Abusive Harare teacher gets 360 hours of unpaid work 

Source: Abusive Harare teacher gets 360 hours of unpaid work – NewsDay Zimbabwe


THE Maths teacher at Harare’s Einsten Tuition Centre, Talent Chingwaru, who was filmed assaulting a student, was yesterday handed a suspended three-year sentence.

Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga, who convicted Chingwaru of assault on Saturday, suspended 18 months of his sentence on condition of good behaviour, while the other 18 months were suspended on condition that he does 630 hours of community service at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

Chingwaru told the court that he was an engineer and not a qualified Maths teacher.

In her ruling, Taruvinga said Chingwaru had shown remorse and that there was a chance for him to reform.

Taruvinga, however, said he should be punished for not controlling his anger.

“You are a first offender, you did not waste the court’s time. You are remorseful. The court also found in aggravation that it is unfortunate that the complainant did not sustain any visible injuries, but you must face the consequences of your anger,” Taruvinga said.

“Your case had attracted bad publicity. But you have been in custody from Thursday until today and the court will give you another chance.”

Taruvinga said corporal punishment was outlawed at schools, adding that children should be protected against violence.