The ZIMBABWE Situation

June 2003 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/6/03
    • Police sent white farmer to his death
    • MDC still willing to talk to Mugabe
    • Mugabe makes it difficult for Zim to pray
    • South Africa: Official hopes to reach "common understanding" with US on Zimbabwe
    • Egyptian, Zimbabwean presidents discuss peace process, African issues
    • Lecturing Africa: How quickly the West forgets
  2. Posted 29/6/03
    • On the verge of giving up
    • Zimbabwe's brutal police tactics
    • Mugabe risks humiliation to restore Libya fuel deal
    • SA betting on French counter to US power
    • Zim police try to search opposition offices
    • MP gets post in Zimbabwe action group
    • More to Zimbabwe than meets the eye
    • MDC delegation plans to hijack US president's visit
    • Kubla Khans of the 21st century
  3. Batch 2 Posted 28/6/03
    • 77 DRC medical specialists arrive
    • Threat of death for Harare animal lifesaver
    • Into Africa
    • Zimbabwean Urges U.S. to Act Cautiously Against Mugabe
    • Starvation in Africa: The Real Issues
    • Rich elite prosper in Zimbabwe's economic crisis
  4. Posted 28/6/03
    • JAG PR Communique
    • Haunting Hymns
    • Zimbabwean crisis near to solution: Mozambican president
    • Zimbabwe land reform good, but flawed-S.Africa MPs
    • Zimbabwean police arrest newspaper editor
    • Zimbabwe Formally Asks UN for Food Aid
    • Zimbabwean striking doctors ordered to go back to work
    • Bid to search MDC offices
    • De Villepin urges 'strong message' to Zimbabwe
    • Fuel: No permit for tourists
    • Zimbabwe needs ''roadmap to peace''-oppo leader
    • Going back to his roots
    • Zim army captain seeks asylum in Botswana
    • Zimbabwe's opposition rules out power-sharing deal with Zanu-PF
    • Mugabe ends Libya oil talks Version #1
    • Mugabe ends Libya oil talks Version #2
  5. Batch 3 Posted 27/6/03
    • International Herald Tribune - letters
    • Mugabe gives nation's oil assets to Libya to secure fuel
    • Zimbabwean exporters urged to develop southern African market
    • Transcript of Bush Remarks
    • Bush Calls Torture "an Affront to Human Dignity Everywhere"
    • Zimbabwe hits back at 'liar' Powell
    • By helping Zim we help ourselves
    • Africa gets French connection for Zimbabwe's crises
    • Never-ending story
  6. Batch 2 Posted 27/6/03
    • Govt turns to France for fuel
    • New Ziana to take over two ZBC radio stations
    • Election campaign will hurt economic recovery - analysts
    • Govt blocks Geneva-based parliamentary union tour
    • Kunonga stirs fresh controversy
    • Tobacco merchants clinch fuel deal
    • MDC botched 'final push' - civic groups
    • New farmers cripple rural council operations
    • Bennett sues Mugabe for incitement
    • Dispossessed farmers to export maize to Zim
    • Daily News editor charged under Posa
    • Land reform hits dairy/beef exports
    • Govt muddles through economic policy vacuum
    • Bare flagpoles
    • Africa needs help - from blacks and whites
    • Mugabe’s battered ego not the priority
    • Seeing ourselves as others see us
    • Don’t confuse the comrades
    • Pay up immediately, Zesa told
  7. Posted 27/6/03
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #35 - Mixed signals
    • max max and the queen
    • JAG Security Update June 26, 2003
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 105
    • GM maize by-products dumped
    • Zimbabwe musician tells of torture
    • Zimbabwe brands America's Powell a sellout
    • State closes case in Zimbabwe treason trial
    • Zimbabwe opposition pins hopes on Bush Africa visit
    • Statement by the President of the USA
    • Report shows Sadc abusing human rights
    • Zimbabwe opposition lawyers seek treason discharge
  8. Batch 3 Posted 26/6/03
    • South Africa Faces Test as Zimbabwe Deteriorates
    • Government sidesteps Powell's Mugabe challenge
    • Zimbabwe heads toward famine crisis
    • How the West fails Africa
    • Mugabe foes seek help of neighbor states
    • Mugabe leans heavily on rural strongholds to hang on to power
    • No objections to unity government: ZANU PF
    • State silence on food aid quantities cripples plans
    • Ben-Menashe’s tape inaudible, valueless – state transcriber
    • Ball in your court
    • A nation of cowards
    • Plan is to confiscate all the fuel
    • The longer the crisis continues, the more the damage
  9. Batch 2 Posted 26/6/03
    • Mugabe heads to Libya for fuel talks
    • Government Introduces Fuel Coupons
    • Mugabe in reckless mood may risk a new rigged election
    • Everything's in short supply but hope
    • SA spurns Powell's plea to do more to end Zim crisis
    • Powell attack on 'tyranny' of Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe witness says Tsvangirai tape not doctored
    • Zimbabwe heads toward second famine crisis
    • Evidence in Zimbabwe treason trial 'inaudible'
    • Combined Church Service
    • Robert Mugabe's 'ruthless regime'
    • Tourist: Zim slams SA media
    • JAG PR Communique
    • Delays in Finalising Farm Acquisitions
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 104
    • China donates computers, accessories to Parliament
  10. Posted 26/6/03
    • COSATU lobby Mugabe ouster
    • IMF injects US$135 mln for regional tourism
    • Natfoods destroys GMO maize
    • Sharp interest rate cut on the cards
    • Beleaguered workers allege corruption at commission
    • Blackie’s lawyer registered
    • Mugabe seen staying put until 2005
    • Rough ride awaits Mugabe’s successor
    • And now to the Notebook . . .
    • Most new farmers won’t benefit from Arab bank project
    • Woes dog tobacco industry
    • Mugabe needs to be persuaded
  11. Batch 2 Posted 25/6/03
    • Cross finally sentenced
    • Sad return for victim of 'senseless' killing
    • Zim cops nab three over SA tourist's death
    • Zimbabwe tops Bush's agenda
    • ZANU PF lures Tekere
    • Doctors' strike gathers momentum
    • Shiri's testimony contradicts Ben-Menashe
    • Editor charged under POSA
    • Faulty billing deprives ZESA of millions
    • Human rights activist quizzed over prayers
    • Nkala case: judge to rule on new witnesses
    • School head shot dead
    • State security agents tailing me : Tsvangirai
    • The height of madness
    • Pursuit of the truth will bring happiness
  12. Posted 25/6/03
    • Reports of torture, assault continue
    • Zimbabwe air force head says MDC offered him bribe
    • Carrying Fuel in Containers Banned
    • Reserve Bank Fails to Inject New Notes
    • Cox blasts governments on Zimbabwe inaction
    • Powell wants pressure on Mugabe
    • We must speak out on Mugabe
    • Agribank Gets $4.1 Bn to Finance Food Projects
    • Land Experts Point to a Lack of Progress in Land Reform
    • SA man's death: Suspects held
    • Grain Marketing board Seizes 350 Tonnes of Maize
    • Motorist Alert
    • House robberies
    • Snap election?
    • Fraud suspect pulls disappearing act
    • Zim's Moyo 'almost drowned'
  13. Batch 3 Posted 24/6/03
    • Bid to postpone elections
    • Doctors down tools over new salaries
    • MP seeks to stop police from disrupting meeting
    • Treason trial postponed
    • Bennet's farm under fresh threats of seizure
    • Cross' sentencing postponed
    • Diseases loom as Zvishavane runs out of water
    • Pretoria becomes chief stumbling block
    • Our children deserve the truth about their country
    • Ndlovu has case to answer: magistrate
  14. Batch 2 Posted 24/6/03
    • Freeing a Nation From a Tyrant's Grip
    • Africa Takes Spotlight in U.S. This Week
    • If 'Kill the Boer' isn't hate-speech, what is?
    • Farmers tell of terror in squatter mob siege at ranch
    • Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
  15. Posted 24/6/03
    • SA man shot dead while on holiday in Zimbabwe
    • Curse of Zimbabwe hits southern Africa
    • Analysts Believe Mugabe Will Call Early Elections
    • Zim farmers off to Zambia
    • Feature - Judicial system under strain
    • MDC appeals for help
    • Zanu PF, Frelimo in talks to consolidate relations
    • Opposition Supporters Flee Terror in Nkayi
    • EU Calls for Dialogue to Resolve Crisis
    • Foot-and-mouth outbreak hits Zimbabwe
  16. Batch 3 Posted 23/6/03
    • ZANU PF woos MDC
    • Judge grants postponement of Gwindi hearing
    • ZCTU blasts government
    • Brick-making firm loses property worth millions
    • Four die after drinking contaminated water
    • ZESA board sacked
    • The guilty are always afraid
    • If you need cheering up, try ZBC, The Herald
    • ESKOM to slap ZESA with a penalty for default
    • Conflicts, poverty low on AU agenda
    • Bruised MDC weighs new round of protests
    • Local supplies of grain to double, says UN report
    • Window on Africa - Perhaps the antidote for Afro-pessimism isn't Afro-optimism, but a shot of Afro-realism
  17. Batch 2 Posted 23/6/03
    • Why Mugabe won't quit: Chikerema
    • Tsvangirai defiant
    • Zimbabweans Abroad Hang On to Their Cash
    • Energy Experts Predict Total Power Blackout
    • No Way Out for Zimbabwe
    • Nerp Doomed As State Dithers On Targets
    • Why Mbeki wants the MDC to capitulate
    • There are so many little Mugabes among us
    • Brothers call Mugabe a hypocrite!
    • State targets civil society bodies
    • Commuter omnibus operators cash in on fuel shortages
    • Cellphones aid Bulawayo conmen
    • Arresting Tsvangirai, Mugabe's worst blunder
  18. Posted 23/6/03
    • It’s only because Zimbabwe is black that we don’t invade
    • Few Have But Most Have Not in Harare
    • Zimbabwe's problems are so deep Afro-optimism can't dent them in a year
    • The Speech That Caused All the Trouble
    • Harare vows to force firms to fire protesters
    • Is Mugabe trying to buy time?
    • Tsvangirai rejects Lekota's Zim talks claims
    • Zimbabwe may return land to SA farmers
    • War vets, white farmers stash away farm equipment
    • Media Monitoring Project - June 9th -June 15th 2003
    • "Rollover" - email from Zim
    • 'Mugabe is paranoid about UK coup plot'
    • Cracks are appearing
    • Who will hang the hangmen?
    • Men in leg-irons can't negotiate
    • Chaotic land reform backfiring
    • We won't stop now, vows MDC
    • No animal spared in Zimbabwe massacre
    • Mugabe threatened by debating pupils
  19. Posted 22/6/03
    • Boxes of dollars free Tsvangirai
    • Those hangings...
    • More pressure in store for Mugabe
    • High Court judge set to rule on state’s bid to call new witnesses
    • EU calls for dialogue to resolve Zimbabwe crisis
    • MDC supporters flee terror in Nkayi
    • Armed police storm schools’ debating contest
    • Only one doctor left for Bulawayo
    • Mugabe on P.W. Botha
    • Prison Guards Confiscate Film From Journalist
    • Short memories
  20. Posted 21/6/03
    • Zimbabwe opposition leader freed on bail from 'filthy' cell
    • 5.5 million people in Zimbabwe will need food aid - UN report
    • 'ILO's Zimbabwe mission too early'
    • Zimbabwe pitch protester in court
    • MDC President Released on $Zim 10 million Bail
    • JAG legal commmunique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 103
    • ZUPCO cheques bounce
    • MDC activists acquitted of public violence
    • Chasm between MDC and ZANU PF widens
    • Watchdog urges Mugabe to stop harassing journalists
    • Government to build more national youth service camps
    • Zimbabwe to run out of bread in a week
    • Political violence claims five lives by June: report
    • ZANU PF needs lessons in diplomatic tact
    • State to raise US$500 m for stake in Cahora Bassa
    • Let us not be deadened into inaction by Mugabe exit talk
    • Mat South will get special attention, says President
    • SADC Meeting to Discuss Regional Plan
    • A Struggle for Survival, as Man Engages Hungry Animals
  21. Batch 2 Posted 20/6/03
    • Cracks are appearing
    • Justice Hlatshwayo in new farm wrangle
    • Succession debate widens
    • Govt targets FCA holders in hunt for elusive forex
    • Stumbles blasts Kunonga
    • Zim's bread shortages to worsen next year
    • Mugabe misinformed on agribonds - Mawere
    • Zim's railway system crumbling
    • Millers allege corruption in maize allocation
    • Mugabe US ally Fauntroy a felon
    • Zim's marketing strategy 'too shallow'
    • Half region's food deficit in Zim
    • Cabinet reshuffle expected soon
    • No plans to amend Posa - Chinamasa
    • Zesa arrears climb to US$110m
    • Lawyers deplore court delays
    • Misa ordered to register under Aippa
    • Dialogue will meet many hurdles
    • ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged’
    • Corruption consuming fabric of economy
    • Predators jump onto Chinamasa’s turf
    • Murerwa 'not concerned' by mounting losses
    • No beef exports to Europe says EU chief
    • Banks increase rates again
    • What they said about Zim ...
    • IMF finally grants Mugabe's wish
    • A hanging matter
    • Let's use freedom of worship while it lasts
    • Mbeki slams Leon for racism charge
  22. Posted 20/6/03
    • Zimbabwe lawyers concerned at delay in Tsvangirai's bail hearing
    • Now Mugabe takes revenge on transport companies
    • Tsvangirai called off Zim talks - Lekota
    • Zim: 90% drop in production
    • Mugabe wants to anoint successor
    • Journo charges Zim ambassador
    • Director-General Defends Ben-Menashe
    • Country to Host Conference On Tourism
    • Real Interest Rates, Correction of the Yield Curve: Solutions to Cash Crisis
    • Good Harvest Prompts Zambia to Dismantle Relief Centres
    • CHRA Statement
  23. Batch 3 Posted 19/6/03
    • I'm not going anywhere, says defiant Mugabe
    • Opposition party fears for jailed leader's life
    • Andrew Meldrum on air
    • New deal for Ben-Menashe
    • Harare hikes rates up to 600 percent
    • State to tighten pension laws
    • Detective says accused admitted murdering Nkala
    • Armed police disperse striking ZESA workers
    • Ndlovu hearing deferred
    • MDC officials go into hiding
    • Tsvangirai files urgent petition
    • Justice delayed is justice denied
    • Zimbabwe needs new breed of politicians
    • Private sector talks state out of Libya oil deal
    • Look into plight of security guards
    • Crisis strips women of their motherhood
    • All-encompassing national convention needed
  24. Batch 2 Posted 19/6/03
    • $41bln for water project
    • Govt in U-turn over licence withdrawals
    • OMA bank's $15 mln still missing
    • ZNCC faces eviction
    • ABC joins corporate exodus to SA
    • ZANU PF-MDC dialogue only way out
    • Consortium swoops on Interfresh
    • Black tycoons take ZSE by storm
    • Hold your horses
    • Wake up Ndoro!
    • ZANU PF cancer destroying society
    • And now to the Notebook
    • Towards a bloody 2005 election?
    • Inflation continues to feed ZSE bubble
    • Tsvangirai down but not out
    • Let’s wake up to economic realities
    • Mugabe 'considering retirement'
    • Zimbabwean company exports 22,000 cartons of fruit to UK
  25. Posted 19/6/03
    • Sok Press Release #17
    • Bishop of Southwark calls for prayer and solidarity
    • "Defiance vs Repression" Report now available
    • The Mad, Crazy, Delightful things Zimbabweans Do!
    • MDC PRESS: Jonathan Moyo hallucinates too much.
    • JAG Assistance Communique
    • JAG Health and Medical Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum
    • Mugabe government in new contract with treason witness
    • Zimbabwe lets private oil imports ease shortage
    • Release 'Harare Three', NNP urges
    • Zimbabweans stash money in foreign accounts
    • Treasury Loses $5 Billion
    • Zimbabwe's Innscor group enters Tunisian food market
    • Zim high commissioner 'assaults Botswana reporter'
    • State to dualise all major roads
    • Mbeki makes all issues racial, claims Leon
    • 'Tsvangirai Launched Diplomatic Offensive to Tarnish Zim'
    • JAG Job Opportunities
  26. Batch 2 Posted 18/6/03
    • US demands Tsvangirai’s release
    • MDC youths, NCA set to lead demos for Tsvangirai’s release
    • Ben-Menashe paid to expose Tsvangirai: CIO boss
    • Blackie’s lawyer expected next week
    • Missing ZNA officer detained in Botswana
    • Murerwa in U-turn over privatisation
    • Andrew Ndlovu in court
    • ZANU PF youths raid Bennet’s farm again
    • Green Bombers beat up evicted Kamativi residents
    • Skewed priorities
    • Rambai Makashinga – a jingle of hope
    • Murerwa makes assurances on debt
    • Land-grab timed to intimidate opponents
    • Defining the new millennium African sell-out
    • Horses in Zimbabwe need aid'
    • Tsvangirai's treason trial resumes
    • What Zim needs is a new constitution
    • TV3's reputation has been battered
    • Zimbabwe: AU, UN have failed
  27. Posted 18/6/03
    • Issues not black and white for Gray
    • Campaign questions Zimbabwe hangings
    • Cuddly human rights violator
    • Zim train up in flames
    • Tobacco prices surge at Zimbabwe auction
    • JAG Security Update June 17, 2003
    • JAG PR Communique
    • Zimbabwe's annual inflation rises to 300%
    • Threat to block entrance of goods
    • Zimbabwe opposition chief back on trial for treason
    • Wankie Colliery Rescued By Foreign Loan
    • Concern over government's strike ban
    • New fuel deal for firms
    • President’s legitimacy not negotiable: Moyo
  28. Batch 2 Posted 17/6/03
    • Zimbabwe judge broke into white homestead
    • Mugabe Panel Hears Complaints Over Farm Seizures
    • New national youth training centre established
    • ‘Involve House in selection of judges’
    • Hangings a bid to sow fear, MDC claims
    • Mbeki fuels new hope of early exit for Mugabe
    • Mugabe backs Mnangagwa
    • Farm leased by Roy Bennet invaded
    • ZANU PF activists bar workers from premises
    • MPs sue government for $9 million over detention
    • Winter maize project still to take off ground
    • Exodus hits Harare court
    • Correct mistakes now
    • Zimbabwe is now a political orphanage
    • No improvement in cash supply despite promises
    • Chronicle article on Pius Ncube fabricated
    • Why the ‘final push’ was not a failure
  29. Posted 17/6/03
    • Remarks of Sen. Lamar Alexander on Zimbabwe
    • JAG Security Update June 16, 2003
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 101
    • Zimbabwe's last white judge 'retires'
    • Mugabe hangs four to 'intimidate Tsvangirai'
    • Even Zimbabwe's dead need fuel
    • UK denies backing opposition
    • Plans to Withdraw $500 Note Welcome
    • MDC - Move to Ban Strikes in Public Sector Is A Clear Sign Of Weakness
    • ZBC - WEF report on economic situation in Zimbabwe dismissed
    • JAG PR Communique dated 16 June 2003
    • JAG Training Opportunities Communique
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • State Will Crush Any Moves to Usurp Power, Says President
    • Tsvangirai creates a poser for his party
  30. Batch 2 Posted 16/6/03
    • More Land Grabbing
    • Pull the Plug on Mr. Mugabe
    • Minister admits land policy gave her a farm
    • Zimbabwe voted among the worst
    • History will certainly judge them harshly
    • Report chronicles how villagers survived food crisis
    • Anglican flock stages demo against Kunonga
    • Deputy Sheriffs’ association to discipline wayward members
    • Government should disband youth militias, says US group
    • Zimbabwean exiles petition Mbeki over Tsvangirai’s imprisonment
    • Zimbabwe: a basket case
    • Zimbabwe breeding generation of traumatised children
    • Leaders need to repent to lead the nation well
    • Mugabe must make way for fresh ideas
  31. Posted 16/6/03
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #34 - Looking Forward
    • Government bans strikes
    • Susan Tsvangirai prays for detained husband
    • MDC fails to show massive support for Tsvangirai
    • Exporters clamour for Zim-dollar devaluation
    • Corruption dogs Zimbabweans
    • Land abuse shocks environmentalist
    • Sunday Mail political editor gets armed security
    • Mugabe and cronies: Bulls in a china shop
    • Zimbabwe's foreign currency situation worsening
    • Mobile phone technology foxes Zanu PF
    • Sundaytalk with Pius Wakatama
    • Not singing about the people's revolution
    • Humility, Mr President, not paranoia
    • Dad's ghost haunts the land until Mugabe pays
    • Zimbabwe bans public sector strikes
    • Tsvangirai's detention: Catch-22 for MDC
  32. Batch 2 Posted 15/6/03
    • Mugabe 'cannot pay his security forces'
    • Where coming home with a battered loaf makes it a day of triumph
    • Wads of cash outlawed in Zimbabwe
    • Reality dawns: It's Nepad or nothing
    • Tsvangirai shackled in 'horrendous' prison
    • Sense of despair haunts the African Renaissance
    • Could Africa finally save itself?
    • Pope Criticises Zimbabwe's Land Reform Programme
    • SA seeks Tsvangirai's release
    • Powell slams Tsvangirai's detention
    • Mugabe vows to crush demonstrations
    • Mangwengwende says he's not on suspension
    • Police officer accused of evading questions in Nkala murder case
    • Ruling on Tsvangirai's bail bid postponed to next week
    • Undertakers to appeal to government for fuel
    • British envoy denies hand in MDC protests
    • Maize, wheat harvests decline this year: CFU
    • ZBC's envisaged 100 percent local content will kill us
  33. Posted 15/6/03
    • Nat Hentoff - U.S. Black Leaders Confront Mugabe
    • Our man in Zimbabwe shrugs off Mugabe slur
    • The Panorama Program on BBC - details
    • Despite rich harvests, Africans face famine
    • Tsvangirai bail bid postponed again
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Mugabe putting millions in aid at risk
    • Mugabe says rival Tsvangirai deserves jail
    • 'We can run Zimbabwe without the whites'
    • Mugabe Threatens Zimbabwe Opposition
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No 100
  34. Posted 14/6/03
    • ABC Broadcasting 'Hounded Out"
    • Panorama programme in UK
    • Mugabe foe Tsvangirai back in jail
    • High and dry Zimbabwe sells oil pipeline
    • Marondera Country Club
    • Predators of Press Freedom
    • Fear stalks Zimbabwe's streets
    • UK denies backing MDC
    • Stop trying to humiliate opposition leaders
    • France Appeals for Help in Resolving African Conflicts
    • Mbeki sticks his neck out on African peace prospects
    • State will crush any moves to usurp power, says President
    • Mnangagwa opens up
  35. Batch 3 Posted 13/6/03
    • Mugabe threatens UK ambassador
    • Hunting is Bringing in Big Bucks for Limpopo
    • Editor charged under Public Order and Security Act
    • Feature on survival tactics during food crisis
    • Lawyers of Zimbabwe's Opposition Leader Demand His Release
    • Mbeki Gets It Right, And Wrong Too
    • HIV/AIDS is "As Much a Crisis as Iraq" Says Powell
    • JAG PR Communique
    • JAG Open Letters Forum Nos. 98/99
    • JAG Classifieds
  36. Batch 2 Posted 13/6/03
    • MDC: Remain Calm In The Face Of Open Provocation.
    • At the receiving end of Mugabe's punch
    • Terrorised in Zimbabwe... mugged on the streets of Blackburn
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai resumes battle to be freed
    • Tough media bills passed
    • Namibian Government Must Help Zimbabwe
    • 'Quiet diplomacy' failing - Law Society
    • Mugabe means business
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Satisfied with Strike Results
  37. Posted 13/6/03
    • Zanu PF youths detained in Kenya
    • Bout connection
    • Zanu PF/MDC in church-led talks
    • Illegal fuel dealers prey on desperate motorists
    • Deported Libyan 'spy' expected back in Zim
    • Zanu PF divided over Chigovera successor
    • Zimbabwe to top world inflation index
    • Airzim in costly airport crash
    • Court still to rule on Aippa challenge
    • Compensation demand delays burial
    • Unknown firms, unknown fate
    • Mugabe runs riot to stay in power
    • Economic fallout is Mugabe’s nemesis
    • Lies and threats accelerate economic collapse
    • Mugabe’s feet of clay showing cracks
    • Zimbabwe's economy implodes
    • Taking Stock - No better time to invest than now
    • Signs of fear are evident
    • Bull elephant, king
    • WHO wants to be seen or photographed at Heroes Acre?
    • The real rate of inflation
  38. Batch 3 Posted 12/6/03
    • Expelled journalist's wife forced to flee Zimbabwe
    • Civil and Political Rights in Zimbabwe
    • Defence lashes out at shoddy treatment of Tsvangirai
    • Email from Zim
    • Architects of Nepad notable by absence
    • Tsvangirai awaits ruling on bail application
    • ANC pats Bob's back
    • SA does an about-turn on invite to Zimbabwe minister
    • Africa's uphill battle
  39. Batch 2 Posted 12/6/03
    • Hwange, Kariba for sale
    • S African tycoon Mzi Khumalo upsets govt
    • Tourism Ministry side-steps tender
    • 200 litres fuel fetch half-a-mln
    • Digging deeper into the public purse
    • Resilient ideas that remain silent
    • Embrace the devil
    • Is it now official Zanu PF policy?
    • There isn’t any ‘bubble to burst’
    • Fast-tracking home grown economy
    • Zim faces 100 metric tonnes cereal deficit
    • Ethiopian Special Buffet something to die for
    • GMB food procurement in limbo
    • Output in timber industry declines by 10pc
    • The MDC blundered, period!
    • Dollarisation in Zim: official or unofficial?
    • Govt must restructure domestic debt
    • Commonwealth snub to Mugabe
    • Cottco reaps gold, RBZ fails dismally
    • Fertiliser industry faces serious viability problems
  40. Posted 12/6/03
    • Zimbabwe oppo leader shackled in court
    • Cash Crisis Inconveniencing Thousands
    • Zimbabwe activist's week in hiding
    • 'Zim must sort itself out'
    • Impact of humanitarian crisis on children
    • World Economic Forum On Africa Opens
    • Judges to be used as witnesses in Judge Blackie trial
    • Zimbabweans flock to Moz for fuel
    • JAG PR Communique #1
    • JAG PR Communique #2
    • JAG Open Letters Forum Nos. 96/97
    • What Next After The Mass Stay Away?
    • A milestone?
    • Hunger strikers urge Mbeki to use his clout
    • I've moved...
  41. Batch 2 Posted 11/6/03
    • State Department Noon Briefing, June 10, 2003
    • Straw denies ignoring Zimbabwe crisis
    • How much will Zimbabweans tolerate?
    • Zimbabwean opposition leader in freedom bid
    • Spate of resignations hits Harare magistrates’ court
    • Police flouted procedure in Nkala murder suspect’s arrest: defence
    • Crackdown could lead to violent confrontation
    • State withdraws charges
    • 7 MDC councillors hand themselves over
    • Mobs destroy newspapers worth $1,6m
    • Wanted: A state built on respect for human dignity
    • NOCZIM needs $3,6 billion to settle debt
    • Zimbabwe one of three countries with bleakest prospects – survey
    • They are so right – fear can drive you bananas
    • South Africa To Crack Down On Zimbabwe's Representation At A Commonwealth Meeting
    • 'Mugabe spat in Mbeki's face'
    • Our development path must take national interest into account
  42. Posted 11/6/03
    • Biologist challenges farmers
    • More Mayhem from Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Ruins
    • DA - Supporting Zim
    • Judge rejects attempt to gag Tsvangirai
    • MDC activist killed by axe-wielding Zanu-Pf youth in Kadoma
    • JAG Open Letter Forum
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Ordered Held for a Month
    • Labour's "shameful betrayal" of Zimbabwe's people
    • Mugabe targets 'unpatriotic' firms
    • Africa's Quest for Democracy Under Threat
    • First Peer Review Planned Before Year-End
    • Media crackdown gets worse
    • U.N. should move to Paris and get into Chirac’s bed
    • Hoyte: Protect things of nature
    • Zimbabwe frees opposition official -lawyer
  43. Batch 3 Posted 10/6/03
    • Ncube arrested
    • Masvingo has no money for polls
    • Demand to see corpses before selling fuel condemned
    • Nkala murder suspect assaulted:defence
    • War vets, councillors clash over elections
    • ESC mum over alleged election irregularities
    • Could crackdown herald peace talks?
    • Massive fuel price hike looms
    • Can anyone support ZANU PF with a straight face?
    • People, not government, define national interests
    • Security forces, don’t be used against the people
  44. Batch 2 Posted 10/6/03
    • Zimbabwe police detain outspoken Archbishop before peace service
    • Commonwealth denies paying for Zimbabwean delegation
    • Fuel crisis, load shedding worry association
    • Bank notes crisis: Police intercept over $100m
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • JAG Open Letter Forum number 94
    • 'The government is digging its own grave'
    • Mugabe crackdown keeps main foe in jail
    • A farewell to arms
    • No surrender
    • Zimbabwean opposition leaders due in court
    • Turning Africa Around
  45. Posted 10/6/03
    • MDC secretary general arrested by Zimbabwean police
    • Zimbabwe judge rejects bid to muzzle oppo leader
    • US slams Zim intimidation
    • Zimbabwe crisis deepening
    • Mugabe under fire for treason charge against main rival
    • I'm fit for a fight, says defiant Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean Minister flouts Commonwealth's suspension
    • 'PW' Mugabe's total onslaught
    • Zim human rights sliding
    • Zim minister slams DA road map
    • Concern over Manicaland grain reserves
    • Dark times ahead for Zimbabwe
    • Govt Reacts Angrily Over Neighbouring Critics
    • Professor Moyo reaffirmes government's position on MDC's failed march
  46. Batch 3 Posted 9/6/03
    • Mugabe plays down opposition protests
    • Mugabe cracks whip
    • Norton residents dig wells as water shortages bite
    • Beta challenges Gwaradzimba’s nomination
    • ZRP now an enemy of the people
    • ZANU PF gangs descend on Dzivaresekwa
    • . . As militias terrorise Mbare, Chitungwiza
    • Police intervene as fuel dispute rocks taxi firm
    • MDC threatens protests over Tsvangirai’s arrest
    • ZANU PF digging its own grave
    • When will State agents start disobeying illegal orders?
    • Zimbabwe’s risk profile worsens
    • No army will stop us when we have really had enough
    • Borrowed robes
    • Why the Witchcraft Suppression Act must be repealed
    • MDC morality questionable - The Herald
    • Fuel situation remains critical
  47. Batch 2 Posted 9/6/03
    • Military clampdown gobbles $2 billion
    • Military might keeps Mugabe at State House
    • New monetary measures dismissed
    • Tsvangirai notches a first as he faces second treason charge
    • CIO harass Pius Ncube
    • Rural councils body slams land reform
    • Chinos beaten up by Endy Mhlanga
    • Manyika allegedly leads campaign of retribution
    • Zanu PF youths celebrate
    • War veteran, police officer taste own medicine
    • Aids threatens to decimate labour in agriculture
    • Fighting among ourselves will not solve country's problems
    • New monetary measures dismissed
    • EMCOZ pleads with ZCTU to return to negotiations
    • Basic commodities reappear at high prices
    • Church should take a stand against evil
    • Zanu PF leaders behaving like battered wives
    • Morgan Tsvangirai: Can he lead Zimbabwe?
    • Confront the real issues Mr Mugabe
    • Of mass action and massacres
  48. Batch 1 Posted 9/6/03
    • Harassment of lawyers as civic action continues
    • Arrests and detentions during mass action
    • Can You Believe We Can STILL Laugh?
    • Mugabe says he's ready for a fight, won't retire
    • Zimbabwe will not attend Commonwealth summit
    • Zimbabwe opposition threatens protest over arrest
    • 'Mugabe wants to provoke a bloodbath'
    • Zimbabwe falling into total collapse
    • EU slams Zim government
    • Secret Zim talks in Jhb
  49. Batch 2 Posted 8/6/03
    • Mugabe buys time in grim endgame
    • Mugabe's iron fist betrays his flimsy grip
    • Mbeki's G8 report card: The good, the better and no Zimbabwe
    • This is just the start, says MDC
    • State militias block MDC's D-day protest
    • How long can Mugabe cling on by brute force alone?
    • Four corners
    • Secret talks?
    • Prayers for Peace
  50. Posted 8/6/03
    • Zimbabwe counts the cost after a week of strikes and savagery
    • Papers predict Zimbabwe endgame
    • Baptism of Fire
    • Govt should be doing more in Zimbabwe: Opp
    • Mugabe accuses Britain and US
    • Zimbabwe Oppo Treason Hearing Postponed to Monday
    • Zimbabwean president stresses national unity
    • Lawyers for Zimbabwe Opposition Leader to Contest Treason Charge
    • It's time for Mr Mugabe to go
    • Paper chase on Zimbabwe
  51. Batch 3 Posted 7/6/03
    • Lilfordia
    • Tsvangirai locked up
    • Be ruthless with NGOs, Chombo instructs rural district councils
    • Commonwealth still working on resolution to Zimbabwe's crisis
    • MDC's 'final push' questioned
    • ZANU PF youths, police thwart protesters
    • Arrests as Archbishop Ncube conducts service for Mafuyana
    • State seeking to raise US$1m weekly from exiles
    • Police arrest 800 in massive crackdown
    • Merchants of death stalk the land
    • Pub censorship killing little freedom still left
    • Crisis-hit Zimbabwe resorts to fire-fighting
    • Subduing people different from winning their hearts
    • Moyo, why did the people obey puppets' stayaway call?
    • Force members, compile secret reports of abusers
    • Stayaway leaves Harare's street kids starving
    • Why Jonathan Moyo is wrong about MISA
    • Downer condemns Zimbabwe's decision to crack down on protestors
    • Zimbabwe slips deeper into chaos as cracks in regime show
    • State Department Daily Press Briefing - extract
  52. Batch 2 Posted 7/6/03
    • IMF Suspends Zimbabwe's Voting and Related Rights
    • Tsvangirai poses threat to Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai to remain in custody
    • Repression on the streets, but for how long can Mugabe stave off a revolt?
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #33
    • Mugabe worm gnaws the life from Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe's brutal regime approaches a bloody conclusion
  53. Posted 7/6/03
    • Zanu PF deploys rented thugs in Harare
    • MDC duo denied bail
    • Friday
    • MDC President's remarks at a news conference
    • Sok Press Release 15 - Zimbabwe
    • Hot Information
    • JAG legal communique
    • Collusion!
    • Tsvangirai arrested on new charge of treason
    • Government clamors for order in Zimbabwe; opposition leader arrested
    • Zimbabwe businesses start counting financial losses
    • Amateur video shows attack on photographer's car in Harare
    • UK protests at Tsvangirai's arrest
    • Leader of English Catholics urges special prayers for Zimbabwe
    • Radio journos arrested
    • Why We Spoke Out on Zimbabwe
    • Stop Harare's slide to abyss
    • U.S. Blasts Zimbabwe Arrest of Tsvangirai
    • Zim: Churches call for dialogue
    • No easy walk to State House, says President
    • JAG open letter forum
  54. Batch 4 Posted 6/6/03
    • Zimbabwe deploys youth gangs ahead of mass protest
    • Zimbabwe braces for violence
    • Mugabe Justifies The Use Of Force By Security Forces Against Protesters
    • SA Democratic Alliance's Shares Concern On Zimbabwe
    • Paper chase on Zimbabwe
    • Zim streets crawling with Zanu-PF militias
  55. Batch 3 Posted 6/6/03
    • U.S. Sternly Rebukes Zimbabwe's Brutality Toward Protesting Citizens
    • Mugabe thugs search hospital for victims
    • Mugabe, MDC still talking, Leon told
    • Today dubbed D-Day for Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe strikes fuel deal with Libyan oil company
    • Buthelezi: SA 'cosy' with tyrants
    • " Africa's problems it's a lack of visionary leadership"
    • MDC urges 'millions' to defy Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe opposition takes to the streets
    • Zimbabwe braces for bloody battle
    • MDC calls for people to 'rise up'
  56. Batch 2 Posted 6/6/03
    • Arrest - personal story
    • Should I support the stayaway or not?
    • Some perspective
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #31
    • Nationwide Protest Marches Planned For Tomorrow
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No.: 92
    • Arrest of rights activists for feeding detainees
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #32 - When push comes to shove
    • Zimbabwe mass protest call
    • European Parliament call to end Mugabe's regime
    • Mogae urges Zimbabwe and MDC to reach compromise
    • Why tough land grab laws now?
    • Anti-Mugabe protest at Test match
    • Zimbabwe Opposition Plans More Protests
    • More protests loom
    • Mbare mourners attacked
    • Youths assault teachers
    • Mutare MDC activists in court over mass action
    • Mugabe dismisses protests as flop
    • MDC rally cancelled
    • Protesters detained in overcrowded cells
    • The final nail on the economy
    • Rambai makashinga, yes indeed
    • IMF axe hovers over Zimbabwe
  57. Posted 6/6/03
    • Govt lashes out as protests spread
    • Interim war vets leadership wants Chinotimba probed
    • Kangai sues Chiyangwa
    • Poll-linked army officers redeployed
    • No post-mortem for MDC activist
    • Zim crisis hangs over Mbeki, Obasanjo after G8
    • Zimbabwe appeals for more WFP aid
    • Moyo's lawyers represent litigants against MDC
    • Mugabe's misrule ravages economy
    • IMF to decide Zimbabwe's fate
    • Tsvangirai's court papers still missing - Coltart
    • Harare and Bulawayo: a tale of two cities
    • Regime clinging to power by force
    • Realities of the shortage of bank notes
    • For whom the bell tolls
    • Zimdollar worth 2c - Tsumba
    • Politics overshadows economics
    • Zim prepares for WTO meet
    • Democracy too good for Africans?
    • Mbeki should educate Obasanjo on law
    • Let Mugabe fall on his sword
    • The words of a tyrant
    • Ben Menashe is a political prostitute
  58. Batch 3 Posted 5/6/03
    • Breaking News 40 youth arrested - Midnight June 4th
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #30 - Police scuttle around the sinking ship June 04, 2003
    • Zimbabwe's hospitals flooded with injured people
    • Zimbabwe police arrest 300 in attempt to break strike in Zimbabwe
    • Businesses reopen in Zimbabwe as strike falters
    • Male rape in Zimbabwe
    • Police beat patients in Harare
    • Government hits back at Zimbabwe strikers, protesters
    • Genocide
  59. Batch 2 Posted 5/6/03
    • Stayaways not illegal
    • Unreliable sources from ancient circles of wizardry
    • Mudenge defends use of strong-arm tactics
    • Mass action paralyses funeral parlours
    • What next after mass action?
    • Fuel imports fail to lift Wankie Colliery
    • ZSE faces $250m loss to mass action
    • ZANU PF tightening noose around its neck
    • Zimbabwe should plan for post-Mugabe era
    • 'Final push' turns into routine job stayaway
    • Strike cripples economy for third day
    • Black market rates tumble
    • A great betrayal to the African struggle
    • Ratcheting of threat
    • Anti-tobacco drive may increase paprika output
    • Who will invoke King Solomon's wisdom?
    • JAG P.R. Communique
    • JAG Legal Communique
    • Byo Crisis Information Centre report
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No.: 91
  60. Posted 5/6/03
    • Burning Harare ride is the stuff of movies
    • Violent crackdown by Mugabe slated by G-8
    • Harare worries Dos Santos
    • African Leaders Must 'Rescue' Zimbabwe, Says Harare Mayor
    • MDC Activist dies after Being Abducted and Tortured by Army and Police Officers
    • Opposition claims Zimbabwe strike protest a success
    • Students hospitalised
    • Church Service For Justice & Peace
    • Avenues Clinic overwhelmed: A Personal Account
    • Private Boarding School raided by war vets in Norton
    • Tichaona Kaguru murdered by the army and police.
    • Zimbabwean opposition dreams to take over power: VP
    • Who has been pushed now, asks Mugabe
    • Senior MDC activist arrested in Harare
    • Homesick Zim exiles long for Mugabe to go
    • Action divides Zimbabwe press
    • African American Letter to President Robert Mugabe
    • Tatchell urges South Africa to switch off Zimbabwe electricity
    • Strike cripples Zimbabwe for third day
    • Several personal accounts...
    • West's 'hypocrisy' slammed
    • Zimbabwe protests diary
    • Police Hit Hard At Protestors
    • Zimbabwean troops beat man to death in bid to end strike
    • Zimbabwe strike appears to 'crumble'
  61. Batch 2 Posted 4/6/03
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #29 - Day Two - Keep the faith
    • Day three of mass protest in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe warns business to open... or else
    • Hundreds held in Zimbabwe strike
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 90
    • Another 162 arrested as stayway continues
    • ZANU PF politician's bid to sell looted tobacco thwarted
    • Crisis talks set to begin
    • ZANU PF busses in 2 000 to foil protests in Harare
    • Public urged to report police, army brutality
    • State losing battle for people's support
    • Crushing protests not the solution
    • Time to act not to grumble in our bedrooms
    • Business disregards threats
    • How the OAU helped create these monsters
    • Zimbabwe and Nepad's peer review...
    • 'An unwinnable and unfathomable war'
    • Arrests continue while Tsvangirai fights 'gag' order
  62. Posted 4/6/03
    • MDC News Up-date: Police and Zanu PF Evicting Members of the MDC From Their Homes
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No.: 89
    • Giles Mutsekwa beseiged
    • Police fire tear gas at pupils at Warren Park Primary School
    • More arrests in Mutare
    • Zanu PF supporters camped at Party HQ.
    • Update on arrests
    • Human rights abuses soar in face of mass action
    • Businesses that remained open--boycott them
    • JAG P.R. & Legal Communique
    • Mass action paralyses Zimbabwe
    • "Foiled MDC Demo ..." - The Herald
    • Zimbabwe wants oppositon muzzled
    • It's time to talk, SA tells Zimbabwe
    • Security Tight as Zimbabwe Protest Drive Continues
    • Zimbabwe strikes solid as legal moves continue
    • Zim: Economy will decide
    • Sok Press Release 10 -Zimbabwe
    • Sok Press release 11 - Zimbabwe
  63. Batch 4 Posted 3/6/03
    • Arrested MDC Members Denied Food
    • "Thugs are about"
    • Jackboot force seen in Zimbabwe protests
    • Zimbabwe faces G8 criticism
    • Fear grips Harare
    • Zimbabwe: A tattered economy
    • Harare at a standstill
  64. Batch 3 Posted 3/6/03
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #28 - Change demands action!
    • US Condemns Use of Force in Zimbabwe
    • Chingoka refutes report that team vetted to avoid upsetting Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai closes in on Mugabe
    • 115 arrested in police clampdown on protests
    • MDC defiant in the face of massive government repression
    • Has mass action come too late?
    • State applies for tightening of Tsvangirai's bail conditions
    • ZANU PF supporters destroy newspapers
    • The people's loud and clear voice
    • Dictators are weapons of mass destruction
    • Business, government head for showdown
    • A government is judged by how it treats its people
  65. Batch 2 Posted 3/6/03
    • Annan voices concern about reports of possible violence in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe crushes protest marches
    • Zimbabwe situation catastrophic: Downer
    • Zimbabwe opposition vows to push on with protests
    • Mugabe's forces fire on student protesters
  66. Posted 3/6/03
    • News just in - Harare Streets
    • Zimbabwe govt crushes protests
    • Tsvangirai out on bail
    • Police, troops crush protest marches but anti-government strike shuts down Zimbabwe economy
    • Mugabe's future is inevitable: NNP
    • Zimbabwe arrest: What happens next?
    • Warning shots
    • Riot cops drive protesters off Harare streets
    • SA called on to help bring rapid change in Zimbabwe
    • MDC News Alert: Police/Army Open Fire on Demonstrators
    • MDC News Alert: More MDC Officials Arrested
    • Tsvangirai arrest: update
    • MDC Congratulates Zimbabwe
    • JAG P.R. Communique
    • G8 worried about Zim
    • Zim gearing for fresh violence on day 2
    • ZBC - "MDC's march a flop"
    • Sok Press Release 9
  67. Batch 3 Posted 2/6/03
    • MDC News Alert: Morgan Tsvangirai Arrested
    • Email from Zim
    • Tear gas fired at Zimbabwe protesters-witnesses
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai released
    • Zimbabwe's banking chief steps down
    • Profile: Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe protest to 'shake' government
  68. Batch 2 Posted 2/6/03
    • Zanu-PF deplores US, UK
    • Firms warned against supporting mass action
    • Comment - Tsvangirai must pay for his sins
    • We will enforce court order: ZRP
    • Sok Press Release 5
    • Mugabe is to blame
    • Zimbabwe braced for week of volatile demonstration
    • Anti-Mugabe activists vow to march despite interdict
    • Teamwork can rescue Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe moves to crush protest strike
    • Zimbabwe vows to put down anti-government demonstrations
    • JAG Open Letters Forum No. 88
    • Put thou my tears into thy bottle
    • MDC presses on
    • Harare's sewerage system falls apart
    • State gets excuse to crush protests
    • 34 arrested in mass protests clampdown
    • The price of inertia
    • Now is the time to reclaim your power
    • It all starts with losing touch with the people
  69. Posted 2/6/03
    • Morgan Tsvangirai: 'Order to stop mass action invalid, and therefore illegal.'
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #27 - All for one, and one for all
    • Roadblocks in place ahead of Zimbabwe protests
    • Week of anti-Mugabe protests set
    • Commonwealth says it will not leave any stone unturned in remedying the Zimbabwe saga
    • Tsvangirai to lead march
    • War veterans' faction demands Mugabe ouster
    • ZRP slammed for human rights abuses
    • Zimbabweans pledge massive support for stayaway
    • Zanu PF Politburo gags Moyo
    • The wretched life of a civil servant
    • Planning for a new Zimbabwe must start now, not tomorrow
    • Zhakata ban shows government paranoia
    • Zimbabwe reneges on IMF debt
    • MDC unveils economic blueprint
    • Why Government is losing the propaganda war
    • The madness that surrounds us
    • Do or Die
    • The Fire This Time
    • No money to buy nothing
  70. Batch 2 Posted 1/6/03
    • ZNSPCA Update May 30, 2003
    • Boxes of money
    • Mugabe faces revolt in city of desperate and dishonest
    • Mugabe's 'cleansing' of Zimbabwe squad
    • Security raised ahead of MDC protest
    • Zimbabwe: Police get order calling off protests
    • MDC stakes all on mass revolt
    • Taking to the streets in Zimbabwe
    • The crunch
  71. Posted 1/6/03
    • LATEST - Police get order calling off Zimbabwe protests
    • "Pray for us tonight. Pray for us next week"
    • Talks Between Zimbabwean Government, Oil Companies at Stalemate
    • G8 turns to Africa
    • Zvakwana Newsletter #26 - Power concedes nothing without a demand
    • Panic-buying grips Zimbabwe
    • Battle lines drawn
    • Kabila lifts envoy's suspension
    • UK-based trade unionist denied entry into country
    • MDC legislator sues State
    • Commonwealth agrees Mugabe must step down by September
    • When the iron fist no longer works
    • We have no option but to confront the regime head-on
    • Nation needs brave men and women at this crucial moment
    • Mass action is the only option for the voiceless
    • Patriotism does not equate to training murderers
    • Calm before the storm
    • Nervous Zimbabweans brace for opposition protests

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