The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2003 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/5/03
    • News Alert: Zanu PF Caught printing 'MDC t-shirts' ahead of next week's 'democracy marches' in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's MDC to press on with anti-govt protest
    • Zim army vows to crack down on protesters
    • Zimbabwe police chief gives up Interpol title
    • Mugabe told to 'surrender'
    • Zim protest a 'coup attempt'
    • Zimbabwe prints emergency cash
    • Traders Holding Large Quantities of Bank Notes in Neighbouring Countries
    • Concern Over Cash Crunch At the Banks
    • Mugabenomics: Zimbabwe's fast track to economic ruin
    • Church's media blackout on Ncube visit
    • The Forgotten Tragedy
    • JAG Legal communique
    • JAG compensation communique
    • Security forces on full alert, says Goche
  2. Posted 31/5/03
    • MDC rolls out mass action road map
    • Govt to open up fuel sector
    • Soldiers granted asylum in Australia
    • Zim/Libya in Noczim assets dispute
    • Locals allege snub by Wankie
    • Murerwa in another bid to secure funds
    • World turns back on Zim's wildlife
    • Thanks war vets, now it's our turn
    • Mugabe succession issue problematic - analysts
    • In the name of God let Mugabe go
    • Exporters will soon be unable to export
    • Moyo gets sharp riposte from South Africa
  3. Batch 2 Posted 30/5/03
    • Communist Party Slams Zimbabwe Human Rights Abuse
    • Zimbabwe-Angola Sign Agric Co-Operation Agreement
    • Zimbabwe military warns opposition not to protest
    • Zimbabwe out of money, new violence feared
    • Mugabe deserves all the press criticism
    • Police put on high alert
    • Harare hit by water shortages
    • Judge upholds gag on CIO
    • Government now a bystander as crisis deepens
    • Activists call for judiciary independence
    • NCA wants Constitution discussed at party talks
    • AirZim battling to recover US$630 000
    • Matter of fact . . .
    • ZESA strike plunges Harare into darkness
    • First duty of army, police is to the nation
    • Foreigners should not be allowed to decide our future
    • Supply of commodities improves as prices rise
    • Even Makoni can't save ZANU PF
  4. Posted 30/5/03
    • Zimbabwean nationalism' is the brainchild of exploitative elite
    • MDC Calls Nationwide Protest Marches, 2-6 June
    • Focus on the succession debate
    • Mugabe rival calls week-long strike
    • Army warns it will crackdown on unrest
    • Mugabe is arming war veterans - reports
    • Zimbabwe: people get ready
    • Witness don't have to say
    • Zim printing more money
  5. Batch 2 Posted 29/5/03
    • Three women arrested for attending prayer meeting.
    • Don't blame Mugabe for everything
    • Zimbabwe opposition calls out the people
    • US warns Mugabe
    • State to fork out $54m on war vets' congress
    • Armed police run riot in Harare
    • Residents' association wants to be part of Mudzuri case
    • Self-proclaimed labour body terrorises companies
    • Moyo's lone and doomed mission
    • Is MDC now heading for grand finale?
    • Locals still use Zimdollars for air fares, says minister
    • We have reached a point of no return
    • Economist warns SA to heed Zim's mistakes
  6. Posted 29/5/03
    • Geldof calls on Africa to throw out Mugabe
    • Bank notes crisis worsens
    • Mugabe faces 'fight back campaign' in SA
    • MDC will not be part of government if Mugabe resigns
    • 'Condemn Mugabe on Nigeria junket', Prescott urged
    • Consensus on Zimbabwe's Commonwealth suspension
    • The Situation of Commercial Farm Workers after Land Reform in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe police arrest women at prayer meeting
    • Zimbabwe runs out of blood
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Tries to Force Mugabe to Negotiating Table
    • Getting rid of Mugabe
    • Zim turns to black market
    • 'Africa Reaps What the World Sows - With a Vengeance'
    • Board shoots down ZESA bid
    • GMB imports $15b wheat
    • Zim MPs excluded from C'wealth/WTO S Africa meeting
    • High Court shifts ruling on privilege certificate validity
    • Retail banks suspend issuing personal loans
    • Black indigenous players dig into mining sector
    • ZSE overheating?
    • "Democratic" dictatorship of war veterans
    • Stiff resistance to fresh exchange rate review
    • Milk output expected to plunge 44%
    • Zimbabwe's economic slide, is it an end game?
  7. Posted 28/5/03
    • Demonstrations may test army's loyalty to Mugabe
    • Backing the wrong horse
    • Mugabe: A 'dear old uncle'
    • Zimbabwe Prepares for Political Showdown
    • Zimbabwe govt vows to 'crush' protests
    • Africa at threshold of new era: Parties
    • Zimbabwe's Gold Mines Face Closure
    • Morgan Tsvangirai.
    • MDC 'won't play Mugabe games'
    • Will G-8 Move to Heal Scar On Global Conscience?
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 87
    • Speculation Surfaces Again Over Possible Mugabe Retirement
    • Mugabe Bows to Pressure to Hold Talks With Opposition
  8. Posted 27/5/03
    • Farmer held hostage
    • MDC Policy Staement on the Way Forward
    • Govt won't interfere with media
    • Libya to give Zim fuel?
    • Uncertainty surrounds succession debate
    • Congo death toll: 2,500 per day
    • Government accused of hypocrisy over arms sales to African states
    • JAG Classifieds
    • Call for Zimbabweans to remain united
    • Charms and spirits dog Mugabe's heirs
    • ZANU PF seeks successor
    • Mayor warns of looming health crisis
    • Mopani worm in danger of extinction
    • Canada to deport Alexander Legault
    • $4bn missing from ZESA pension fund
    • Will army shoot down Tsvangirai's bid for power?
    • Mass action could make or break MDC
    • Mistrust having disastrous effects on Zimbabwe
    • 'Zimbabwe among world's worst economic performers'
    • Low maize deliveries to GMB spell disaster
    • ATMs Down As Cash Shortages Continue
  9. Batch 2 Posted 26/5/03
    • Ancram warns on post-Mugabe Zimbabwe
    • Opposition claims top members of Mugabe's party want to defect
    • Swindle As Way of Life
    • Food insecurity worsens in southern Zimbabwe
    • State to ask UN agency to extend food assistance
    • ILO to discuss worsening human rights in Zimbabwe
    • MDC has prepared groundwork for mass demos
    • A refreshing signal
    • Party politics, not skin colour, to blame for crisis
    • Harare needs extra $60bn due to rising costs
    • Zim, 150 others ban tobacco advertisements
    • Zimbabweans stock up ahead of likely stayaway
    • Accurate reporting yes, but don’t intimidate the suffering people
  10. Posted 26/5/03
    • Zimbabwe opposition calls week-long Mugabe protest
    • Zim must pray
    • War vets threaten military action against MDC
    • Zim: SA press on thin ice
    • The shaming tragedy of Africa
    • 'Zimbabweans pay bribes to withdraw cash'
    • Zim, 150 others ban tobacco advertisements
  11. Posted 25/5/03
    • Lords Cricket report
    • RCMP papers sought by Harare defendant
    • MDC vows 'final push' to oust Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans queue for cash
    • A Betrayal of Democracy
    • MDC ready for war veterans
    • Millers close down as wheat shortages bite
    • Mortuaries strained as deaths soar
    • Panic buying grips Zimbabwe cities
    • Wallets give way to the car boot
    • Zimbabwe's winter crop doomed
    • ZCTU's confrontational stance backed
    • Moyo manipulating police-Zinef
    • Mugabe's succession talk 'mere posturing'
    • Resettled areas in a state of disaster
    • Masvingo forthcoming elections too hot for Zanu PF stalwarts
    • Media racism: A propaganda gift to Mugabe
    • Not in the national interest... overthetop By Brian Latham
    • A tale of two leaders
    • Zimbabwe approaching last gasp
    • Mugabe's wife blows R100 000
    • Shock report details abuse in Zimbabwe
    • The race is on to take over from Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe will plead for food aid
    • Tsvangirai is the Pick of a Poor Crop of Candidates
  12. Batch 2 Posted 24/5/03
    • Where Is Nelson Mandela? Black U.S. Leaders Also Silent
    • Free-falling exports push Zim deeper into recession
    • Towards the 'final push'
    • Inflation, interest and exchange rates - the impossible trinity
    • The talks, the preconditions and final push- Isaya Sithole
    • . . and now to the notebook
    • Rain brings test for Zimbabwe protesters
    • Anti-Mugabe protesters invade Lord's outfield
    • Plea
    • Mugabe hints further at stepping down
    • Mugabe says land policy will be reviewed
    • A new challenge for African politics
    • A sad day at Lord's
    • How many toilet rolls will Z$100 get you?
    • War vets vow to crush mass action
    • Midlands student leader suspended for distributing MDC mass action material
    • Mutare journalist removed from remand
    • Shortage of blood
    • ZESA workers press for Gata's ouster
    • Made refuses to name top land beneficiaries
  13. Batch 1 Posted 24/5/03
    • NRZ reverts to written signals
    • Heed the warnings
    • Geneva treaty threatens tobacco industry
    • Tobacco valued at only US$8,19m sold so far
    • IMF to Decide On Voting Rights
    • Fuel woes deepen
    • Nkala case: ZBC accused of prejudicing police probe
    • Mugabe left out of G8 summit in France
    • Mugabe admirer speaks out May 23 2003
    • UK fails to influence events in Zim: President
    • Cash shortages resurface
    • Zimbabwe's retail stocks defying economic meltdown
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • Zimbabwe/DRC trade collapses
    • Lording it up
    • Zimbabwe minister moves to block treason evidence
    • Horse-breeding industry destroyed, future grim
  14. Posted 23/5/03
    • British churchmen back Mugabe
    • Organized Political Violence Growing in Zimbabwe, says Rights Group
    • Mugabe urges open debate over successor
    • Zimbabwe minister moves to block treason evidence
    • Anti-Mugabe protests at Zimbabwe Test match
    • Concerns over winter wheat
    • JAG PR Communique dated 22 May
    • JAG Compensation Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 85
    • Discord hits ZESA board
    • Banks pounce on CSC
    • Meldrum’s suspension and Zim’s image
    • Zimbabwe Test starts after protests
    • Support for Mugabe Brings SA No Benefit
    • Hitler's Control
  15. Batch 2 Posted 22/5/03
    • Mugabe Exiles Stage Test Match Protest
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 84
    • Zimbabwe 'unbearable,' cleric says
    • CIO probes Makoni's links with Tsvangirai
    • Ministry to spy on striking teachers
    • Gata implicated in $1,6bn ZESA pension fund scam
    • State destroyed evidence of payment to Ben-Menashe
    • Truth, justice will prevail
    • G8 leaders urged to take firmer stand against Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe edges to a negotiated settlement
    • Pyrrhic victory
    • The economy and rule of law are inseparable cousins
    • Zimbabwe's arrears shoot to $251bn
    • Minister orders Wankie Colliery board to resign
    • Fuel tanks burn
  16. Posted 22/5/03
    • A Question of Truth
    • Strike switches off ZESA
    • CIO to investigate Ben-Menashe fraud
    • Drafting soldiers into ESC illegal: expert
    • PTUZ urges members to maintain go-slow
    • Industry's death knell
    • Media should not propose sabotage of the country
    • Chipangano: Has it become a law unto itself?
    • 'Strike Illegal'
    • "State security" row delays Zimbabwe treason trial
    • Media institute calls for action against Zimbabwe
    • Guardian reporter's Zimbabwe lawyer threatened with jail
    • Treason trial docs 'destroyed'
    • Food "monetization" aims to reach urban poor
    • Tsvangirai trip to Malawi postponed
    • Mbeki, the apologist
    • Zim admits treason tape discrepancies
    • JAG Job Opportunities Updated 21 May 2003
    • Colin Powell thanks Zimbabwe archbishop
    • Report on Internally Displaced Farm Workers Survey
    • Time to unite and claim our rights
  17. Posted 21/5/03
    • The great canard
    • Nigeria to seek Zimbabwe's return to Commonwealth
    • 'I will never forgive Mugabe and anyone else who bears his name'
    • Labour Movement Plans Indefinite Stayaway
    • Commonwealth Zimbabwe row threatened health deal
    • Activist tells of raids, beatings and death threats
    • MPs attack cricket chiefs for allowing Test tour
    • Zimbabwe crisis 'has cost region $2.5bn'
    • JAG PR Communique
    • 'Chaos' at Lords
    • 34 female teachers arrested and forced to pay fines
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 83
    • 'Attendants diverting fuel to black market'
    • MCC reject plans for anti-Mugabe protests at Lord's
    • Zim inflation continues skyrocketing
    • Commonwealth Continues Suspension of Pakistan, Zimbabwe
  18. Batch 2 Posted 20/5/03
    • Defense Claims Document Theft in Tsvangirai Treason Trial
    • Mugabe opponents seek 'protest zone' at cricket
    • Report lashes Zimbabwe regime
    • Don't talk of Zim 'regime change'
    • Zimbabwe, the police state
    • Ben-Menashe lied: CIO boss
    • Muzenda ordered Meldrum expelled
    • Anti-MDC blitz chews $2bn
    • Mugabe ferries Benz to SA for Sisulu burial
    • The end-game dangers
    • Mugabe's obstinacy has cost us our dignity
  19. Posted 20/5/03
    • Massive street demos planned
    • Government still to gazette new salaries
    • Iron fist will fail
    • Journalists not a mere arm of government
    • Cooking oil shortages open up sector to smaller players
    • Zimbabwe needs $16,4bn to fight foot-and-mouth
    • Will it dawn on Mugabe to quit for failure?
    • Pension Fund Savings Now Very Little As Inflation Rate Continues to Gallop Upwards
    • CZI Urges State to Mend Relations With IMF,World Bank
    • JAG Compensation Communique
    • Lawyers Committee calls upon G8 Leaders to Act on Zimbabwe
    • Letter: The Zimbabwe tour this summer shames English cricket
    • Security chief says had information on Mugabe plot
    • Appointment of 'Africa-Friendly' Amos is Good News for Nepad
    • Zim Protests Gather Momentum 19/05/03
    • Crunch and hope in Zimbabwe
  20. Batch 2 Posted 19/5/03
    • Forty die of malnutrition in Zimbabwe: Report
    • Mugabe wasn't invited
    • MDC sues key treason witness
    • Zimbabweans told to put cars on 'diet'
    • Mbeki is avoiding the right course on Zimbabwe
    • Amnesty condemns journalist deportation
    • From joy and hope to corruption, tyranny and the misery of poverty
    • Zimbabwe faces crippling strike as anger over fuel prices hots up
    • Mourning the reign that buried us
    • US and Britain in plans for "road map" for Zimbabwe
    • Our man in Harare The South African mirage
  21. Posted 19/5/03
    • Despair, desperation and disillusion
    • Stock up food: ZCTU
    • Cash-hungry Zimbabweans turn to dog-fighting
    • Byo hit by car-jackings
    • Meldrum deported
    • Masipula Sithole remembered
    • ZCC deeply concerned about media
    • Standard journalist up for CNN award
    • Oil firms, government deadlocked
    • What strategy to dislodge Mugabe?
    • Teaching profession loses its sparkle
    • Ombudsman fades into obscurity
    • MDC: 'We are tired of your barking'
    • Mugabe worse than Idi Amin
    • AirZim lays off workers
    • Murerwa cobbles up supplementary budget
    • Time has come to call Zanu PF's bluff
    • "Pregnant woman leads mass uprising"
    • Forty die of malnutrition in Zimbabwe: Report
    • Zimbabwe elite 'looted DRC'
    • JAG PR Communique dated 16 May 2003
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 81
  22. Posted 18/5/03
    • Anti-Mugabe protest at hotel
    • Mugabe unbending over MDC talks
    • Lausanne University agrees to settle “biopiracy” case
    • Parked ambulances
    • Anti-Mugabe group attends Sisulu funeral
    • Zimbabwe groups condemn expulsion of US reporter
    • US Journalist Denounces Deportation From Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe living it up at Westcliff a 'crime'
    • Zim to expel fugitive MP?
    • I was abducted, says deported journalist
    • Zimbabwe turmoil tormented former minister's doomed son
    • 'After 23 years, Mugabe has thrown me out, but he'll never silence me'
    • Zimbabwe elite 'looted DRC'
    • An essay on history
  23. Batch 2 Posted 17/5/03
    • Dragged off and deported
    • Desperation in Harare
    • A CPJ letter to President Robert Mugabe
    • Fear reigns in Zimbabwe
    • Government dismisses Daily News story
    • Security Council wants emergency force in Congo
    • MDC trip cancelled
    • Jostling begins for Zengeza seat
    • Bar Mumbengegwi from summit, Belgians urged
    • Governor ordered to stop interfering in conservancies
    • Chickens coming home to roost
    • Third Chimurenga results there for all to see
    • Banks hike lending rates
    • Nothing racial about aiding evicted farmers
    • Mugabe in SA 'a travesty'
  24. Posted 17/5/03
    • Nat Hentoff - Terrorizing the Press
    • American Reporter Receives Deportation Order From Zimbabwe
    • U.S. Reporter Not Deported From Zimbabwe
    • Guardian Journalist Missing in Zimbabwe after Deportation Fight
    • The BIG Zimbabwe cricket tour protest
    • Post-Mugabe deal in place
    • Fuel crisis grounds Harare's fire and ambulance services
    • MPs slam use of torture by police
    • Word must become flesh
    • Prices of basic goods continue to escalate
    • RBZ Appeals to Banks to Help Ease Forex Crunch
    • Trade minister visits Brussels
    • Break Off Foreign Links First, Says Mugabe
    • MDC Disgusted At The Decision To Deport Andrew Meldrum
    • Pressure on Mugabe
  25. Batch 2 Posted 16/5/03
    • Thought for the day
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 80
    • The true saga of the scarves that went to jail
    • Rush On Zim Banks As Panic Grips Nation
    • Zimbabwe sees return of hunter gatherer
    • Harare in shock 300% rates hike
    • Dollar plunges
    • Mandaza in donor funds row
    • SA researcher urges all-inclusive approach to Zim talks
    • MDC to consult members on dialogue
    • Kansteiner warns Zim crisis could worsen
    • Farmers in new court challenge
    • Meldrum meets Immigration boss
    • MDC squabbles over Johannesburg post
    • Media landscape still a minefield for journalists
    • There's only one way out for Zanu PF
    • Making profits is not criminal
    • Times when man must hug a hyena
    • Mbeki's mantras
    • Reveal Mugabe's past
    • Companies scale down operations as ... Severe coal crisis takes centre stage
    • Chakaipa's successor must be man of his time
    • Medieval monarchy vs democratic elections
    • 'There are a lot of days when there is no food, no money'
    • John Paul II's Address to New Ambassador of Zimbabwe
    • Harare seeks deal to swop tobacco for Gaddafi's oil
  26. Posted 16/5/03
    • 'Banned' Mugabe minister attends EU summit
    • Pope slams Zim land reform
    • Mugabe establishes Land Review Committee
    • Lawyers say no to bugging
    • Zimbabwe Currency Falls on Shortages
    • Teachers' strike deadlock
    • SA resumes power supplies to ZESA
    • SAA takes fuel contingency measures
    • Settlers face eviction to make way for politicians, SA investor
    • Bulawayo women query selective application of POSA
    • Mnangagwa denies wishing to succeed Mugabe
    • The real land audit
    • Treason trial is Tsvangirai's last hurdle
    • Police in fuel scam
    • Funny no longer
    • Ancient eagle comes home to roost in Zimbabwe
  27. Batch 2 Posted 15/5/03
    • Guardian reporter's Zimbabwe lawyer threatened with jail
    • JAG PR Communique dated 14 May 2003
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 79
    • Last-ditch bid to save fuel deal
    • Money market plunges
    • Cost of equipping Parkview hospital soars by 1 150%
    • Fertiliser shortage threatens winter wheat crop
    • NOCZIM's image seen hitting bid to raise $60b
    • Agribond to fund new farmers falls short of target
    • Nothing more than stop-gap measures
    • We are being taken for a ride
    • Of 'diktats' and resignations
    • Zim's defenceless dollar takes heavy knock
    • Insurance fees mandatory at Air Zimbabwe
    • Stockfeed prices shoot up by 84 percent
    • Effect of real interest rates on savings, pension funds
    • It's only the 'povo' who can legitimise Mugabe
  28. Posted 15/5/03
    • Zimbabwe co-operation pledged
    • Straw tones down Zimbabwe rhetoric
    • No Shortage of Imported Goods For Those With Money
    • EU to give Zim Euro 13m
    • Zim seeks $75m for fuel
    • President appoints land review committee
    • Germany returns Zim bird
    • Protest Over Journalist in Hiding As Harare Court Raps Media Law
    • $120bn lost due to farm disturbances
    • Chigwedere makes moves to replace Zimsec
    • Cops threatened to feed us to crocodiles: accused
    • Auditors probe abuse of $40m drought fund
    • Urgent meeting called to end teachers' strike
    • Zanu PF, MDC must stop posturing and start talks
    • Mugabe, better heed advice to go peacefully
    • For how long can State duck issues?
    • Witness contradicts Ben-Menashe over alleged UK, CIA plot
  29. Posted 14/5/03
    • Total Lunar Eclipse 16 May 2003
    • Calls for EU to boycott Zimbabwe
    • US journo out of hiding
    • Evidence concealed
    • Zimbabwe police hold opposition protesters: Party
    • Zimbabwe told to 'leave Meldrum alone'
    • Court finally grants bail to murder suspects
    • Dose of déjà vu in Zimbabwe impasse
    • Nature of Mugabe's exit will be a test of SA resolve
    • Menashe is misleading people of Zim - Bizos
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai square up
    • President Muluzi Should Not Fool the World
    • Guardian journalist's passport seized
    • Elections, not arm-twisting
    • Police corruption allegations in Zim treason trial
    • Police officer denies any wrongdoing
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 78
    • Spirit medium barred from Great Zimbabwe
    • Piecemeal approach to problems ruinous
    • Zimbabwe courts SA for aviation fuel
    • Mugabe shows he has no intention of stepping down
    • Remedies for Aids and Mugabe may sicken exporters
    • Zimbabwe confiscates Guardian reporter's residence permit
    • Straw in talks on Mugabe's retirement
    • Zim Experiences Acute Tyre Shortages
  30. Posted 13/5/03
    • Zimbabwe at a low ebb in forex crisis
    • Cricket protesters in talks with club May 12 2003
    • Zim Air running on empty
    • Combined Harare Residents Association
    • Bo Mama Sibile - Mothers of Honour
    • Letter to Interpol
    • Firms Import Own Fuel
    • Interesting item from the archives
    • Smoke signals from Pretoria
    • JAG Legal Communique dated 12 May 2003
    • JAG Job Opportunities Updated 12 May 2003
  31. Batch 2 Posted 12/5/03
    • Zimbabwe wildlife update
    • Coal crisis forces ZSR to stop operations
    • Mumbengegwi takes a swipe at Kansteiner
    • EU helps Zim fight food shortage
    • Tensions mount as Zim treason trial resumes
    • Fuel crisis hits Air Zim
    • Shortage of notes threatens banks
    • Thieves stun court
    • Seven deported from Malawi for visa scam
    • Zvidzai to represent MDC in Gweru poll
    • Zanu PF fails to nominate Makonde candidate again
    • Fuel shortage affects Nyamandlovu water supply
    • Smuggling reaches alarming levels at Chiredzi
    • Brace for final push, urges Tsvangirai
    • Women arrested during Mothers' Day procession
    • What justification for year's pay on 42 days' work?
    • MDC should map out new strategies
    • Figure this out!
    • There's only one tool in Mugabe's kit - violence
    • One more task for Bush to do
  32. Posted 12/5/03
    • Mugabe: liberator and looter
    • 'Bush and Blair must come to Zimbabwe'
    • Who is going to succeed Mugabe?
    • Zimbabwe arrests women's group
    • Question mark hangs over MDC's ability to run country
    • Persecute, prosecute or prostitute?
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 77
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • Zimbabwe, too, needs a regime change
    • Zimbabwe to resume trial of opposition leader
    • 'Go onto streets in numbers'
    • No Let-Up in Zimbabwe
    • UNDP, international financiers assist white farmers
  33. Posted 11/5/03
    • I am not the one
    • Suspension of Residents' Assoc Meetings at Town House
    • Zimbabwe govt urged to make speedy food aid appeal
    • More than 40 arrested in Zimbabwe Mother's Day march
    • Straw condemns Interpol honour for Mugabe's police chief
    • Pictures raise doubts in elephant tragedy
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #24 - Let's sweep them out
    • Worcester V Zimbabwe
  34. Batch 2 Posted 10/5/03
    • Harare officials give Guardian executives 24 hours to get out
    • A Little Point of Deep Division
    • Bank under probe
    • Eddie Cross' sentencing Postponed
    • MDC vows to bring Harare to a standstill
    • Teachers' strike on
    • Residents further remanded
    • Women's group to go ahead with march
    • Time for action
    • Mbeki, can't you see through Mugabe's deception?
    • Parallel market rates plunge to all-time low
    • Time for Zanu PF to admit Failure
  35. Posted 10/5/03
    • In Broke Zimbabwe, Bank Can't Afford To Print New Money
    • Zimbabwe economy teeters on brink
    • Reporter willing to face questions, says lawyer
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Continues to Challenge Election Results
    • Zimbabwe short of banknotes
    • British Foreign Secretary to Visit
    • MISA-Zimbabwe statement on the repealing of Section 80 of AIPPA
    • Ending Zimbabwe crisis will take pain, sacrifice: Mbeki
    • America promises aid if Zimbabwe reforms
    • Message for the President
    • Tsvangirai seeks passport
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Legal Communique (1/2) dated 09 May 2003
    • JAG Legal Communique (2/2) dated 09 May 2003
    • Libyan investors due in Zimbabwe for talks on "acquisition of assets"
    • Why Africa Only Has Four Months to Rescue Zimbabwe
    • Any Anti-Mugabe Protesters Here?
    • Spirit medium to 'unlock monument's mystery'
    • Harare becomes the capital of chaos
  36. Batch 2 Posted 9/5/03
    • Zimbabwe at the Breaking Point
    • Talk about Talks.
    • Zimbabwe's ugly fin de régime
    • There is hope for Zimbabwe, but only if Mugabe goes
    • Fuel supplies to Zimbabwe slow down to a mere trickle
    • MDC welcomes Zimbabwe court ruling on harsh media law
    • Mugabe's 'brutal' police chief lands role at Interpol
    • Zimbabwe must have 'road-map' to legitimacy, says US
    • Reporter hides from Zimbabwean authorities
    • Europe blasts Mbeki's lack of action against Mugabe
    • Load Shedding Hits Parts of Harare's CBD
    • US praises SA peace efforts in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Government Continues Harassing Journalist Despite Court Ruling on Media Law
    • Mother to Walk for love and Peace in Zimbabwe
    • Fuel Supplies to Zimbabwe Slow Down to a Mere Trickle
    • Political Analyst Says Zimbabweans Are Cautiously Optimistic About Their Future
    • JAG Open Letters Forum Nos. 75/76
    • Income Distribution And Policy
    • Heat Up Mugabe's Meltdown
    • JAG PR Communique May 8, 2003
  37. Batch 1 Posted 9/5/03
    • Zanu PF chefs grab land funds
    • Storm gathers over Mugabe G8 visit
    • Load-shedding set to spread
    • SA MP slams land reform, Pretoria's quiet diplomacy
    • Mbeki moves to break political deadlock
    • FSI property invaded by Mnangagwa opponents
    • Libyans on mission to revive stalled talks
    • Economic/political crisis weighs down on ZITF
    • Democratic reform process set in motion
    • Stuck in a spiral of decline
    • Govt ignores TNF partners on prices
    • Minister should return to real world
    • Production time wasted in queues
    • What's good for the goose ...
    • Zimbabwe's national parks ruined
    • Body language tells you everything
    • Workers now need Z$132 000 a month to survive
    • Forecast for Zimbabwe: chilly, stormy, tense
  38. Batch 2 Posted 8/5/03
    • 4 banks in liquidity crunch
    • Info Dept owes ZBC $400mln for adverts
    • Teachers declare strike
    • Chiefs demand long-awaited service vehicles
    • Zim crisis threatens G8 backing for NEPAD
    • Chidyausiku out of Paradza case
    • Tourism paralysed in Vic Falls, Hwange
    • Mbeki & crew's trick has failed before
    • Thriving city becomes the capital of chaos and misrule
    • Guardian writer threatened with Zimbabwe deportation
    • Seeking an African solution
    • Grant Flower backs brother's protest
  39. Posted 8/5/03
    • Bulawayo Hijacking
    • Interpol Honours Chihuri
    • Zimbabwe court waters down media restrictions
    • Opposition members arrested outside Mugabe's house
    • Farmers Fail to Transport Produce
    • Commuters Stranded As Filling Stations Dry Up
    • UK, Australia hit out at Mugabe
    • Protesters target MCC over Zimbabwe cricket tour
    • Conservatives seek assurances over Mugabe "invitation"
    • Mugabe 'victim' condemns cricket tour
    • Mugabe's days are numbered, claims Short
    • Mounting pressure on Mugabe
    • Blair calls for 'maximum pressure' on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe rejects reported Sars case
    • SA upbeat about MDC, Zanu PF crisis talks
    • Carrots and sticks
    • A Third Way Out
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai to Negotiate Power
    • Mugabe's Exit 'Not Discussed' at Meeting with Presidents
    • Chinese Company Moves Onto Nuanetsi Irrigation Scheme
    • Zim economy must top agenda: NNP
  40. Batch 2 Posted 7/5/03
    • Opposition hopeful despite failure of mission to Harare
    • Zimbabwe's recipe for the best-behaved press conference ever
    • Sport and politics do not mix, even in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe protesters set for Lord's visit
    • 'The message is that Africans are in charge'
    • Beware the Siren Call for UN "Reform"
    • No time to waste
    • The beginning of the end is only weeks away
    • Mugabe charges on despite 'cool it' pleas
    • Letter : Zimbabwe and Intl. Affairs.
    • Olonga urges Test protests
    • Council defies Chombo
    • ZCTU reverses decision to call for boycott
    • ZCTU warns of another stayaway
    • Mliswa granted $50 000 bail
    • Masvingo scales down operations
    • Another betrayal
    • Mugabe's legitimacy stalls Zanu PF-MDC dialogue
    • When you enter God's House you leave war behind
    • Junior minister widens hate catchment area
    • Chombo masquerading as government minister
    • A good nose for bad politics might save us
  41. Posted 7/5/03
    • Time running out for Mugabe?
    • Zimbabwe talks 'serious'
    • New Africa push on Zimbabwe crisis starts slowly
    • Leaders fail to persuade Mugabe to stand down
    • Talks stalled over recognition for Mugabe
    • Economic Review for April 2003
    • Once Lush Buhera Forests No More
    • Mugabe dangles political carrots
    • There's still a glimmer of hope for Zimbabwe
    • JAG Legal Communique dated 06 May 2003
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 73 dated 06 May 2003
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #23
    • UN won't solve Zimbabwe crisis warns Straw
    • Mbeki: SA will not tell Mugabe what to do
    • CIIR supports Catholic Bishops' condemnation of Mugabe
    • MDC rejects Mugabe's condition for talks
    • Straw: Zimbabwe tour goes ahead
    • Mugabe, Zimbabwe's democratically elected leader- Mumbengegwi
    • Presentation to Journalists on World Press Freedom Day
    • Tobacco farmers want assurances for next year
  42. Batch 2 Posted 6/5/03
    • Troika urges Mugabe to negotiate
    • Africans' attempt to resolve Zimbabwe crisis fails
    • Mugabe blocks talks
    • Negotiations in Zimbabwe Fail to Break Political Crisis
    • Straw, Kansteiner Expected in Botswana
    • Fuel, Electricity Blues Affect Tobacco Season
    • Protest at the cricket
    • Mugabe talks tough
    • MDC starts mobilising for Gwanda municipal polls
    • Police force Mudzuri out of Town House
    • Government's land tenure system flawed
    • No choice for Mugabe, Tsvangirai but to sit down and talk
    • Is POSA being applied more vigorously in Matabeleland?
    • Nothing for Mugabe to fear in a planned exit
    • United Nations silence on atrocities baffling
  43. Posted 6/5/03
    • Zimbabwe talks: Little sign of a breakthrough
    • African leaders will carry message from U.S. when they meet Mugabe
    • Mugabe sets conditions for talks with opposition
    • Zim meeting 'went well', says Tsvangirai
    • Workers Join Opposition to Make Mugabe Sweat
    • Mugabe talks end
    • Zesa, Eskom Seek Ways of Resolving US$16m Debt
    • MDC Weekly Briefing Note
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 72
    • Africa to take care of it's own
    • Leaders fail to persuade Mugabe to stand down
  44. Batch 3 Posted 5/5/03
    • Waste not want not
    • Leave Zimbabwe's cricketers alone: Mugabe is the villain
    • Land must benefit all Zimbabweans -Mkapa
    • Disaster fund looted
    • Coal shortage hits hospital
    • Ex-ZNA members' lives at risk, says lawyer
    • CIO quizzes councillors over Mudzuri's whereabouts
    • Mudzuri comes out of hiding
    • Mudzuri being persecuted for exposing corruption
    • Guilty conscience must be removed to move ahead
    • Margarine runs out as shortages continue
    • No hope in sight for Zimbabwe's swelling jobless
    • 'Last hope' talks for ailing Zim
    • MDC hold trump card in Mugabe 'exit plan'
    • MDC took Mugabe by surprise
    • What happened to one of Africa's heroes?
    • Zimbabwe: managing the end of a war
    • Rush on Zim banks as panic grips nation
    • Mothers Day Walk Sat 10 May
  45. Batch 2 Posted 5/5/03
    • Could Jonathan Moyo be the next president?
    • Rise! Men and women of goodwill in Zanu PF, rise
    • Zanu PF propaganda blitz backfires
    • MDC warned against predatory Zanu PF
    • Suspended For Not Being Allowed To Work
    • Soldiers beat Epworth residents on May Day
    • ZRP senior officers get military training
    • Mudzuri goes into hiding
    • Zim makes payment to avoid IMF action
    • Aids patients cash in on their condition
    • Maize Output Falls Far Short of Needs
    • African Leaders Must Find African Solutions for Africa's Problems
    • Rain but no parade
    • 'Hit-and-run' protests may mark tour
    • Zimbabwe's petrol thieves add fuel to the fire
    • 'Dino stole my song'
    • Sadza on the Internet
    • JAG LEGAL COMMUNIQUE - May 2, 2003
    • JAG JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Updated May 2, 2003
  46. Batch 1 Posted 5/5/03
    • Let's talk it over
    • Protest at Zimbabwe cricket match
    • Fuel queues good for sex trade
    • Politics force Zimbabwe to ask boys to do men's work
    • Mugabe defies plea by African leaders to quit
    • Consider all possible scenarios
    • Allegations of fraud follow dissolved land committees
    • Letters to ZimGateway
    • Police bury torture victim in secret as mourners watch from the long grass
    • African leaders meet on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabwe talks suffer setback after 'agents' jibe
    • Mbeki will tell Mugabe that regime must change
  47. Posted 4/5/03
    • Mugabe's nephew attacks settlers
    • Trade fair off to a slow start
    • Families selling assets to buy food
    • Zimbabwe leads region in suppressing media
    • Bid to probe Chombo sparked Mudzuri ouster
    • African leaders to confront Mugabe, Tsvangirai
    • President takes a back seat as Trade Fair opens
    • A brief for the three visiting presidents
    • Sacrifices needed from all shades to save nation
    • Fuel crisis deepens
    • Harare mayor 'gone into hiding'
    • Winter of discontent
    • Email from Zim
    • Zimbabwe marks Press Freedom Day
    • Zimbabwe marks Press Freedom Day - #2
    • U.N. Hypocrites Can't Define Terrorism
    • Is Mugabe on the way out?
  48. Posted 3/5/03
    • Mugabe's Victims: Mostly Black - Nat Hentoff
    • Inebriated Zimbabwean diplomat booked
    • Amnesty urges tough U.N. stand on Zimbabwe
    • MDC calls for talks on transitional govt
    • Fuel Supplies Dry Up
    • Document Shows Army Ran Disputed Zimbabwe Presidential Election
    • MDC is ready to govern: Tsvangirai
    • Zim union threatens government
    • Attacks on media 'soaring'
    • Extracts from ZWNEWS
    • Campaign Group Welcomes Zimbabwe Cricket Tour
    • CFU Classifieds 29th April 2003
    • ALB Report 30th April 2003
  49. 5th Batch Posted 2/5/03
    • ICC bans Zimbabwean journalist
    • Mugabe reduced to prisoner at State House
    • The economy can, and will, get worse
    • Zimbabwe's First Shopper a disgrace
    • Are the power-brokers up to the task?
    • Power shortage hits winter cropping
    • Cosatu warns on Zim crisis
    • Govt abandons plans to sell state firms
    • Mahofa/Maseva farm dispute rages on
    • FSI builds empire renting A2 farms
    • Zimpapers editors fight over vehicles
    • Residents prepare lawsuit over Mudzuri
    • Govt directs workers' fury at employers
    • Labour Act millstone around workers - lawyers
    • Botswana probes border officials
    • Zim courts IMF - again
    • ZTA to market Zim at Indaba
    • Sugar crisis set to worsen
    • Declining prices plunge Zim deeper into the red
    • Private sector could solve Zim's power problems
    • The political economy of plunder
    • Successor will come from Sabhuku's gravy train
    • Interference in council affairs disastrous
    • What is Campfire/WWF doing about slaughter?
    • When and how?
    • New labour law seeks to undermine unions
    • After tobacco battles, it's sugar's turn
  50. 4th Batch Posted 2/5/03
    • Rights under siege - Report by Amnesty International.
    • Knives out for Mugabe as party loyalty fades
    • 'Suspension has not helped at all'
    • US plots to oust Mugabe with African nations' help
  51. 3rd Batch Posted 2/5/03
    • Boycott Zimbabwe's tour
    • Zimbabwe show way to fly in the face of truth
    • Chombo in court bid to bar Mudzuri from duty
    • Chibhebhe slams Mugabe
    • Maize scam trial fails to take place as keys go missing
    • Chitungwiza residents form litigation committee
    • British envoy raps Herald
    • 48 families stranded as homes torched
    • WFP blames government for poor food distribution
    • Villagers beat up Green Bombers
    • Time for Mugabe to bite the bullet
    • Suicidal contradictions form government thinking
    • Zimbabwe fails to contain foot-and-mouth outbreak
    • Disorder now the order of the day despite POSA
    • Transport blues as bus operators pull out of route
    • May Day Observance - two views
  52. 2nd Batch Posted 2/5/03
    • Commonwealth head admits failure over Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe cricketers plead with protesters
    • Zimbabwe tour seals the moral bankruptcy of English cricket
    • Q&A: Simon Barnes on the Zimbabwe tour
    • C'wealth rebuts Zim claim on observers
    • Pressure on to release atrocity reports
    • Austrian MP warns banned Zim officials
    • Conflicting crop output figures baffle donors
    • Numbers of resettled people inflated
    • Banking and barging
    • MDC sets terms for petition withdrawal
    • AirZim fails to switch to new booking system
    • S Africa demands seized farms back
    • Huge drop in tobacco sales at auction floors
    • Studies underway in Zim to map food needs
    • Fired Zimpost workers recalled
    • Moyo's ads nauseating
    • We're at war already
    • . . . And now to the notebook. . . ZNA men deserting again!
  53. Posted 2/5/03
    • Freedom of expression under siege
    • Let Zimbabwe start to have a life again
    • Further mass action likely to rock ZSE
    • Time to take stock: where is the economy heading?
    • Zimbos a happy lot : view from State House
    • Zim Dollar Plunges By 93.5 % Against Major Currencies
    • Deputy mayor yet to accept appointment
    • Tsvangirai challenges Mbeki's credibility
    • Workers need $132 000 a month to survive
    • NOCZIM needs $150bln to import fuel
    • Zim on knife edge
    • Robert Mugabe Softens His Line
    • Subsidise food
    • Ancram: England cricketers should not play Zimbabwe
    • Reading tea leaves by candlelight
    • Zimbabwe union threatens more protests over fuel
    • Where Hardship is a Way of Life
    • Zimbabwe cricketers greeted by protesters
    • Focus On New Thinking On Land Reform
  54. 2nd Batch Posted 1/5/03
    • Leaders on mission to make Mugabe quit
    • Mudzuri ouster angers residents
    • Munich council to help solve Harare's water woes
    • Villagers accuse heads of politicising food aid
    • Mudzuri's ouster stern test for MDC urban supporters
    • Mudzuri's suspension a case of sour grapes
    • Our subservience more to blame than Mugabe
    • Local firms shun lucrative Asian market
    • Can't we see the need for dialogue on our own?
    • South African envoy hands out food parcels, from a limousine
    • Zimbabwe: Paradise lost - or simply postponed?
  55. Posted 1/5/03
    • MDC President Tsvangirai's Address On the Way forward
    • Zimbabwe opposition ready for talks, plans protests
    • Mbeki won't be 'effecting regime change' in Zim
    • Industry Struggling to Cope With Power Cuts
    • Mayor says suspension is political
    • England braced for troubled Zimbabwe tour
    • Amnesty International Report launch
    • Challenges for AU And Member Nations
    • Mbeki to visit Zimbabwe for talks
    • MDC offers to negotiate Mugabe exit
    • Johannesburg Meeting On Conflict Diamonds Ends
    • JAG Open Letter Forum Nos. 70/71

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