ZNCC energy survey

Source: ZNCC energy survey | The Herald 11 DEC, 2019

ZNCC energy surveyMr Mugaga

A survey conducted by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce’s has attributed energy challenges in the country to limited investment and maintenance with 90 percent of the respondents citing this as a major cause of power shortages.

Zimbabwe’s energy challenges-characterised by prolonged power outages have seen the country’s industries and various business sectors being greatly affected, with some companies closing due to high operational costs. Presenting a survey on the “Impact of energy challenges on business in Zimbabwe” at ZNCC’s 5th annual business review conference last week, ZNCC chief executive Christopher Mugaga said its findings showed that the aged and incapacitated equipment at the country’s major power stations was adding on to the worsening of electricity challenges on top of other factors.

The business lobby group said that there is need for businesses and the general stakeholders to seriously start diverting to renewable sources of power as a means of long-term planning for the continued sustainable energy sources. — Business Reporter.