baboon

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      Chitova weGona 11 years ago

      Kumuzi,you are speaking from some national road in Malawi i think.Whats there in Mali,Niger and what has Malema to offer? Your party Zanu has no plan and the sooner you realise that the healthier your mind will become. Right now you have serious deficiencies in mental faculties.

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    Bazour,Kamuzu or Kamudzi whichever,dont say the MAMIBIAN MINISTER IS A FOOL.He was appointed by a sovereign government.Let him do his mandate.By the way why do you comment on our affairs iwe Bazuzu or KAMUZU.Go and comment there kwaKamuzu.Hndizini ndazvitanga,ndiwe waunza issue yesovereignity inivi ndikati you don’t have the right to comment on our sovereignity.Ndosaka Zuma akakusekai

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    Johnny k 11 years ago

    Bazour, your thought processes are Bizarre. Can you honestly say that any of those countries are economically viable and are a beacon of hope for Zimbabwe. Maybe we should send you to Iran for re education to see how idiots are dealt with.

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    Crimminals of Zanu-pf

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    Sibangilizwe Lethube 11 years ago

    Bazour Wa Kumuzi a good comment , well done . Don’t be put off by the people who don’t even know their ancestors.Vamwe vacho havana mutupo.

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    Jogo Bonita 11 years ago

    This bazour guy is a nut case.what solutions can malema offer zimbabweans?and most of those countries u mention are banana republics like zim itself.of what help will they be?

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    More talk talk no action. It’s 33 years guys and where is the progress. It’s just theft all the way. Got laugh at these fools