Throngs at MDC-T HQ in Tsvangirai support

via Throngs at MDC-T HQ in Tsvangirai support 27/04/2014 NewZimbabwe

OVER a thousand supporters of MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai thronged Harvest House, the party’s headquarters, on Sunday to show support to the embattled leader in the wake of a virtual internal revolt by party officials led by its secretary general Tendai Biti.

The supporters converged at the party headquarters early morning when word spread that Tsvangirai was going to convene a party meeting to respond to his “suspension” by a party national council that was convened by Biti at a training centre in one of Harare’s low density suburbs Saturday.

The toy-toying crowd was later addressed by party organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and secretary for information Douglas Mwonzora who, moments before, had addressed a hastily arranged press conference.

A section of the crowd continued to toy-toy when rains hit the city centre Sunday afternoon, making Mandela Avenue virtually impassable.

Truncheon wielding police officers kept an eye on the MDC-T process, which was converted into a virtual rally with a public address system outside playing music in praise of Tsvangirai.

The crowd chanted songs in praise of Tsvangirai, who is away to Buhera to address rallies.

Addressing the press earlier, party spokesperson, Mwonzora described the national council meeting convened by Biti as a “clandestine and bogus” meeting which was held in breach of the party’s constitution adding that only the party president can convene such a meeting.

Mwonzora said the former premier remained the legitimate leader of the opposition party and blamed President Mugabe and the CIO for allegedly sponsoring the MDC-T revolt.

Meanwhile, the Tsvangirai faction will on Tuesday convene its own “genuine” national council meeting which will decide on Biti’s fate.

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28 comments on “Throngs at MDC-T HQ in Tsvangirai support
  1. mujibha says:

    Don’t treat him with kid groves, just kick him out of the party. Biti, shame on u. What an idiot. Go and join zanu pf, mugabe is looking for someone like u to b minister of finance.

  2. Isu Zvedu says:

    Frankly, I am not sure if Biti also knew what he was doing as finance minister.

  3. tafirenyika itai says:

    Biti is a lawyer and yet he breaks laws governing the very same mdc in which unconstitutionalism is one the blames levelled against Tsvangirai. Its so sad that. the struggle is weakened once again. The vote is split once again and zanu pf will remain the victors. This is the time we needed unity of purpose more than ever. Time will tell.

  4. Rwendo says:

    A majority vote has not removed ZANU PF, three times. The GNU of 2008 and walking foolishly into Nikuv’s trap, despite all warning, is what has devastated the MDCs.

    • roving ambassador. says:

      Thanks Rwendo. People shall listen to the voice of reason.
      It shall come to pass as surely as Zanu shall come to pass.

  5. Sheer avarice on one side naivety as regards popularity is what has engulfed Biti and company. Regai dzive shiri mazai haana muto. Biti and friends makurumidza kumedza kutsenga muchada. For interest’s sake,how perfect are yu? Hw many blunders have yu made in life this one inclusive? Hw times have yu been to a doctor?

  6. Johnny k says:

    Mwonzora needs to read the MDC Constiution. As party spokesman and a lawyer he should be familiar with the document. It states that EITHER the party President or the Secretary General have the right to call a national council meeting.
    Thanks to God that Tsvangirayi/Chamisa did not win in 2013. The Zimbabwe people would have had a another dictator to deal with. Under

  7. Scott says:

    Shame shame shame biti trying to hijack the party.Ur bunch of loosers hope Tsvangirai will sack u all.

  8. max says:

    I have problems understanding Mr Biti as the number 2 to Tsvangirai you have blundered.You were supposed to wait.It appears there is a force driving you.I remember you using obscene language while giving interview to a local journalist it was quite unbelievable now I can see you have a big problem

  9. Ndlovu Kayisa says:

    Mugabe has adviced that leaders should be chosen by the pipo. its straight and vg advise for MDC to follow. instead of fighting these MDCs should just go to the pipo and see who wins. easy let each hold a rally. some may even fail to get one independent listener.

    • Ruramai says:

      Ndlovu, are you in fact saying Mugabe was chosen by the people? If so, why do we accuse him of rigging elections?

  10. Zim Reeper says:

    thabo mbeki the idiot intelectual will solve your wonderful countries problems all over again.he will start the pro mugabe zanupf one sided negotiations and try to portray himself as this african “peacekeeper” .This racist has yet to solve one single conflict area in africa.Tsvangirai must stick to his guns and get help from true democracies and fight these african “chiefs.

  11. Ruramai says:

    Here is what I find amusing…how was this gathering of 1000 plus MDC supporters allowed to proceed peacefully? When did they get the necessary police clearance? they accuse the “rebels” of enjoying Zanu p.f. support yet are allowed to rally without hustle? That certainly is a new development.

  12. wa Zimbabwe says:

    @Ruramai you piss me off you brainwashed Zanupf supporter. Go to Zvimba to sing your praises. Indocrinated coward

    • Ruramai says:

      wa Zimbabwe, it is extremely primitive to insult someone because they have aired their views. Civilised people simply present their counter-arguments. You need to grow up.

  13. Henry Chivhanga says:

    Fellow Democrats,
    Why are we complicating things? Is it a question of power?

    Listen,Tsvangirai is the democratically elected president of MDC as mandated by the congress of the party and it follows that whoever wishes to ascend to that position will have to wait until the next congress for endorsement. This could be in 2016 or earlier than that provided that it is done lawfully.

    Mangoma has a democratic right to express his views.His views are subject to interrogation by other view points. It is not a crime to say what you think especially on issues you are passionate about.It is wrong to criminalise every dissenting voice and equally wrong to believe that one’s view point is always right.

    If Biti has ambitions to be the next MDC leader, he must be very careful on how he seek to achieve that. We do not ambush each other and expect that we will smile at that. MDC members are not fools. Being ambitious is noble but should not unleash the beast in us.

    If Mangoma in expressing his view point is at variance with the dictates of the party’s constitution, he must be charged in accordance with the law. No need to fast track or settle old scores. Deal with the issues not personalities.

    If Tsvangirai has infringed any party rules,the correct and appropriate disciplinary procedures must be taken.

    We must not exercise powers which are not bestowed/conferred to us by the institution we purport to represent. Yes, power may make even enlightened people look stupid and so obsessed in it that they only think of themselves ascending to the top by hook and crook.

    Hapana anofira pazvigaro izvi.

    Tsvangirai, you still have the mandate of congress. Stay focused because congress will call you to account.

    Mangoma, you indeed are an honest person who expresses his views. Don’t be tempted to forego the struggle because there are many who think that you raised a very relevant and topical issue though it is out of season because congress is in 2016.Per sue all redress avenues within the party and come back in the fold. I will not forget your contribution in the struggle. Be humble and fight a good fight for our dear Zimbabwe.

    Biti you are the secretary general be careful that you abide with the party’s constitution and just use powers that are constitutionally conferred to your office.

    I remain a true democrat who would want to see real change.

  14. DubboZimbo says:

    Pity there where no bottles and a few liters of petrol at the rally, that would have made a better statement.

  15. Maromo says:

    Tsvangirai we told you you are surrounded by Lions but you cant see. Who Formed MDC ? People should not forget. We are watching you Gys Mahure anoda mari chete. Thanks you have seen them?

  16. Ngonye. says:

    Hi. The numbers will soon fade as Donor money will dry up.

  17. Ruramai says:

    wa Zimbabwe, insults can never replace arguments. They are a sign of barbarism. ..that is what primitive people do. What is your counter-argument?

  18. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    The truth is they have failed to topple Morgan and they cannot wait for congress because they know they will be booted out. Its a fiasco!!!!!

  19. protestor says:

    The chickens will come to roost one day mark my words u party rebels

  20. It has been interesting to just read comments and see what the mood of those on this forum is. Then you seen that the Zanu pf machinery is there in the back round doing a full systems scan on the MDC,s operating system. At the same time quietly spreading viruses where it can. This becomes so apparent when you notice that the APOLITICAL S and the NIMRODS have been told to go silent and observe. The 116 comments in yesterdays article are proof of that. Some of us have said what we think and there is nobody here that will change their mind. On Nat Geo Channel recently I saw three cheetahs that were killed by a lion during a fight amongst themselves. The didn’t even see the lion that was in plain site.

  21. Zindoga says:

    @Doctor do Little you are the only one on this forum who comments without emotions and say as it is.the rest of us on this forum are filled wih Hate, Jelousy and too partisan

  22. I hope there has been plenty discussions blaming the manner in which Mr Biti attempted to stage a coup.I think if he cares to read these comments.he is going to correct himself.I would like to conclude my comment from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar,”The evil that man do lives after,the good is often inttered their bones “In simple it means great works of a person may live forever,however a small misdeed may overturn all the good works achieved by a person.

  23. lofombo says:

    Ndokutoti MDC-T inatsosimba tisare tisina nyoka idzo. Zanu OF chaiyo yaiita wapanduki vamwe wakafira kuZambia uko nenyaya yekuda kupandukira maleaders. Zvino morgan Zvekuuraya haadi nekuti munhu anotya mwari. Bennet akaenda kunaTsvangirai akati hona Mugabe haasiri kuda kubva nevote ita zveNoise. Morgan akati ini zvenoise handidi nekuti vanhu wangu wanofa. Biti akati kuna Bennet Ndipe mari tibvise Morgan tinozvigona zvenoise. Bennet ane hutsinye and even Biti wacho anogona kuti Zimbabwe ibhombwe. Biti ane careless talking. Munhu wese ari kutewera Biti ndine hurombo nekuti muchatewera nzira dzemagudo muerekana mamumiti mozoti zvabva nepi. Handei naMargan Tsvangirai wedu zvichanaka chete. Ko za Pfe yakatora nyika ne2 days here zvibvunzei. MuZanu Pf munezviri kunetsa asi kuti awnotyanana nekuti munofa munhu. Cold war is dangerous. Biti nanaMangoma just form yo own party. we that kuti muri kutumwa plus muri kuda mari dzemadonors

  24. J J says:

    Tsvangirai is still Valid and loved by most Zimbabweans,remember Mugabe’s words that said ” only God will remove me “that is a powerful statement especially if know you you are not perfect man.

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