The ZIMBABWE Situation

August 2003 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/8/03
    • Pensioners who built Zimbabwe have 40p a month
    • Mugabe to retreat to lavish life on a farm?
    • Opposition accuses Mugabe of rigging local elections
    • Slow turnout for Zimbabwe's urban council polls
    • Cash shortage sees many change lifestyles
    • Tale of widow’s distress over delayed cremation
    • Opposition denied voters’ rolls
    • Court dismisses MDC nomination challenge
    • ZANU PF faces acid test
    • Move to bar MDC candidates thrown out
    • Agriculture hit by natural and man-made disasters: Chissano
    • Mnangagwa to summon ministers over Bennett
    • Tampering with meters costing ZESA millions
    • Chombo’s interference no excuse for inefficiency
    • ZANU PF’s new slogan: Oh what a tangled web we weave
    • The least you can do
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/8/03
    • US calls for Mugabe's isolation
    • Zanu PF accused of vote-buying
    • Zim should explain food policy - donors
    • Exodus gathers pace as economy sinks deeper
    • Land reform threatens wildlife in Beitbridge
    • Majority of invited African ministers snub Harare summit
    • Settlers now homeless
    • Let’s keep our emperor isolated and get on with life
    • Universal crises amongst our Elderly
    • Roy Bennett’s Newsletter no 3
    • Church’s approach could be more vigorous
    • Zanu PF/MDC break deadlock
    • Fuel dealers reject new prices
    • ZBC sued by couple over false claim
    • US institute urges sustained pressure
    • Hippo Valley land still listed
    • Forex levels worsen - RBZ
    • Bribery won't save Zanu PF from defeat
    • Victory over Mugabe is certain
    • Under-development is Zanu PF's strategy for Mat
    • Govt now a liability to the taxpayer
    • Deposit guarantee fund is yet another tax
    • Mugabe's 'enemy' talk not good for Zim
    • Zim crisis: deal with causes not symptoms
    • Murerwa fails to tackle inflation head-on
    • Scene from the House of Hunger
  3. Posted 30/8/03
    • Reserve Bank: Act Now to Arrest Illegal Forex Deals
    • Major Retailers Accept Travellers' Cheques
    • Service Stations Sell Fuel At New Prices
    • Zimbabwe govt, opposition fight key local polls
    • SA land of hope for Zimbabwe workers
    • Chissano Defends Land Reform in Zimbabwe
    • Democracy - Mugabe-style
    • African Gold production barely covers local costs
    • Hope of quick end to sanctions dampened
    • Church leaders to meet on inter-party dialogue
    • ‘Unelected’ groups must be included in the talks
    • Malaysians keen to help Zim tap into new energy sources
    • Politburo debates Mugabe
    • Mudzuri vows not to give up fight for Town House
    • Indecisiveness a drag on economy
    • Rivalry threatens Free Trade Area
    • Stop side-marketing, cotton farmers told
    • Late disbursement of funds threatens tobacco output
    • People disposing property losing 50% of true value : report
    • Strike costs NRZ $400 mln
    • Relations between Botswana and Zimbabwe hit new low
  4. Posted 29/8/03
    • Southern African defence pact launched
    • Fuel Price Deregulation May Have Inflationary Effect
    • Zimbabwe's new fuel policy could ease shortages
    • Hunger as a weapon
    • Zim: Fresh land grab wave
    • Want to visit SA? That'll be Z$300 000
    • Police raid Mahomed Mussa Wholesalers
    • None but ourselves
    • Sewage forces Dzivaresekwa families to abandon homes
    • Region stands by troubled
    • Fresh farm evictions reported
    • Stop the rot
    • Imprudent to issue threats that cannot be sustained
    • RBZ to monitor foreign currency flows daily
    • Talks should focus on handing power to MDC
  5. Batch 2 Posted 28/8/03
    • Mugabe palace hints at plans to stay
    • Zimbabwe frees oil imports, raises fuel prices
    • Zimbabweans drift to neighbours as economy ails
    • Stop flouting exchange regulations, banks warned
    • African ministers discuss peri-urban farming
    • JAG Press Release
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 136
    • Mugabe's residents evil
    • Zimbabwe's fuel price up by 500%
    • MDC dismayed at SADC support for Mugabe
  6. Posted 28/8/03
    • Fuel seized from Mugabe ally
    • Troops to man polls in Zimbabwe
    • 'Unity is best defence for Africa'
    • Expert warns of pitfalls in Zimbabwe
    • Rights Forum Concerned By Barred MDC Candidates
    • NNP: SADC lost opportunity to help Zim
    • Cash depositors arrested
    • Chinamasa accuses province of disloyalty
    • State makes U-turn
    • Pasipamire ordered to return equipment
    • Intimidation rife, says MDC
    • State insensitive to people’s plight
    • At your service – the essence of leadership
    • Police allegedly seize traders’ cash
    • Miners’ Federation probes Masuku
    • Zimbabwe – a dream turned into a nightmare
    • Zimpost rates ridiculous
    • Imminent danger looms
    • How are the unconnected to buy maize in this chaos?
  7. Posted 27/8/03
    • Zimbabwean opposition fights on
    • Mugabe's new palace in a land of hunger
    • EU takes advantage of Africa's weakness to impose conditions
    • Africa African Leaders Sign Defense Pact
    • Zanu PF in no hurry to dialogue with the MDC - Chinamasa
    • Nothing fishy going on up the Zambezi
    • MDC and govt 'still talking'
    • African wildlife set for cross-border tourist boost
    • Southern African states trade sovereignty for security
    • Myth that SA is going the Zimbabwe route must be dispelled
  8. Batch 2 Posted 26/8/03
    • Sok Press release - 26 August 03
    • The long and dreary wait for cash in Zimbabwe
    • Gov't Stifles Critical Voices in the Media
    • MDC threatens mass action if talks don't resume
    • Police torch 1 000 homes
    • 20 000 voters improperly registered, alleges MDC
    • NRZ workers go on strike
    • Agricultural show off to slow start
    • None but ourselves
    • Inflation to worsen as money supply growth surges 226 pc
    • Civic society sharks feasting on our misery
    • Zimbabweans must learn the art of creative suffering
    • New commercial poaching pressures Zimbabwe's rhinos
    • Show us the money, please
    • Supplementary budget draws criticism
  9. Posted 26/8/03
    • Zimbabwe's food production under pressure
    • Fertiliser prices go up
    • Angolan minister hails land reform
    • African leaders urged to control HR violations in Zimbabwe, Swaziland
    • Africans' willingness to forgive needs to extend to their homegrown sinners
    • ‘Let’s talk or else’
    • ZCTU to weigh mass protest over cash crisis
    • AIDS prevalence not down – experts
    • Aspiring ZANU PF MP faces civil imprisonment
    • Zimbabwe’s clergy speak out
    • Zimbabweans betrayed again
    • Time-out for T and I virus
    • Travellers’ cheques not worth the paper they are written on
    • Let’s throw out this tired but most brutal party
    • MDC road map leads to people-centred government
    • Mugabe Given Talks Deadline
    • Who will be Bob's proxy president?
    • Africans Back Mugabe, Ask West to Lift Sanctions
    • WFP retains control of food distributions
    • Cash crunch may hamper access to govt relief funds
    • Mugabe Recieves Resounding Welcome from Some at Southern African Summit
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 135
  10. Posted 25/8/03
    • Reform focus shifts to Mugabe
    • SADC Set to Snub Mugabe Again
    • African Leaders Rally Behind Embattled Zimbabwe
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 134
    • Zimbabwe's deserters tell of terror and gang rape
    • Corpses pile-up Cremation backlog as petroleum gas runs out
    • Fuel coupons sold on the black market
    • $1000 note hits snag Government does not have 6m euros needed for project
    • Zanu PF delaying talks: Tsvangirai
    • Desperate Zimbabweans turn to TCs
    • Strange logic from US Negroes
    • $500 note and the platinum connection
    • Sanctions not ideal: ABR president
    • Govt urged to set up economic body
    • Zimbabwe's exports to COMESA hit rock bottom
    • Of ample women, hypocrites and dictators
    • Playing the blame game overthetop
  11. Posted 24/8/03
    • Frontline States asked Mugabe to honour Lancaster Agreements
    • CIO boss faces arrest
    • ESC silence on MDC man queried
    • ‘Deserter’ challenges court martial trial
    • Gweru braces for rates hike protest
    • Negotiations best option for Zimbabwe – survey
    • Intensify fight against AIDS
    • Enough of this endless patience!
    • Supplementary budget to increase inflation
    • Laws against cash hoarding stifle growth – economists
    • Why Mbeki will not tackle Mugabe head-on
    • Preferential treatment of soldiers, police by banks unwarranted
    • Mugabe simply punishing NGOs
    • UN limits 'political' Zimbabwe aid
    • Africa Ministers Urge EU to Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • The horrors of having an executive PM
    • Talks if success is certain
    • RBZ urged to adopt tougher measures on cash crisis
  12. Posted 23/8/03
    • Zimbabwe: the cupboard is bare
    • MDC PRESS: Zanu PF Decision On Food Aid Distribution Threatens A Humanitarian Disaster
    • Food aid cut looms
    • ‘HIV prevalence down’
    • Supplementary budget presented
    • Judge throws out Mudede application
    • AIDS plight prods Red Cross to act
    • Swallow the bitter pill
    • Preaching unity and practising division
    • Major parastatals run $30.4 b losses
    • Doctors’ stance on human rights commendable
    • Trainee teachers’ new salaries a mockery
    • Upgrading of Major Airports Progresses Well
    • MDC slams new government food aid policy
    • Zanu-Pf Prefers Direct Talks With MDC, Says Minister of Justice Chinamasa
    • Zimbabwe's clergy speak out
    • Transfrontier Parks Restore Lost Spiritual Connection
    • Zimbabwe: SADC Leaders Should Place Zimbabwe on the Agenda of Their Summit
    • Road show victim
  13. Batch 2 Posted 22/8/03
    • Harare's bishop moves to take over diocese
    • Remain resolute in implementing Government policies: Murerwa
    • Leon queries Harare talks
    • Urban Intervention taking shape
    • Commission blocks damning Zim report
    • Budget criminal - Biti
    • CFU boss lashes out at govt
    • Govt in efforts to save mining sector
    • Struggles stall war vets congress
    • Succession saga could blight talks prospects
    • Zim gets nod to sell stake in Petrozim
    • Zim defies Sadc election protocol
    • New constitution answer to Zim crisis - NCA
    • MDC seeks ban on military poll involvement
    • MZWT squanders $500 million
    • Sadc challenged to tackle Zim crisis
    • Talks: Zim can learn from SA
    • Zanu PF playing game of deception
    • Defective hammer cannot crack the nut
    • Why whine to dine with a kangaroo?
    • MP Chapfika exposed
    • RBZ admits failure on cash
    • IndependentProperty - RBZ calls in 'law enforcement agents'
    • Food stocks begin to decline
    • Future doomed so long as Mugabe remains
    • 'We have no links with the British'
    • Governance issue at heart of Zim woes
    • People first
    • President's score no more than zero
  14. Posted 22/8/03
    • Anglicans resist Kunonga’s bid to consolidate powers
    • Muzenda receiving intensive care
    • SADC agenda dodges Zimbabwe crisis
    • Mozambique customs impound sugar load
    • ESC report not helpful – lawyer
    • MDC accuses ZANU PF of poll fraud
    • Is the bank notes crisis a security threat?
    • Why the silence on RBZ governor?
    • Zimbabwe fiasco likely to feature at food conference
    • Net credit jumps by 136 percent
    • Zimbabwe must pay IMF US$32 m by December
    • Not fooled by ‘money in the bush’ tricks
    • Cabs must not turn away cash depositors
    • Of cash shortages, rules and regulations
    • Zimbabwean economy needs socialist transformation
    • MDC PRESS: Zanu PF Intensifies Violence in Kariba Ahead of Urban Council Elections
    • JAG Security Warning and Legal Communique
    • Crisis Pushes Many Into Informal Sector.
    • Zimbabwe workers getting poorer by the day
    • EU eyes new Zimbabwe food aid rules
    • Think-tanks finds talks key to peaceful change
    • Zim to discuss food flow
    • Zimbabwe ups spending by 84% in revised budget
    • Zimbabwe to increase salaries for officials
    • Housing backlog grows in tandem with economic crisis
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 133
  15. Batch 2 Posted 21/8/03
    • Don't tone down report on Zimbabwe, AU told
    • Zimbabwe's miners call crisis meeting
    • Talks headed for the rocks
    • Muluzi hints at govt of national unity
    • Troubled NRZ stuck on the rails
    • RBZ boss Chikaura taken to task
    • Zanu PF drags feet over talks
    • Nkomo’s guff
    • Give them enough rope
    • Find long-term measures
    • Major parties mustnot marginalise other interest groups
    • Zim dollar plummets to US$1:$5 100
    • Farmers still to get promised $100bln input credit facility
    • Foot-and-mouth keeps cattle away from show
    • Why people ‘bank money in mattresses’
    • Zimbabwe minister attacks MISA
    • Making a Zimbabwean connection
  16. Posted 21/8/03
    • Zimbabwe's economy crumbling
    • Famine - The Ultimate WMD
    • Runaway inflation hits 400%
    • SADC wants Zimbabwe sanctions lifted
    • Protester, 83, vows to oppose Mugabe
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 132
    • 'Don't let Mugabe get hands on food aid'
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #37 – The tide of resistance must rise
    • NGOs appeal to UN
    • 1.4 million people need food aid in Masvingo
    • RBZ introduces lower denomination TCs
    • More Zvimba settlers ordered to leave farms
    • Merchants of hunger
    • Producing, not looting, is the source of prosperity
    • Poverty, squalor, dictatorship go together
    • It’s morning coffee time
    • Even some dogs can’t take Zimbabwe anymore
    • Media reform a top priority for Zimbabwe
    • Cash Crisis Worsens
    • Govt directive could hamper relief efforts
    • Inputs crisis looms
    • Reserve Bank Reports Marked Increase in Use of Cheques
    • Zambia seeks endangered black rhinos from Zim
  17. Posted 20/8/03
    • Zimbabwe empowers police to strip-search people for cash
    • Dead Cannibal
    • Pick of the day
    • Idi Amin's unfunny side
    • The end of an era?
    • MDC Weekly Briefing Note
    • Declaration of the Johannesburg Symposium 11 – 13 August 2003
    • African Civil Society Consultation on Zimbabwe
    • State hijacks food aid
    • ZANU PF fails to submit position paper on talks
    • Police pounce on union bosses
    • Zimbabwe women bear brunt of state sponsored violence
    • Fiddling while Harare burns
    • ZANU PF made themselves enemies of the people
    • RBZ’s late release of data hits local firms
    • Exporters anticipate devaluation of dollar
    • Africa’s industry captains seek to revive economy
    • Who will be to blame for starvation next year?
    • So-called sanctions another scapegoat for incompetence
    • Outcry over lavish Mugabe pension
    • Economists seek ideas to fight African food shortage
    • Zimbabwe food directive raises concerns
    • SADC Development Conference Opens in Tanzania
  18. Posted 19/8/03
    • Settlers ordered out
    • Brace for fresh polls: Tsvangirai
    • Chombo appoints new team to probe Mudzuri
    • $1 m property lost as ZANU PF supporters turn against their own
    • In no hurry to end Zimbabwe’s misery
    • What guarantees do these ‘new farmers’ have?
    • Tsvangirai a different proposition
    • Open letter to President Mbeki
    • Shocked by your ready acceptance of toll roads
    • DA: Govt fails Zim investors
    • Agriculture in Disarray, Says Farmers' Union
    • Country Moves to Fight Poverty With Irrigation
    • Give Land to Those Who Really Want It
    • Zimbabwe bans cash hoarding
    • Airports Collapse
    • Zimbabwe envoy stages walk-out
  19. Batch 2 Posted 18/8/03
    • Communities Make Funerals their Core Business
    • Distant Horizon takes world rights to 'junkmation' feature
    • Street People Bind Together to Survive
    • Aggressive Tourism Campaign Launched
    • 'Land Audit Report Complete'
    • Cash restrictions waived
    • Revival of cattle herd hits snag
    • Zimbabweans fail to heed state plea over cash crunch
    • Mugabe takes no chances on future charity
  20. Posted 18/8/03
    • Mugabe plots to quit without standing trial for crimes
    • Mugabe's neighbours 'won't act against him'
    • A once-in-a-lifetime journey to Africa brings unforgettable experience
    • MDC wants free, fair poll
    • A2 multiple farm owners ignore Mugabe's order
    • Zimbabwe accuses 'racist' Blair and Howard
    • Soldiers run amok over cash
    • Gold production falls to record lows
    • Muzenda critically ill
    • Mugabe gobbles millions on private junket to Malaysia
    • 'O', 'A' level examiners flee Zimsec
    • Zanu PF, MDC brace to battle for Bulawayo
    • Treason suspects further remanded
    • Cold reception for new TC's ruling
    • Kamba slams falling education standards
    • Dump sites become gold mine for desperate Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabweans ignore State cash plea
    • Fewer exhibitors at Harare show
    • Humiliating life for 'Zimbos' in Britain
    • Repent: To whom, for what?
    • A quick guide to duplicitous doubletalk and deceit
  21. Posted 17/8/03
    • Pride and Dignity
    • South Pacific condemns Zimbabwe over human rights
    • Amin death turns focus on tyrants
    • Mugabe re-appoints police chief
    • Fringe cuts
    • JAG Compensation Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 131
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • MDC marches to a different beat
    • Gadhafi is called root of instability all across Africa
    • ‘Unelected despot’
    • Police disperse striking guards
    • A case for an Independent Electoral Commission
    • No use negotiating with Mugabe now
    • Mugabe has undone most of his heroic legacy
  22. Batch 2 Posted 16/8/03
    • ZNSPCA update
    • Keep despotic Mugabe out, says Aussie leader
    • Government arrogance derails economic recovery programme
    • Is Mugabe trying another cover-up?
    • Chinese delegation to explore mining opportunities
    • Presidential pensions law gazetted
    • Hit for six
    • Obasanjo, Bush have a pact on Taylor, says Kalu
  23. Posted 16/8/03
    • ‘Ghost voters unearthed’
    • Police quell skirmish at ZANU PF meeting
    • ESC ordered to submit report on alleged blocking of nominations
    • Payments row stalls ‘A’ level exams marking
    • Women demand say in ZANU PF-MDC talks
    • Shrinking economy sends professionals fleeing
    • Wake up and smell the coffee
    • ZANU PF leaders about to slaughter Zimbabwe’s remaining ‘cash cow’
    • No aid before political deal
    • Mugabe makes new proposals
    • Zim seeks expert advice on fiscus
    • Zanu PF snubs church-led talks
    • Ministry sends wake-up call to cabinet
    • $75b farm equipment vandalised, stolen
    • Farm evictions cripple research stations
    • Civics want accountability on human rights abuses
    • UN renews probe into plunder of DRC resources
    • Mugabe agrees to devalue
    • Donors needed to rescue economy
    • Chissano lets cat out of the bag
    • Everyone hedging against inflation
    • Huni, Hungwe: sober up and get real
    • Banks should destroy old notes
    • Armed robberies and carjackings haunt Zim
    • Public accounting
    • Opposition says no to Mugabe unity government
    • 'Zim should remain suspended'
    • Land reform audit final report expected out soon
    • Mugabe attends CPTM talks
  24. Batch 2 Posted 15/8/03
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 130
    • The violence should be stopped before it starts
    • Mugabe out to grab more land from SA family
    • Zim airports collapse
    • MDC dumps Mudzuri?
    • Agriculture in disarray — CFU
    • SA tightens visa requirements
    • Plot thickens at Town House
    • MP calls for govt to acquire stake in precious stones mining firms
    • Review policy on empowerment
    • The last straw
    • Zim’s woes: Let’s focus on solutions, compromises
    • Mammoth task for new CFU boss
    • First steps towards recovery
  25. Posted 15/8/03
    • ZANU PF fails to raise campaign funds
    • Tsvangirai demands progress on talks
    • Mugabe puts army ahead of starving nation
    • Farmer faces eviction to make way for Barwe
    • Africa must now bear on Mugabe to step down
    • Only ZANU PF capable of achieving such incompetence
    • Happy 40th birthday, ZANU PF!
    • ZBC must be public – not government – broadcaster
    • Britain has Moral Duty to Oust Mugabe, Says Zimbabwe MP
    • Zim needs time frame
    • Churches call for pro-active policy on Zimbabwe
    • Scarce, expensive agri-inputs threaten food security
    • 'Take out medevac insurance'
    • SADC wary of Zim regime change
    • Minister backs asylum seaker's appeal
    • Charles Taylor shows Robert Mugabe how it's done ...
    • Media Weekly Update 2003-31
  26. Batch 2 Posted 14/8/03
    • JAG Security Update
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • 400 election observers expected to be accredited
    • Oil firms ready to import fuel
    • Is Mugabe so different from Taylor?
    • Zimbabwean civic organisations draft declaration
    • Zimbabwe farm seizures continue
    • Zim wildlife pillage continues
  27. Posted 14/8/03
    • Stayaway over cash looms
    • Magistrate seeks transfer after threats from war vets
    • Water shortage affects hospitals in Masvingo
    • Chissano jets into Harare for talks with Mugabe
    • Talks, what talks?
    • Industry to pay for pollution
    • Will to work for common good has disappeared
    • No alternative to dialogue
    • Zimbabwe economy feeding off itself
    • Government to slash debt to GDP
    • Hypocrites, heroes, harlots and hobos
    • Zimbabwe greater than both ZANU PF, MDC combined
    • Zimbabwe receives timely aid
    • Time for Mugabe to quit Zimbabwe
    • Mbeki should get rid of torturer
    • After Liberia, Africans ponder face-saving exile for Mugabe
    • Share-cropping
    • Skills lost in "internal" brain drain
    • Aid pipeline saved but "situation still alarming" - WFP
    • Women raise their voices
  28. Posted 13/8/03
    • Journalists Warn of Human Rights Agenda “Hijack” After United Nations Suspends NGO
    • From the Roadside
    • Outlets Reject Travellers Cheques
    • Country About to Overtake Zimbabwe as SA's Largest African Trading Partner
    • Mugabe praises army for crushing protests
    • Zimbabwean Farmers Bag the Clouds
    • Mugabe Must Return to Negotiations: DA
    • Robert Mugabe: The game is up for white farmers
    • African Union head sees improvement in Zimbabwe
    • 'Moves to solve Zim crisis'
    • Zimbabwe's starving prisoners face life of hell
  29. Batch 2 Posted 12/8/03
    • Push for change in Zimbabwe
    • Liberia is freed from tyranny: when is it Zimbabwe's turn?
    • Joining Forces to Solve Disputes
    • Land review findings being finalised
    • Zim women speak up
    • Zimbabwe Scots' Aid
    • Brain drain hits Zimbabwe's health service
  30. Posted 12/8/03
    • Bishop held hostage
    • Midlands Observer journalist attacked
    • National Heroes, please accept our sincere apologies
    • Heroes’ Day is a time for reflection
    • Land cover-up no longer an option
    • Injection of lethal dose to an already crippled health system
    • Team Zimbabwe
    • Weird economy is consuming itself
    • Mugabe says opponents must "repent"
    • Mugabe: Botswana denies plot
    • Mugabe hardens heart toward MDC
    • 'The real starvation is in Zimbabwe's jails'
    • MDC goes all out for dialogue
    • Mugabe May Be Tarnished Now, But Once He Was Pure Gold
    • 'White farmers destroyed Zim economy'
  31. Batch 2 Posted 11/8/03
    • Unbowed
    • The evils of total power
    • Doris Lessing says Mugabe and Blair must go
    • Mugabe's ties to the architect of apartheid
    • Short denied responsibility to Zimbabwe
    • Home Office 'cruel' to wife of Briton who fled Mugabe
    • Fuel, cash shortages affect travellers
    • MDC goes all out for dialogue
  32. Posted 11/8/03
    • Ian Smith's farm listed for compulsory seizure
    • Zimbabwe opposition seek 'risky' talks with Mugabe
    • Tractor scandal
    • Defiant Lobels sues govt
    • Travellers' cheques fail to solve cash crisis
    • MDC happy with overtures to African leaders
    • SADC ministers agree on regional defence pact
    • Service station workers in dire straits
    • Hunger claims five in Matabeleland
    • Nigerian attorney blasts selfish African leaders
    • Why hawks in Zanu PF fear talks
    • Silly to think everybody can farm
    • For whom the toll bell rings
    • Are Zimbabweans unfit for liberty?
    • Govt makes price control U-turn
    • IMF slams GMB monopoly
    • Time to restore hope in agriculture
    • Well, now we all know
    • The real axis of evil
    • Tearful white farmers gather at the end of the road
  33. Posted 10/8/03
    • Heartbreak homeland
    • 'Mugabe says we are being stolen. All we want is better pay'
    • The exile files
    • Mugabe hitches a ride on soccer and music
    • Zimbabwe short-changed
    • Zimbabwe wildlife crisis as elite grabs hunting rights
  34. 2nd batch posted 9/8/03
    • Mugabe by-passes parliament to ban money 'hoarding'
    • The fight to preserve Zimbabwe's wildlife is being led by an emerging black majority
    • No more promises, no more deceit
    • Begging becoming a national cancer
    • The logic behind scuttling dialogue
    • Civil servants forced to pay up
    • Chombo suspends Harare councillors
    • Ncube, Gasela acquitted
    • Tobacco sales down 43pc on last year
    • MDC must be extra careful when dealing with ZANU PF
    • Lost the plot
    • $60 billion needed monthly to maintain cash availability’
    • Farmers hit by new wave of farm seizures
    • DA claims report stifles facts on Zimbabwe
    • Armed municipal police
    • Cash-strapped Mutare gives Mudehwe $41 m exit package
    • EU releases $20.6 bn
    • Help me understand cause of cash crisis please!
    • Appaling corruption at passport office
  35. Posted 9/8/03
    • Zimbabwe can't afford ink to print bank notes
    • Traveller's Cheques May Not Ease Cash Crisis
    • Zimbabwe issues big value cheques
    • Court rules Zimbabwe treason trial to go on
    • JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Updated August 8, 2003
    • Government outlaws hoarding of cash
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Suspend Sale of Tobacco
    • $18 billion cattle restocking scheme unveiled
    • Internet Security story
    • Mugabe's mind and soul
    • Fuel Sales to Zimbabwe to Continue
  36. Batch 3 Posted 8/8/03
    • Zimbabwe pressed to devalue official rate of exchange
    • SA's Codesa experts beef up MDC team
    • Mugabe stuns worshippers
    • Fears over Mhashu's stay in UK
    • Misa an outlaw organisation - Mahoso
    • Govt thwarts Makwavarara's ouster
    • 'Made killing agriculture'
    • Donnelly digs in heels on rights abuses
    • Zanu PF caught in own legal tangle
    • Funds for housing projects vanish
    • Zanu PF revives constitutional debate
    • Garwe to rule on Tsvangirai application
    • Zanu PF to elect provincial committees
    • Govt rocks Oppenheimer empire
    • Over $880b needed for agricultural recovery
    • Begging and bombast don’t go together
    • The economy can, and will, get worse
    • Property market goes for forex
    • Where there’s a hole, Moyo fills it
    • IMF blasts Zimbabwe again
    • Zimbabweans too docile - Nyemba
    • Zim's domestic debt soars again
    • RBZ challenges govt on inflation control
    • A welcome change
  37. Batch 2 Posted 8/8/03
    • Zimbabwe's Currency Devaluation Worries Bankers
    • Infighting stalls talks
    • Council passes no-confidence vote
    • Civic groups want say in party talks
    • Battle on for soul of the capital city
    • Experts call for electoral law review
    • Ignore the hawks
    • Are we really ready for change?
    • And now to the Notebook . . .
    • Political sobriety panacea to Zim’s crisis
    • Zim faces huge cereal deficit
    • US$200mln set aside for food aid
    • Price controls: a cure ‘worse than the disease’
    • Nepad: Africa's responsibility
    • Leakey 'surprised' at Nepad
  38. Posted 8/8/03
    • African civil society groups take on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe court to rule on treason case discharge
    • Feature - Last commercial farmers hanging on
    • SA issues talks deadline
    • ESC loses bid to amend poll material order
    • Zimbabwe asks for $23 bn drugs from donors
    • Abandon ‘destructive’ land policy, CFU urges Mugabe
    • Severe hunger stalks Zimbabwe’s prisons
    • ZANU PF militias step up violence ahead of polls
    • AirZim refers US$4 m debt for arbitration
    • Cabinet blocks Chombo’s attempt to dismiss council
    • Planning, transparency needed for road toll project
    • The logic behind scuttling dialogue
    • Another massive scam looms over new $500 note
    • Lecturer exodus threatens varsities with total collapse
    • Nonsensical to replace $500 with $500
    • Logic says we should introduce $1000 notes
    • Dollar Tumbles Again
    • JAG PR Communique
    • Media Monitoring Project
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 128
  39. Batch 2 Posted 7/8/03
    • No relief for Zimbabwe farms
    • Mugabe's madness
    • Zimbabwe maintains glitter as investment destination
    • ‘Dual fuel pricing being finalised’ ready soon
    • Normal rainfall patterns predicted
    • CFU now irrelevant, says Made
    • RBZ set to launch travellers’ cheques
    • Zanu-PF plagued by infighting
    • Report on shooting faults Zimbabwe police, soldier
  40. Posted 7/8/03
    • Zimbabwe white farmers urge Mugabe to change tack
    • Zimbabwe Farm Production has Dropped Dramatically, charge White Farmers
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • Eskom powers up Zimbabwe deal
    • Air Zimbabwe loses over $52 million
    • Fuel shortage cripples fishing operations in Kariba
    • MDC - Council Elections
    • Christian teachings offend MuslimsBy Fanuel Jongwe
    • Leaders of Africa must act now to save Zimbabwe
    • DA claims report stifles facts on Zimbabwe
    • Give the young of today a chance
    • WFP foodstocks to run out by month-end
    • Council seeks to overturn Chombo’s directive
    • Education system dealt sucker punch
    • Officer denies influencing identification of suspects
    • ANZ, police resolve to thaw icy relations
    • Ignoring true causes by tinkering with symptoms
    • How did raw sewage get into our water?
    • You’ve survived ZANU PF: what about corruption?
    • ZANU PF dilly-dallying on talks kills chances of safe exit
    • Why should people hoard currency that is valueless?
    • Fake $500 Notes in Circulation, Public Warned
    • Zimbabwe's white farmers cry 'enough'
    • Smuggled Animals May Be to Blame for Foot-And-Mouth Outbreak
    • Irregularities alleged in voter registration process
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 127
    • JAG Thought for the Day
  41. Posted 6/8/03
    • White farmers meet in wake of Zimbabwe seizures
    • MDC continues to challenge Mugabe legitimacy
    • Assistance for drought-hit Matabeleland livestock farmers
    • Zimbabwean business criticised for failing to exploit DRC
    • Hope for Zimbabwe Political Dialogue Fades
    • Zimbabwe tobacco sales hanging in the balance
    • $500 Notes Start Trickling Back
    • MDC denies dropping Mugabe court challenge
    • Zimbabwe Ruins
    • The opposition position
    • From pride to pauper
    • WOZA Queens arrested in the City of Kings
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 126
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Thought for the Day
  42. Batch 2 Posted 5/8/03
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Inspect Uganda Land
    • Talks agenda will not be set through Press: Shamuyarira
    • Tobacco auction floors resume sales
    • Africa's misery stems from human failings
    • MDC Issues for Dialogue between MDC and ZANU PF
    • Mandela is an embarrassment to Africa’s dictators
    • ‘$60 billion needed monthly to maintain cash availability’
    • Settlers cry foul over land allocations
    • SA wants Zimbabwe back in Club
    • Mission to sabotage talks pathetic
    • Everyone blames someone for worsening crisis
    • Time to put differences aside
    • End impasse to avert collapse
    • Government fires ZESA board, retains Gata
    • Electoral fraud on: MDC
    • ANZ files $58 m defamation suit against Moyo, Herald
    • Corruption remains the number one enemy in this country
    • Minimum deposits up
  43. Posted 5/8/03
    • The prosecution of presidents
    • Attempt to free Harare Three
    • Zimbabwe a case of no money to print money
    • MDC Weekly Briefing Note
    • MDC sets agenda for talks
    • Talks meaningless if ZANU PF doesn’t change
    • Ignoring internal refugees short-sighted
    • Time to tighten screws on Mugabe – top SA unionist
    • Health system in intensive care unit
    • Foreign tourists shun Great Zimbabwe
    • ZESA officials warned management of disaster
    • ZANU PF stepping up violent campaign: MDC
    • High Commission installs water pumps in Manicaland
    • Everyone blames someone for worsening crisis
    • Zimbabwe opposition trims anti-Mugabe stance
    • Musicians face exile for Mugabe attacks
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • JAG PR Communique
    • The Grey Zone
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 125
  44. Posted 4/8/03
    • 'We'll Never Know Whether Those Who Seized Farms Gave Them Back Or Not'
    • The persecuted Scots who are transforming an African nation
    • Apartheid-era agents still langiushing in Zimbabwe jail
    • Hands off, Chinamasa tells church leaders
    • Chefs hijack tractor scheme for new farmers
    • Matabeleland chefs in boreholes scam
    • TGT sued for breach of contract
    • Fire guts Zesa central stores
    • Cash strapped Zimsec in quandary over exams
    • State pays lip service to Aids fight
    • No logic in MDC's change of tactics
    • Hear thee: Measure Twice, Cut Once
    • Comic economics strike again
    • From one crisis to another - that's life in Zimbabwe
  45. Posted 3/8/03
    • Zimbabwe Economic Disaster Shows in Dead
    • Putting out the Fire.
    • The noose tightens
    • Sok press release - 01 Aug 03
    • Cash crisis threatens to unseat Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe talks bring fresh hope
  46. Batch 3 Posted 2/8/03
    • Shortage of Bank Notes Makes Life Difficult in Zimbabwe
    • MDC seeks overturn of ZANU PF victory
    • Mwonzora has case
    • Fuel shortages hit food aid distribution
    • War vets back church dialogue initiatives
    • Corruption, crime rise
    • Dangerous games
    • Mbeki’s selective diplomacy
    • What a waste of resources
    • JAG Training Communique
  47. Batch 2 Posted 2/8/03
    • Weeds flourish where wheat once grew
    • Crime and corruption rise in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe 'rations' farms for family
    • War vets welcome directive
    • Hospital to give 200 bodies to medical school
    • ZANU PF split on talks
    • Scepticism nearly scuppers revival of talks
    • ZFTU members accused of extorting $32 m from Chinese businessman
    • Why we need to avert a Liberia in Zimbabwe
    • Don’t shield looters
    • Banks are also contributing to cash shortage
    • Tumbling Zim dollar hits Unisa's back pocket
    • Talks gather pace behind the scenes
    • $885b needed to revive farming
    • Chinese firm abandons Nuanetsi project
    • Govt's proposals on cash crisis flawed - analysts
    • GMB forecast to incur $302b loss
    • Bread shortages set to worsen
    • Arex bungles Mat food assessment
    • Chinotimba barred from poll contest
  48. Posted 2/8/03
    • Green Bombers to run council elections
    • CSC beef export deal thrown into doubt
    • More price controls spell disaster for producers
    • Cash crisis: Murerwa’s kindergarten joke
    • President’s speech out of touch with reality
    • It’s time to get sober again
    • Major shake-up looms at RBZ
    • Claim your democratic rights
    • Back to barter
    • Mugabe's management by chaos tactics working well
    • Zim - is this the turning point?
    • Pressure mounts on Zimbabwe to print more money
    • Zimbabwe's cash problems worsen
    • Cosatu official calls for sanctions against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's justice minister slams clergy
    • Pitfalls on the road to reconciliation
    • MDC may drop legal challenge against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Talks In Confidence-Building Phase
    • Stamp Out Black Market to Solve Cash Crisis
  49. Posted 1/8/03
    • Officials forced to implement "one man, one farm"
    • A health system on the edge
    • POSA dealt body blow
    • ZANU PF power struggle could scuttle talks
    • Stationery shortage rocks Harare Magistrates Courts
    • MDC executive calls for top activist’s expulsion
    • NBTS staff call off strike to resume bargaining
    • MDC to order removal of Makwavarara
    • ZANU PF, MDC relations improving: SA
    • Zimbabwe is ripe for dialogue
    • Time to bite the bullet
    • Tobacco deliveries to auction floors fall
    • Cash crisis rocks Financial Expo 2003
    • Cash shortage removes all doubt about ZANU PF failure
    • Price control dam to burst
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • JAG Thought for the Day
    • Britain's Amos backs return to talks in Zimbabwe
    • MDC might drop election case
    • Church mediators 'not honest'
    • Zimbabwe Government Rejects Talks with Opposition
    • Zimoza Transfrontier Park to Be Opened Soon

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