The ZIMBABWE Situation

July 2003 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/7/03
    • Crossborder traders admit to externalising $500 bills
    • Government's formal appeal for food
    • Shock supplementary budget
    • Zim forks out $77b for envoys’ upkeep
    • ZANU PF, MDC dig in heels over talks
    • Mixed feelings over govt’s new cash crisis measures
    • Talk for nation’s sake
    • MDC be cautious!
    • Open letter to ZANU PF, MDC
    • . . . and now to the notebook
    • Reality check for die-hard believer in Africa
    • Zim dollar hits record lows
    • Govt, fertiliser firms head for clash over prices
    • Bank notes crisis needs concerted effort by all
    • Zim’s deciding moment is at hand
    • Inflation — root cause of cash binge
  2. Posted 31/7/03
    • A Land Possessed - Peter Godwin
    • $500 note phased out
    • ZCU post over $10bn surplus
    • ‘US, Britain intensify hostility towards Zim’
    • Mugabe And Zanu PF Are Incapable of Ending Zimbabwe's Cash Crisis
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 124
    • ZCTU breathes fire
    • Judgment reserved in exemption bid by Mudede, Chinamasa
    • ZANU PF youths turn on their own in Mutare
    • British MP to present feedback on Zimbabwe
    • Norwegians seek urgent survey of displaced people
    • Man-animal conflict continues in Hwange
    • The MDC is putting the cart before the horse
    • How most people will remember Mugabe
    • S.Africa seeks quicker return to talks in Zimbabwe
    • Fifa intervenes in Zimbabwe crisis
    • Trading Grinds to a Halt At Tobacco Sales Floor
    • Zimbabwe's Ruling Party to Hold Important Meeting
    • Zimbabwe tackles cash crunch
    • Zimbabwe's move on currency could be too little, too late
    • Zimbabwe: light at the end of the tunnel
    • Political Thaw Raises Hope of Talks
    • Man-Made Element to Crisis
    • Zambia Formulates Black Rhino Recovery Plan
    • Tyrants Beware: Luxury Exile Days May Be Numbered
    • JAG Thought for the Day
  3. Posted 30/7/03
    • After fuel and food shortages, cash now scarce in Zimbabwe
    • Raising false hopes
    • Ground laid for talks
    • Torture victims demand $9 million from Mohadi
    • Daily News staff receive threats
    • NCA vows to defy meeting ban
    • Bungling to create fresh food crisis
    • Humanity is unconquerable, Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai, Mugabe edge towards talks
    • IMF slams govt as consumers mob banks
    • Innovative Measures to Curb Cash Crisis Urged
    • 24-Member Iranian Business Delegation to Explore Business Opportunities
    • Informal Sector Grows Rapidly As Formal Shrinks
    • JAG PR Communique
    • On the lighter side
    • JAG Open Letter Forum No 123
    • Zimbabwe Held Al-Qaida Suspects Before Release In Sudan
    • A perception of recent events - July 2003
  4. Posted 29/7/03
    • 'Quiet diplomacy' won't get rid of Mugabe: free elections will
    • Zimbabweans rush for last banknotes
    • Church leaders meet Tsvangirai
    • Zambia threatens to throw out Zim farmers
    • IMF urges Zimbabwe reforms to stem economic crisis
    • IMF Concludes 2003 Article IV Consultation with Zimbabwe
    • Violence in Zimbabwe increasing: Zimrights
    • Solution does not lie in brutalising depositors queuing for their cash
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • Africa Needs Tough Love
    • Can a 'developmental state' grow and prosper?
    • Ruthless Profiteering By Oil Firms Must End
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 122
    • JAG Thought for the Day
  5. Batch 2 Posted 28/7/03
    • Tales from a broken country
    • Nowhere to run for former tyrants
    • Central bank rapped
    • Democracy is not just about elections
    • Chaos reigns as workers are unable to access their salaries
    • Russian delegation keen to invest in Zimbabwe
    • Violence hits banks
    • Go east, says Mugabe
    • Tourism at Great Zimbabwe collapses
    • Snakes, rabbits dominate Midlands Show
    • Chitungwiza residents threaten to sue over sewage problem
    • Chombo's commission to probe Mudzuri collapses
    • Skewed Zim exchange rate dampens business confidence
    • AU should act on errant members
    • Demonstrating the might of the mice
    • Dual fuel pricing system another daft idea
    • A guide to shopping in central African trouble spots
  6. Posted 28/7/03
    • SA groups 'handling Mugabe men's loot'
    • Stage set for Mugabe, Tsvangirai meeting
    • Tsvangirai plays into Zanu-PF's ethnic hand
    • Constitutional reform top priority, says Tekere
    • Zimbabwe court defers treason ruling
    • Mugabe holds talks with churches
    • Nigeria's Obasanjo to meet Blair in Britain
    • Cash shortage deepens in crisis-ridden Zimbabwe
    • Liberia Is No Place for US to Go Alone to Enforce Peace
  7. Posted 27/7/03
    • Banks summon riot police
    • Acting mayor denies Harare is broke
    • Church leaders meet Mugabe
    • Karimanzira clashes with resettled farmers
    • Five magistrates sworn in
    • ZANU PF in fresh bid to lure back Tekere
    • Enough madness
    • From where to where are we going?
    • Churches meeting with Mugabe inspires optimism
    • Zimbabwe Releases Jailed Women Protesters
    • Anger as Mugabe stays in control of Zimbabwe cricket
    • Tsvangirai ruling delayed
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • Christians Together for Justice and Peace
  8. Posted 26/7/03
    • Call for Assistance to Displaced Farm Workers
    • Police beat up women protesting against POSA
    • Corpses donated to UZ
    • NRZ forks out $400 m monthly to regional firms
    • MDC confirms poll candidates
    • Let’s have the fuel, please
    • Zimbabweans cannot afford entertainment
    • It’s what they do after war that counts
    • Better to be puppet of the West, not East
    • Organisation to rehabilitate violence and torture victims
    • Bulawayo families surviving on one meal a day – survey
    • NCA threatens poll demos
    • Harare City is Broke
    • Millions Lost Through Cheque Frauds
    • Husbands justified in beating Zimbabwean wives
    • Zimbabwe: Rival Political Parties May Hold Talks
    • New Dual Fuel Pricing System On Cards
    • Zimbabweans 'can't afford to bury their dead'
    • I still belong to Zanu-PF: Tekere
    • Succession: Mahofa lashes out
  9. Batch 3 Posted 25/7/03
    • Mugabe set to meet Tsvangirai for talks
    • Mbeki steps up pressure on Zim
    • Mugabe says 'no' to party celebrations
    • Msika orders probe into grain distribution
    • Govt admits failure to import maize
    • Political considerations ruled out in takepart deal
    • No platform for govt at CFU congress
    • Zanu PF plays down Harare Central by-election
    • Govt, farmers deadlock hits tobacco sales
    • Zim assures Libyans of fair fuel deal
    • Zim lags behind in regional park project
    • Suspended Mudzuri unpaid for three months
    • Mugabe ready to quit Zanu PF leadership
    • Tsvangirai hearing set to open Pandora’s box
    • Murerwa to devalue dollar
    • Border, government dispute rages on
    • From the crucible
    • It’s the politics once again, stupid
    • Privatisation yet another hollow plan
    • More psychiatric institutions please!
  10. Batch 2 Posted 25/7/03
    • Struggle of torture victim
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai open way for talks
    • An African lament
    • Mozambique outlaws meat imports from Zimbabwe
    • Fuel deal collapses
    • National interests take precedence: MDC
    • Innovation key to banking success
    • Probe into gold scam launched
    • MDC drinking from poisoned chalice?
    • US$500m foreign dividends locked up in Zim
    • Fuel companies jostle for deals
    • We deserve better!
    • What’s the difference?
    • . . . and now to the notebook
    • ZANU PF/MDC talks might save the nation
    • Corruption levels sink to all-time low
    • Tobacco producers throw weight behind contract farming
    • Tobacco farmers need $72 billion for inputs
    • AU after Maputo: what next?
    • Mugabe cleared Tsvangirai invite
    • NRZ starts buying new locomotives, wagons
  11. Posted 25/7/03
    • High Court throws out NCA urgent application
    • Mugabe’s speech fails to inspire nation
    • ZANU PF candidate’s eligibility questioned
    • Crisis more complex than meets the eye
    • A new beginning?
    • Leading firms 'handle loot of farm squatters'
    • Printing cash isn't going to help
    • Panicking Zanu PF 'chefs' strip country of assets
    • Zimbabwe appeals for food aid
    • Zimbabwe political tension eases
    • Zimbabwe's leaders need to rise above zero-sum game
    • NGOs fear clampdown
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Compensation/Restitution Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 120
    • The People Take On the Great Leader in New Play
  12. Posted 24/7/03
    • Tsvangirai speaks
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 119
    • Cash Crisis: Thorough Probe Needed
    • Admissions of guilt
    • Focus on the extent of the brain drain
    • Group Alleges Zimbabwe Opposition Candidates Pressured Against Running in Upcoming Election
    • Theft of electrical transmitters leaves suburbs in darkness
    • Service stations to import own fuel
    • British Tycoon to Get New Trial
  13. Batch 2 Posted 23/7/03
    • State University to Present New Inflation Model
    • Cash shortages still persist
    • Farmers sell maize on black market
    • Opposition lawmakers offer olive branch, but Mugabe remains defiant
    • Mugabe latest is ludicrous
    • MDC changes tactics in bid to defuse tension
    • Who is ready to bankroll the war veterans?
    • State targets colleges, NGOs for crackdown
    • People, not Zanu PF, must declare national heroes
    • Riot police called after angry
    • Deputy sheriffs appeal for 453pc fee increase
    • Mugabe to make firms sell stake to black investors
    • Churches' apologies no help to ordinary Zimbabweans
    • Lawyer accused of conniving with suspected robber
    • Administrative Court reserves judgment on MABC appeal
    • MDC to challenge nomination process
    • If you smell a witch you are one yourself
    • A cowed nation suffers in silence
  14. Posted 23/7/03
    • A life in the day: David Evans, Zimbabwe farmer
    • Army fails to pay soldiers
    • Zimbabwe, Malawi excluded from regional AIDS project
    • A Tribute - Council Elections
    • Violence breaks out during nominations
    • Vocational centre turned into youth training facility
    • HEXCO in results mix-up
    • NCA denies ZBC reports on ouster of its leadership
    • Justice will prevail
    • Mugabe to woo Third World to end isolation
    • Economic Review to Be Released
    • Zimbabwean opposition MP arrested
    • Zim opposition say they'll sit out Mugabe's speech
    • Opposition under continued harassment
    • Church apology not enough, says rights activist
    • MDC welcomes poll petition date
    • MDC candidates 'chased away'
    • Mugabe remains defiant
    • Mugabe Warns Opponents of 'Wrath of Law'
    • Mugabe rivals end boycott
    • MDC To Attend Opening of Parliament
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 118
    • Quote of the week
  15. Batch 2 Posted 22/7/03
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 117
    • MDC brought current hardships - minister
    • President disburses $108m to history-making Warriors
    • Zanu PF sails through
    • ZDF displays military arsenal
    • Survey Shows Zimbabwe Experiencing 'Brain Drain'
    • Cash riots feared as Zimbabwe runs out of banknotes
    • Only Africa can stop cycle of war and poverty
    • Zimbabwe, a Thorn in the Side of Africa
  16. Posted 22/7/03
    • At risk in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean seeks UK sanctuary
    • Money for nothing
    • Zimbabwe policeman withdrawn
    • MDC set to agree ‘safe exit’ for Mugabe
    • Churches to probe youth service
    • Exodus of lecturers throws UZ into crisis
    • Suspicion stifles debate on Mugabe successor
    • Are we going to waste another growing season?
    • How low we have sunk
    • $1 000 note on the way
    • What meetings when councillors are beaten up?
    • Zimbabwe: stumbling block to regional potential
  17. Batch 2 Posted 21/7/03
    • No big bash for Mugabe
    • Anglo American 'unaware of legal action'
    • Chissano Takes the Baton
    • 'Emerging Market' -- an Outdated Concept?
    • Farmers ripped off
    • Tourism attaches to take up posts in SA, France
  18. Posted 21/7/03
    • Mugabe threatens US, UK descendants, report
    • If Victoria's farmers think they are doing it tough...
    • Doubts shroud new civil service salaries
    • MDC mulls Parliament boycott
    • Lack of funding affects '0','A' level exams
    • Chinotimba 'a fake' war veteran
    • Catholic benefactor on plight of the downtrodden
    • Terrified MDC MP goes into hiding
    • 'Freedom Trains' or death traps
    • We were denied land
    • MDC must be weary of foxy Zanu PF
    • Russian TV to boost local tourism
    • Soaring inflation hits Zimbabwean consumers
    • Economic crisis threatens financial sector
    • Civil society initiates 'transition economics' programme
    • Shavings from The Woodpecker
    • Mbeki pursuing own hidden agenda
    • Why blame Grace for Mugabe's failures?
    • Good bold strokes from the ZCC
    • Conflict resolution: AU has failed Africa
    • New lease of life for Zim animal activist
    • MDC Weekly Briefing
    • Sokwanele Press Release 20 July
  19. Batch 2 Posted 20/7/03
    • We Apologise
    • ZNSPCA update 18 July 2003
    • Zimbabwe zeroes in on its currency
    • White Zimbabwean cane farmers take Anglo unit to court
    • Economic meltdown leads to innovative banking measures
    • Mugabe grooms ruthless successor
    • Help Zim Pensioners
  20. Posted 20/7/03
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #36 - It's time to walk your talk
    • 100 000 may die
    • Zimbabwe fails to meet EU rules to resume meat exports
    • What else does Africa need to rein in Mugabe?
    • Hardships increase lure of ‘death trap’ trains
    • Zimbabwe Belgian envoy’s toughest posting
    • MDC fears for safety of Rusape candidates
    • State-sanctioned violence on the rise: report
    • Justice will prevail
    • The longer Mugabe stays the safer it is for Mbeki
    • Nation’s vast mineral wealth remains untapped
    • Zimbabwe grapples with record inflation
    • Zim morgue workers nabbed
    • Pied piper
    • Bush blacklists Zimbabwe, Cuba
  21. Posted 19/7/03
    • State threatens to prosecute millers over price increases
    • Green Bombers on rampage in Dete
    • Police descend on UZ to quell pay-out demo
    • Dabengwa fires Zambezi Trust workforce
    • Council seeks to stop Chombo from meddling
    • Mayors’ perks obscene
    • Basics back on shelves but demand declines
    • Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
    • Bucks and Ducks
    • Mugabe re-election case to be heard in November
    • Zimbabwe inflation on course for 1 000%
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 116
    • Zimbabwe government 'appeals for food'
    • Zim food price showdown
    • Passport application ordeal: Reporter asked to renounce citizenship
    • Rural electrification brings relief
  22. Batch 2 Posted 18/7/03
    • African Oppressor
    • Pay And Employment Reforms in Civil Service
    • JAG Community Communique
    • JAG Medical Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 115
    • Mugabe/Tsvangirai court battle set
    • DRC deals collapse
    • Luxury vehicles chew up New Ziana restructuring budget
    • Zimbabweans poorer than in 1985/1975
    • Farmers call for devaluation, withhold tobacco
    • RBZ probes allocation of agribond funds
    • Harare Agricultural Show turned into flea-market
    • Leo Mugabe's supporters in post-poll assault
    • Govt's winter maize project in disarray
    • Midzi steps up bid for fuel deal
    • Brain drain gives Murerwa headache
    • Little expected from journalists' visit
    • Watching the ball
    • Let’s identify and slay inflation monster
    • Trumpet-blowing not fooling us all
    • Bush-man Tony, singing Stan, & Talent-less Taffy
    • Accountability or impunity: the search for justice
    • Mugabe's warped definition of ruling
  23. Posted 18/7/03
    • Sansole's Home destroyed by Chinotimba-led Zanu PF gang
    • Mayors get hefty exit perks
    • State fails to pay for rural electrification
    • EU freezes aid to Africa
    • Chimanikire charged
    • ZCTU calls on government to quit
    • Whither Zimbabwe?
    • Once the people’s trust is lost, the writing is on the wall
    • Shortage of cheque paper emerges
    • Money supply growth soars to 160 percent
    • Homeland insecurity
    • Inflation Puts Basic Foods Out of Reach
    • Zimbabwe's fuel crisis deepens as Libya deal falters
    • Zimbabwe churches apologize for not helping nation
    • Council Acts On Fuel Woes
    • Zimbabwe Judge Delays Key Ruling in Tsvangirai Treason Trial
    • Sense of humour failure
    • Mbeki denies Mugabe exit report
    • Tsvangirai: No proof of plot
  24. Batch 2 Posted 17/7/03
    • Mugabe's Appointment as AU's Ambassador Open to Debate
    • 'MDC treason trial must continue'
    • Michael Ancram: Fractured institutions
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 114
    • Zim adopts new tourism markets
    • Zim puts too much faith in African leaders
    • Mbeki a dishonest broker: analysts
    • ZANU PF politicians besiege Mash farm
    • Escape options for CSC mooted
    • Avenues Clinic on brink of closure
    • What is going on?
    • Is the ‘freedom train’ coming?
    • Corruption now the order of the day
    • RBZ on collision course with govt
    • Zim hardest hit in region: WFP report
    • Winter wheat crop area drops 66.6%
    • Zim’s still waters run deep
  25. Posted 17/7/03
    • Inflation in Zimbabwe surges to 365%
    • Jag Open letters forum No. 113
    • Economic revival programme struggles to do the job
    • World Vision Zimbabwe maintains nutritional status of the vulnerable
    • Africa Needs Tough Love
    • Chewing the Fat
    • $10bn for Zim only if Mugabe goes
    • Hospital operates without water
    • Threat to kick Harare mayor out of official residence
    • Botswana sends 26 000 Zimbabweans back home
    • Foot and mouth hits export zone
    • Tsvangirai must answer treason charges-prosecutors
    • African Leaders Condemn Takeover in Sao Tome and Principe and Support Menzes
    • Government to Set Up National Anti-Retroviral Drugs Scheme
    • President Mugabe in Nigeria for Sullivan summit
    • Accomplishments - Zimbabwe 2003
  26. Posted 16/7/03
    • Bush pledges new deal for Zimbabwe if Mugabe steps down
    • MDC's response to President Mbeki's Remarks on BBC's Today Programme
    • Commuter train crashes
    • MDC councillors to decide Mudzuri’s fate
    • Zvobgo must summon Mugabe as his defence witness
    • Free Tsvangirai: defence
    • Showdown looms over Zimbabwe’s fate
    • Candidate row threatens MDC in mayoral race
    • SA insists talks on
    • Chigwedere’s son dies in police custody
    • Workers, employers forge closer bond
    • Price, salary hikes to boost state coffers
    • Trust seeks to secure 150 kg of gold a month
    • National disaster in the making
    • We will never make ends meet, at this rate
    • Destroying our country just to maintain hold on power
    • Teachers’ salaries cannot buy basics
    • ZANU PF cannot expect nation to applaud its destruction
    • Mercy Corps Begins Emergency Food Program
    • Economic Revival Programme Struggles to Do the Job
    • UK 'must give Mugabe an exit'
    • UN to focus on Africa's strife
    • Tsvangirai lawyers say treason tape flawed
    • Formal appeal for food aid on the way
    • Prison deaths raise eyebrows
    • Secret deal paves way for Mugabe exit this year
  27. Batch 2 Posted 15/7/03
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 102
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • Mugabe will step down this year: report
    • Hawala agents used diplomat as courier, get three years’ RI
    • Witnesses in treason trial 'untruthful'
    • Mbeki briefs Blair on need for action to uplift Africa
    • China, Zimbabwe Sign Technological Cooperation Agreement
    • South African church officials hope Bush's trip leads to action
    • Mugabe rewarded
    • Dualisation of Trunk Roads Applauded
  28. Posted 15/7/03
    • 'SA will do everything to assist Zimbabwe'
    • Liberian president joins dubious club
    • Zimbabwe faces 500% price hike for maize
    • EU freezes aid to Africa
    • Mugabe's new AU post sets tongues wagging
    • Struggle continues for united, peaceful, prosperous Africa
    • Mugabe 'blocked EU plan for peace force'
    • Bias claim in Zimbabwe trial
    • Brain Drain Strangling Economic Development
    • We'll Not Co-Operate With Bush On Zim, Says Commission
    • Tobacco Sales Down 33.4% With a Third of the Season Gone
    • $54.5bn Tobacco Sold At Auction Floors
  29. Batch 2 Posted 14/7/03
    • Mugabe’s shadow falls on Bush safari
    • Outrage over Mugabe job 'mockery'
    • Scribes Engage African Leaders At AU Summit
    • Land: What About Patronage Allocations to Military Brass?
    • 'Torturer' safe in UN Kosovo role
    • Africa needs dry matchsticks
    • AU's broken promises
    • Mixed reaction to Mugabe's new AU post
    • Union of despots
    • Three poachers killed, one arrested
    • Chinese minister visits
    • Let's focus on present oppression
    • 'U.S./British hands off Zimbabwe!'
    • Why Mugabe's Zimbabwe has avoided economic meltdown - so far
  30. Posted 14/7/03
    • African leaders agree to battle graft, war, AIDS
    • Ending crisis in Zimbabwe
    • Powell: US will not stop pressure on Mugabe
    • Dying days of Mugabe's tyranny
    • Not a cent for war vets congress
    • Bulawayo city councillors reject new rates hike
    • Hardships saddle children's homes
    • Fuel coupons worsen transport blues
    • State inflating land beneficiaries - MDC
    • Moyo uses soccer to market Zanu PF
    • New Ziana - letter
    • What on earth is an African problem?
    • ZBC has gone bonkers
    • 2004 destined to be a non-event
    • Poking a stick in the ear of a lion
    • Survival in today's tough Zimbabwe
    • Read our lips: Change is around the corner
    • Liars, cheats and diplomacy
    • Bush visit puts Africa on Washington's new map
    • Media Monitoring Update
    • How the world failed the people of Zimbabwe
    • Colourful meeting of African heads
    • An Epidemic Of Tyranny
    • The continent is flush with causes for hope
    • Beneath the surface, the AU summit reflects the turbulence of African politics
    • Zimbabwe question tops agenda
  31. Batch 2 Posted 13/7/03
    • Interventionists should follow uniform principles
    • Why Can't Africans Measure Up to the Job of Leadership?
    • The George Dubya of Africa
    • Cosatu, SACP Mystified As Zanu-Pf Joins Protest
    • International Row Looms Over Mugabe
    • Helping Africa
    • Five Days on the Continent, Five African Commentaries
  32. Posted 13/7/03
    • Sad
    • Secretary Powell's Interview with BBC
    • Appeal for Tish Vass
    • African Union Backs Peace Efforts, Ignores Zimbabwe
    • Zim facing famine 'deaths'
    • Zimbabweans Dream of Hitting National Lottery Jackpot
    • Annan Concludes African Unity Summit With Aids Meeting, Visit
    • Mugabe: Africa 'admires' Zim
  33. Batch 2 Posted 12/7/03
    • Zimbabwe faces food riots after massive rise in price of maize
    • Annan Urges End to Africa Violence
    • Marauding War Veterans Wipe Out Zimbabwe's Wildlife
    • AIDS Activists To Bush: Don't Forget Zimbabwe
    • ‘Cloete playing cheap politics’
    • Dabengwa throws hat into the ring
    • The times get tough, and it's time to punt
  34. Posted 12/7/03
    • Zimbabwe - Plea for Our Country
    • Zimbabwean Jewry Faces Extinction
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Compensation/Restitution Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 111
    • Powell: US will not stop pressure on Mugabe government
    • Zimbabwe Braces For Massive Price Hikes On Staple Food
    • Harare mayor fights eviction
    • Mugabe's lackey
    • Bush-Mbeki: pragmatism triumphs over ideology
    • Tsvangirai 'wants talks'
    • Mugabe makes overtures to the opposition
    • ZANU PF factions court MDC
    • High Court bars Mudzuri
    • Tsvangirai remanded to October
    • Mbeki has his job cut out
    • Police turn to POSA to repress journalists
    • Staff exodus hits Air Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe finds new beef markets in Angola, DRC
    • Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe dialogue should top SA priorities, says group
    • CFU appeals to Utete
    • Youth service recruit dies as others flee camp
    • Zimbabwe Earns Low Ranking on Human Development Index
    • President Mugabe elected AU vice chairman
  35. Batch 3 Posted 11/7/03
    • Zimbabwe leadership in crisis over Mugabe's successor
    • Harare sees support for talks as 'loud climbdown' by Bush
    • Southern African press review
    • Zim talks are denied, but they're on agenda
    • Bush needs to match words with deeds
    • The Camel and the straw.
    • Bringing regime change to Africa
    • International Criminal Court or International Mischief?
    • Powell Interview on CNN s Larry King Live
    • Elephants leave Bushes blushing
    • Bush backpedals in Africa
    • Libyan fuel deal held up
    • Inflation gallops towards 400% mark
    • Zim on the brink of dramatic change
    • MDC slams delays
    • Govt blamed for thriving black market
    • Land audit reveals arbitrary seizures
    • Tsvangirai reads riot act to acting mayor
    • Call to review land policy
    • Indigenisation train bypasses Zim’s marginalised
    • Only man afraid of Bush is Mugabe
    • Bank managers come under pressure
    • Death knell for tobacco
    • We are surviving by the grace of God
    • Land of plenty reduced to desert
    • Hoax and fantasy - from land to bank notes
    • Purpose of Bush's visit deliberately distorted
    • Government has no shortage of scapegoats
  36. Batch 2 Posted 11/7/03
    • Zimbabwe says Blair after Mugabe's head
    • Powell adamant Mugabe must step down
    • Zimbabwe leaders are talking: NNP
    • Mugabe makes overtures to the opposition
    • Zimbabwe treason case postponed
    • Interest Rates On the Surge - Again
    • Ruling MPLA And Zimbabwean Zanu-PF Assess Cooperation
    • SA hunters arrested in Zimbabwe
    • Bush Backs Down on Zimbabwe
    • Thousands Tortured for Opposing Mugabe
  37. Batch 1 Posted 11/7/03
    • Tsvangirai welcomes US commitment to end crisis
    • Judges recuse themselves
    • Evicted commercial farmers say compensation too low
    • Mudzuri faces eviction
    • MDC supporters rally behind Bush in SA
    • US has a role to play in solving Zimbabwe crisis
    • Towards a total dictatorship
    • ZCTU warns more civil service job strikes loom
    • Mayor defies Mugabe's order to quit Harare
    • Mayor defies Mugabe's order to quit Harare
    • Union Buildings press conference
    • $160m Property Destroyed As Tanker Catches Fire
    • US Has Strategic Interests in Southern Africa, Analysts Say
    • Mbeki queries African commitment to end conflicts
    • Bush's visit will not change Botswana's policy on Zim
    • Annan: African Leaders Not Doing Enough to End 'Unspeakable Horrors'
    • Lack of formal appeal threatens food security
    • Bush slams Mugabe
    • Bush backed down, claims Zimbabwe
    • Reserve Bank Hikes Key Rate
  38. Batch 4 Posted 10/7/03
    • Bush, Mbeki 'share the same objective'
    • Bush backs S Africa's attempt to broker deal in Zimbabwe
    • Minister besieges ZBS
    • AU to suspend voting rights for defaulting member states
    • RBZ to take over parastatals?
    • Africa splits over Mugabe
    • Wholesaling companies solicit govt to import fuel
    • RBZ plans to inject extra $10bln into export sector
    • Govt orders Mudzuri out of mayoral mansion
    • Envoys a burden
    • Poll petitions must be speedily dealt with
    • Hunger saps resolve for popular revolt
    • ‘Govt should put in place stable pricing policy’
    • Bush putting up a façade
    • Hyperinflation and the cash crisis in Zimbabwe
  39. Batch 3 Posted 10/7/03
    • Bush gives way to South Africa over call to topple 'evil' Mugabe regime
    • Mbeki steered AU from its infancy
    • Tsvangirai slams Mbeki for 'falsehood and mischief'
    • US leader's visit raises storm of protest
    • 'Patriotism' a poor substitute for objective journalism
    • Tsvangirai shot himself in the foot - analyst
    • Bush Urges Sa To Act Over Zimbabwe
    • Congressional Black Caucus on the "The State of Africa"
    • Leaders to seek accord on intervention force
  40. Batch 2 Posted 10/7/03
    • Morgan Tsvangirai 'The Zimbabwe Crisis: The Correct Position'
    • Seeking help with a crisis, Zimbabweans go to Pretoria
    • Wake up, Mugabe!
    • Famine stares 5m Zimbabweans in the face
    • Bush unites with Mbeki on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe a stumbling block between EU and AU
    • Zimbabweans, human rights groups accuse police of beatings, torture
    • MDC says Mbeki misinformed Bush on Zimbabwe
    • Fuel Body Battles for Funding
    • Zimbabwe row mars Bush's tour
    • MDC asks Bush to 'save Zimbabwe'
    • Anti-Mbeki demo foiled
    • Judge attacks police
    • SA has made two serious errors in its first decade
    • Farmers withhold tobacco
    • Government evicts 25 farmers
  41. Posted 10/7/03
    • MDC welcomes Bush and Mbeki’s commitment to the Zimbabwean crisis.
    • Are we now putting soccer ahead of the starving millions?
    • Voters’ roll inspectors still unpaid by Registrar-General’s Office
    • Church sends envoys to Mbeki, Bush
    • ZCTU seeks dismissal of stayaway lawsuits
    • Mugabe presents test case for African Union
    • JAG Counselling Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 109
    • EU Says Ready to Fund African Peacekeeping Force
    • Africa not for sale - Zanu-PF
  42. Batch 2 Posted 9/7/03
    • A Cry from Zimbabwe
    • Bush to Talk Zimbabwe and Business in South Africa
    • Farms: Payment 'unsatisfactory'
    • White farmers 'lawless': report
    • Zim farmers: Evictions continuing
    • Mbeki surprised at Powell's criticism
    • In Africa, It Pays To Think Small
    • President Bush Speaks at Goree Island in Senegal
  43. Posted 9/7/03
    • Zvobgo blasts ‘new’ ZANU PF
    • Mugabe determined
    • Bush must tell Mbeki to act decisively on Zimbabwe
    • Fuel crisis set to worsen
    • Zimbabwe’s domestic debt leaps to $446 bn
    • Policy delay could further knock economy
    • Civic organisations should be vanguard in fight for freedom
    • What is my rate of inflation?
    • AU silence on Zimbabwe hypocritical: DA
    • Confronting Neoliberalism
    • Harare opposition mayor detained again
    • Zim law to stop Mugabe snubs
    • Lack of funds hampers urban feeding scheme
    • Backlog at Zim crematorium
    • Cops break up MDC demonstration
    • Press Freedom Petition to Go to AU Leaders
    • Zim still experiencing acute cash shortage
    • Open Letter To President Bush To Get More Involved In Zimbabwe
    • Bringing regime change to Africa
    • African press mulls Bush visit
    • The tough women who stand behind Bush, Mbeki
  44. Posted 8/7/03
    • MDC PRESS: This Week Provides A Window of Opportunity for Africa's Progressive Leaders
    • Mugabe’s tirade masks fear of US
    • Zimbabwe police briefly detain Harare mayor
    • Africans Press U.S. on Liberia, Side-Step Zimbabwe
    • ‘$60 billion needed monthly to maintain cash availability’
    • Ostrich output halved
    • Following familiar footsteps
    • Mbeki absent from key SADC summit on Aids
    • African countries called upon to individually get involved
    • Bush's Africa Trip May Address Conflict, AIDS, Growth
    • Interview of the US President by SABC
    • AU Mbeki's 'baby'
    • Tsvangirai: Hearing postponed
    • MDC PRESS: Harare Mayor Elias Mudzuri arrested.
    • JAG P.R. Communique
    • The kubatana newsletter - keeping you informed - 7 July , 2003
  45. Batch 2 Posted 7/7/03
    • Mugabe says Bush, Blair should stand trial
    • Elias Mudzuri: 'We thought Mugabe would deliver. But things just get worse'
    • Zimbabwe Reiterates Reconstruction Aid Offer to Angola
    • Children Murdered to Rescue Failed Businesses
    • Criticism of Mugabe divides U.S. blacks
    • Government Continues to Blow Reserve Bank Funds
    • SA public rush to help Zim animal lover
    • Bulawayo faces severe food crisis
    • Bread shoots to $1 000 a loaf
    • Government to take over building of Tokwe-Mukosi dam
    • Travellers stranded as fuel blues continue
    • DRC doctors refuse to take up residences
    • Parties resolve to oppose polls under Constitution
    • Wheat shortages set to continue, say experts
    • Zimbabwe being mortgaged to foreigners
    • No time to waste on food crisis
  46. Posted 7/7/03
    • Bush visit has SA on the hop
    • African chaos risks aid
    • Zimbabwe desperate to solve oil crisis
    • Zimbabwe chances hang by a thread
    • MDC to meet Bush over Mugabe
    • Harare water works, sewage system obsolete
    • State warned over fueling inflation
    • Gogo Masotsha Ndlovu: a forgotten heroine
    • Beef exports to Malaysia under threat
    • Beleagured New Ziana hits fresh snags
    • Beta defies Mugabe over Mutare mayoral candidature
    • New farmers' dream turns into nightmare
    • Syfrets issues bills for fuel procurement
    • Black empowerment bodies are full of crooks
    • Comment - Bush visit: What's in it for Zimbabwe?
    • US has no right to dictate
    • Tanganda loses 200 tonnes as war veterans evict farmers
    • State blames exporters for defaulting on IMF debt
    • Zanu PF and MDC talks won't solve Zimbabwe's problems
    • In Africa, Bush to Focus on Threats and Opportunities
    • Getting down to business with Bush
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 108
    • MDC Weekly Brief
  47. Posted 6/7/03
    • Zimbabwe Raises Mugabe, Cabinet Salaries
    • Bush billions designed to buy stability
    • ‘I’m ready for presidency’
    • Criticism of a hero divides blacks
    • Mugabe warns Bush to stay out of Zimbabwe's affairs
    • Bush pressures Mbeki on Zim
    • Zimbabwe court orders date for vote challenge
    • Mugabe close to running out of gas
    • Seven SA citizens arrested in Zim released
    • State withdraws attempted murder charge against farmer
    • Police reserve decision to ban NCA’s all-party convention
    • Tsvangirai vows to keep up pressure on Mugabe
    • Civil society needs to challenge party talks
    • Doctors resume strike action
    • Divisions rock ZANU PF over candidate
    • Zvishavane proposes massive tariff hike to meet local polls bill
    • Majority struggle as poverty rises
    • Hunt for Chipangano fugitives
    • Quiet Diplomacy
  48. Posted 5/7/03
    • Land reform omits farm workers
    • Wheat shortages to continue
    • Mugabe victory faces challenge
    • MDC wins election petition
    • Bush calls for fresh elections in Zimbabwe
    • Different styles may mean a tough week for Mbeki
    • Zimbabwe govt funds bank to finance farming
    • Zimbabwe farmers withhold tobacco from market
    • Don't panic...
  49. Batch 3 Posted 4/7/03
    • Ministers muscle in on Natfoods/innscor
    • Mugabe hiding behind Posa
    • Tsvangirai pushes Mbeki on talks
    • Telecoms firms await benefits
    • EU/US mull aid reduction
    • Govt/MDC head for clash at AU summit
    • Govt backtracks on killings/torture probe
    • ZBC faces lawsuit over car drama story
    • CIO in clumsy attempt to smear MDC
    • Mugabe evades diplomatic showdown
    • Eviction notice death knell for horse-racing
    • Tax boss says property purchase above board
    • Local firms fume over tenders
    • Early campaign irresponsible — analysts
    • Protests: Yes, destruction and death: No!
    • The root of misrule in Zimbabwe
    • Govt continues to blow RBZ funds
    • Ours was victory of a different kind
    • Is destroying the country the only way to power?
    • What will it take?
    • A madman wielding a hammer
    • Zimbabwe needs a new type of president
  50. Batch 2 Posted 4/7/03
    • Exiled officer tells how Mugabe's thugs took over police force
    • NCA to defy police over Mugabe rally
    • ZUPCO sues ANZ
    • Ipi Tombi makes short shrift of rivals
    • ZANU PF has stripped people of their dignity
    • Is Mbeki buying time for Mugabe’s embattled regime?
    • Food crisis looms in Binga
    • Judgment reserved in Tsvangirai’s presidential poll petition
    • AU faces a stern test
    • Don't be cowed by Bush's visit, says Mugabe
  51. Posted 4/7/03
    • Indigenisation Crusade Targets White-Run Firms
    • Zimbabwe Crisis Affects AU, Europa, US Relationship
    • Zimbabwe's special song
    • Now Harare runs short of water
    • Zimbabwe opposition seeks date for poll challenge
    • Bush heads for tense talks over Zimbabwe crisis
    • Bush trip could end rift over Zimbabwe'
    • Zimbabwe opposition to lobby U.S., African leaders
    • Inaction on Zimbabwe threatens AU, says Idasa
    • Thousands Stranded As Operators Fail to Access Fuel Coupons
    • Transcript of Remarks by the US President
    • Substitute daughter...for those with family in Zim
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 107
    • Zimbabwe Nepad's acid test, says judge
  52. Batch 3 Posted 3/7/03
    • Gaddafi's vision for Africa needs scrutiny
    • Bush visit said to be 'tough' for Mbeki
    • Government downplays US 'military sanctions'
    • Bush plans to steer clear of African hotspots
    • Bush, Mbeki clash looms
    • Three former judges join UK immigration
    • Commuter omnibus operators hike fares
    • Zimbabweans reeling from fuel shortages bite
    • Zimbabwe gobbles up R75 m facility
    • US taking out carrot and stick once again
    • AU must make a stand
    • Bakare criticises fellow clergy for silence
    • Blacked out!
    • Governments that do not tolerate the opposition are not democratic
    • Mbeki assures Carribean leaders of African progress
    • Zim not on AU summit agenda
  53. Batch 2 Posted 3/7/03
    • ZIM food prices 1998-2003
    • Here they die to collect garbage
    • No pay for diplomats
    • Rot in Chegutu council exposed
    • Lack of cohesion dogs govt economic policies
    • Government mum on food requirements
    • Massive 300% hike in fertiliser price sought
    • 43 starve to death
    • Top SA lawyer files Tsvangirai’s papers on Mugabe’s
    • Diffident power lover
    • Traditional chiefs or Zanu PF agents?
    • International financiers tighten screws on Zim
    • War-torn Cabinet must quit
    • Economic Viewpoint
    • . . . and now to the notebook
    • Cash Injection Inflationary
    • White House Briefing Transcript
  54. Posted 3/7/03
    • Mugabe must 'exit politics'
    • MDC to ask global leaders to pressurise Mugabe
    • Analysis: Bush heads to troubled Africa
    • Oil firms fail to import fuel
    • MDC welcomes all initiatives
    • State busts budget by $657 billion
    • Mugabe leaves Libya empty handed
    • Patients' lives endangered as oxygen runs out
    • 2004 tobacco crop under serious threat: experts
    • Pardoned criminals terrorise Masvingo
    • New political party launched in Bulawayo
    • Rights lawyers petition Mohadi over abuse
    • It's pointless to advise Mugabe, says Botswana
    • Zanu PF switches Mugabe rally out of Masvingo
    • Army shooting victim relives ordeal
    • Zimbabwe exports plunge
    • Government challenged over mounting economic problems
    • What can Asian economies offer us?
    • Zany, Zanier and Zaniest overthetop
    • No end to Zimbabwe's madness
    • JAG Compensation/Restitution Communique
  55. Batch 2 Posted 2/7/03
    • JAG Security Update July 1, 2003
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 106
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • MDC in diplomatic offensive over Mugabe
    • Threats against Bennet continue
    • Resettled farmers selling fuel allocations
    • Confrontation over pastures looms in Marula
    • Mbeki says he won't intervene in Zimbabwe
  56. Posted 2/7/03
    • Riot police storm bank
    • Don't try to beat them at their own game
    • Political will, not military intervention, is the way
    • Future generations have nowhere to turn for land
    • Comment
    • EU inspection team visits Zimbabwe
    • Former judge set free
    • State seeks to stem exodus of magistrates
    • Zimbabweans in daily grind to survive hardships
    • Economy set to shrink by 10%
    • MDC leader dreams of freedom
    • US slams 'racist' Zimbabwe
    • 2 Zimbabwe Journalists Arrested on Charges of Insulting President Mugabe
    • Judge's freedom welcomed
    • Mugabe will be priority
    • NNP warns on land reform
  57. Batch 2 Posted 1/7/03
    • Focus on urban households and the economic crisis
    • Special Report on rising poverty
    • ZIMBABWE: A nurse's tale
    • New measles campaign to net more children
    • Reflection
    • Zim 'racial slurs' irk US
    • 13 NCA members further remanded
    • Colin Powell speaks
    • Great Limpopo Park to Be Marketed at AU Summit: Zimbabwean Official
    • African advances
  58. Posted 1/7/03
    • Colin Powell: Mugabe's own must aid revolt
    • SA challenges Bush on Zim
    • Bush looks at Africa
    • The United Nations is a Menace
    • African scenarios highlight SA's leadership role
    • MDC 'not obsessed with Mugabe'
    • Pretoria must engage the MDC in transition
    • Reserve Bank Acts On Cash Crisis
    • Focus On Effects of Fuel Shortages On Daily Lives
    • Zimbabwe drops charges against white former judge
    • Libya Expected to Resume Fuel Supplies Soon
    • Govern with Mugabe? No way, says Tsvangirai
    • 150 injured by state security agents, says report
    • Between the devil and the sea
    • MDC-ZANU PF dialogue must begin in earnest
    • Mamoepa and Moyo a pair of hypocrites
    • Zimbabweans should never give up hope for the country
    • Bulawayo banks run out of cash
    • SARB grants Zimbabwe R68.m overdraft
    • Bush delivers unprecedented snub to Mandela in Africa visit

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