ZANU PF denies Mugabe ‘collapse’

via ZANU PF denies Mugabe ‘collapse’ | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell  January 6, 2014

The mysterious Zanu PF “insider” Baba Jukwa reported the story of Mugabe’s collapse

ZANU PF has strongly denied reports that Robert Mugabe’s health has seriously deteriorated, in the midst of rumours that the soon to be 90 year old had ‘collapsed’.

The party’s deputy director of information, Psychology Maziwisa, told the News24 website that the reports came from “prophets of doom who were motivated by malice”.

“Certainly there is nothing new about these reports as we hear about them every year. Our president in very much alive and we will be celebrating his birthday in a month’s time. He is as fit as a fiddle,” said Maziwisa.

The internet rumour mill was sent into overdrive on Sunday after claims that the security presence at Mugabe’s official residence, State House, had been increased in the wake of his ‘collapse’.

All reports were based on claims made by the still faceless online ‘whistleblower’ Baba Jukwa, a social media character who alleges to be a ZANU PF insider. Baba Jukwa rose to internet notoriety in the run up to the elections last year by revealing ‘insider information’ about ZANU PF officials.

But since the elections, Baba Jukwa has been all but silent.

Meanwhile, speculation about Mugabe’s health has been rife for years, amid reports that he has been struggling with prostate cancer. His party has denied all reports of ill-health, despite the ZANU PF leader turning 90 years old next month.

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17 comments on “ZANU PF denies Mugabe ‘collapse’
  1. Tjingababili says:


  2. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    Whats new?
    He has collapsed and died so many times in the minds of the media.
    Baba Jukwa..what nonsense

  3. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Murimi , go to the fields and do the job , our president has collapsed thats it ,he is the president of our country very soon we will fly our flags halfway as a sign of respecting him , unfortunately his death would be a huge celebration to the millions of Zimbabweans . Your ZANU PF members would start cratching each other for succession battle ,this would be a ludicrous moment to your party , should Mugabe survive after this collapsing issue , people like you must encourage him to nominate his successor and retire after that , that will easy everything for ZANU PF , but should he die, then a huge conflict among your party members would totally destroy ZANU PF , sorry Mr Murimi i know it would be difficult for you to do your field work today , stay strong and keep on ploughing .

  4. boy says:

    How stupid is psychological perjury. Satan and dimon to hell

  5. boy says:

    When mandela died the world cerebrated his decorum however this will again happen to mugabe in an opposite way despite this human blood sucking psychology maziwisa liken mugabedog as messiah Jesus Christ because the basturd depend on mugabe’sheet.

  6. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @ Khaya,the recent rains have been excellent,we are going to do well.
    But why does he die or collapse each time he is on leave?
    U shall see him when he comes back,fit as a fiddle,running down from the airplane.
    He might not have appointed a successor,but he definately will not be coming from MDC T,N,99,23,D,B or whatever u guys call yourselves.
    And remember,Zanu pf is a system, its a way of life, its bigger than our beloved Bob,we will still be there.

    • Jrr56 says:

      Pity your bragging never seems to pan out in real life. These rains are good, things are going well. I am a farmer and am having a bumper crop. Sweets words and no substance. Why is it these Zanu sympathisers all come out with the same old claims then get indignant and self righteous when they are taken to task.

    • Chatambudza12 says:

      Blasphemy at its highest you zanu idiot! So you think Mugabe is immortal that is why you ZANU fools worship him. Die he will definitely die because he is mortal whether you like it or not. Stupid idiots like you think ZANU is a way of life, thuggery and murdering innocent people who dare to disagree with your stupid thinking! Shame on you Murimi you are a disgrace to our nation!

  7. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Murimi , i just imagine seeing him coming out of the plane fisting up and as fit as a fiddle , that would be good for you , but the fact is that you ZANU PF people have crucified Mugabe by turning him to be your god and keeping him on seat at his age , you can’t keep on campaigning to be led by an almost 90 year old man , he is no long creative ,are you always happy to see him fast asleep in the world conference rooms only waiting for that opportunity to wake up and deliver his written almost roten speech attacking the westerns always , what else can he say apart that ??? tell me , a wise man like you Murimi must see things better . I know you are under Mujuri faction , should the president die today do you think Mnangwanga faction will co-operate with you guys , that conflict will divide ZANU PF , and it will be your downfall towards 2018 elections , oposition parties will take advantage of you , adress you house Mr Murimi stop your farming acts , agree with me your house (ZANU PF) is about to collapse as your pillar man Mugabe’s health is sinking . Its a pit that you will loose twice , you will loose the old man and also loose what you think is a good texture of your party , Murimi hold my hand , it is just about to be end of the road to ZANU PF , people of ZANU PF and their leaders have failed to produce a sounding succession plan and as such if Mugabe dies they will never manage to handle the situation , the country will end up being in the hands of the army temporay until proper arranges for elections to choose a legimate and democratic leader .

  8. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @Jr56.The rain falls on the good and the bad.Just coz u dont like me doesnt mean its not raining on my patch.
    And oh what lush greenery I see everyday.Its a wonderful sight

  9. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @Khaya.Let Mugabe finish what he started,as he says.Its up to him really.
    Yes we all know he is 90,but he still has vital input for our nation.
    Zanu pf will win in 2018,this factionalism thing is being overplayed by the media.
    I dont know abt the army,but I doubt if they would introduce anti zanu policies,so it would be jus a continuation.
    What would be wise tho,is for u to make an application to the Ministry of Lands,maybe u can get your own farm ,coz there is no goin back.Think about it

  10. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Murimi, i have got a piece of land but it is not enough , assist me with enough space , but i am worried that soon PF ZAPU will also take their farms back from you guys , be very careful , are you safe ? Lets wait and see , more trouble is coming to your house Mr Murimi get ready .

    • Chatambudza12 says:

      Forgive this ZANU brainwashed idiot. He is living in a fantasy world of zanunoids! He flushed his brains in the loo hence his utterances

  11. Abbu says:

    Kuziva kuti Bob afa or is on death bed its easy. U first c masoja nemapurisa kuwanda mumaroad in no nonsense mood terrorizing pple cos havadi kuti when his death is finally announced pple rush into streets celebrating or even in your private homes. They no for sure he is the most hated person and maybe noone will challenge him for that lhonour” in Zim for a long, long time to come. They (zpf) knows every1 can’t wait for that day to come

  12. Ra says:

    You better pray that Mugabe does not die otherwise you will find hardcores Zanu Pf guys who are harder than Mugabe who will make Zimbabwe a hell for you guys!

  13. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @ Khaya.I know Mat has a lot of land still avail,some under the Rhodes trust.There is a smart way of getting land.No jambanja,fraud,whatever foul means u think we use.

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