Africa and the politics of slavery

Africa and the politics of slavery: Can the case of Zimbabwe inspire the young generation at all?

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By Andrew Manyevere

At the end of everything humanity has the burden to ask a question if posterity will be of value to future generations and inspirational for lasting peace or cause political instability and failure again and again? Historians have to inquire whether people can survive time based on such canning behaviour dressed in cheap character of emptiness prided in piety born on selfish glory as we witness repeatedly watching Zanu false victory in Zimbabwe.

Africa has mothered impressing big numbers of cruel dictators while the world is breeding nation-builders historically acknowledged for making contribution to democratic epic measured as pillars for thought processes in mastering good governance.

We have few thinkers who have not had much time, on the continent, to practising democratic management demonstration but wasted away, under lock-prisons, during the colonial legacy. Personalities such as Nelson Mandiba Mandela, who we pray that God may grant peace and the joy to know he set a record for succession and unconditional support on constitutional supremacy.

Others that had length time to influence political change in their countries but had varied impact on teaching masses to see issues beyond self. These are such as Julius Kambarange Nyerere of Tanzania. We then have numerous in-betweens and far many in the line of wild dreamers, who fail totally, but are never relenting on power control till death do deal with them to part. Among such are the Robert Mugabes of this world. The case of African leadership is contradictory and lacks in good examples of inspirational leadership for the growing youth. The choice therefore is often disastrous.

As a people, Africans can no more and should not just talk about it and leave it as though to suggest that nature has to deal with it. Timidity reaches a level of meaninglessness and the urge to be innovative gets into automatic gear of engagement, the results of which are always referred to as revolutionary up rise against governments. While these are far and evenly spread, their reality, with Arab Africa under fire from internal abscesses, is something only extreme selfishness can lead to ignoring irrespective of the disruptive persistence we see North Africa experience today. Suffering creates urgency in people to consider measures of reversing leadership vanity for the redemption of posterity from blame and slander caused by neglect and passive engagement.

Today awaits people’s bold declaration against further human denigration from waste under Zanu election rigging government in Zimbabwe. China shall neither be forgotten nor forgiven by unborn Africans who shall lament and rise at the cheapness with which their freedom is exchanged for the sake of China material aggrandizements and benefits. History is already telling on China, as a country in aggressive pursuit of exploiting what was left underground by colonialism.

Unlike in colonial times the Chinese style of exploiting Africa today is done with very minimal compensation and extremely poor human development prospects. No African leaders has had the decency to reflect on colonialism and its disadvantages against what China is proposing to do long term and has done in the shortest period. It is worrying when Zanu, for fear of its sins against dehumanizing Zimbabweans, claims that the west is an enemy, while China the untried new comer is the darling of Africa.

Michael Sata of Zambia is known for being a critic of China prior to coming into power.  Once he came to power, he went quiet on Chinese but gave them further leases on land and mining rights. Like all foreign governments, the Chinese collaborative stance in African politics is taking the continent back into slavery and dark ages through cheap barter trading. Poverty on the continent and the love for quick money by those in power has cultivated Africa into a rich political soil for Chinese trade. Africa is slowly becoming a dumping ground for poorly made equipment’s and clothes.

There is a lot of sentimentalism on colonialism as though any kind of unequal relationship where you bond your land can ever produce desired freedom. The short sighted approach is what killed Zunu from salvaging our economic as well as political freedom.  Yet, Zanu would even today dare repeat the failure circle under guise that they won elections that they together, with the help of Chinese, rigged. The truth be told that this is an extension of suffering because Zanu can never be free from her fraudulent electoral rigging behavior and therefore shall not be able to exercise democracy without viewing losing as threat to their investments in foreign governments. Zanu and China Communist Party have forged ties beyond state and country relationship on Diamonds and Aluminum minerals.

The new minister of finance-Patrick Chinamasa- has already begun singing the song of dependence on China instead of aiming at removing obvious politically human motivated abuses in order to access world finances relatively free from encumbrances. To look at MDC or any political opposition as a big threat for Zanu is part of what has caused Zanu to be a wasting asset for the country. To fail thinking democratically and deny that no other party than Zanu can rule, is a recipe for political chaos in Zimbabwe long term. Unlike the SADC emissary on election observations who falsely projected the permanent stay in power of Zanu in Zimbabwe, such is gullible propaganda that is surging dictatorship on the continent.

The Leadership Hooked in Slavery Mentality (LHSM) concept is a behaviour that has worked viciously against noble thinking citizens who wanted to establish democracy and has replaced them with Black Traditional Oligopoly-nationalism (BTO) styles. Is it any wonder that Africa is being sacrificed to abandon freedom and become appendages to new emergent world order system that professes neither Capitalism nor Socialism and yet acquiring world wealthy that can only make the system an economic world giant or dictator.

Basic human rights do not exist in these countries and the existence of such programs is only academic. In reality it cannot be found. Standards of living and social services are extremely poor in these countries. The world, were it not for the liberal world that fosters accommodation for other people respecting their basic rights, would have been a fertile ground to hatch this hypocritical form of government.

Would we wish to see anything but a replica of failure and corruption appealing to directionless leadership? As an example, the cabinet of Zanu after 31 July 2013 rigged elections, is an effort to balance tribal centrifugal forces which have always been hatching in Zanu except for the iron feasted control Mugabe employed then. With his eminent departure soon or weakening of control, those lost out before are coming back much stronger than before. Whether these characters are any new contribution to the party, remains as dubious as having Chinotimba as an MP. The Dzikamai Mavaires, and Josiah Hungwes only highlight regional power and balancing act. The cabinet that took the country into the economic decline gear till its bankruptcy has been returned on the basis of what merits? If they could not perform then what good new incentive is there for them to outperform the past?  People have limited competencies and the failure to acknowledge that fact renders Zimbabwe a laughing stock case.

Humanity cannot be this puerile and Africa so permissive to believe something new has to come out of failure. Children who see this but cannot say anything for fear of their lives, cannot be said to be inspired by such poverty of creative thinking and intelligence. While the country appears so quiet, it is terrifying that people are critically aware of where the rot is and are flabbergasted. The security business is growing in leaps and bonces, simply because crimes comes from Zanu ways of creating money, they need more security themselves now more than the past thirty three years.

The state servants who are Zanu party card holders, and have political positions, have power and can blackmail leadership. The question is who controls who is such a situation? People know all this and talk openly among themselves about it. The question is who controls who in a state like this? There are three groups of youths in Zimbabwe today. Those who emulate their parents, who earn much money and give them huge sums of pocket moneys at school, grow up ignorant of realities except that money is not a problem to secure and spend. They are a danger long term because they are irresponsible and lead gungs and are therefore useful to the party hierarchy for protecting the hierarchy.

The second group comes from civil servants and emulate the idea of becoming rich like their parents friends. They could be a change factor if they keep learning and disciplined. The temptation of being rewarded for failure is high so they often fail in life and go drinking and cause trouble for the sober and hard working. It could be from this lot that the country will build its future.

The last group is the hopeless yet much exploited in every respect of the word. They see and understand pain of being disadvantaged. They see their relations taken advantage of, raped and beaten by Zanu hooligans. They know the truth about being abused and live through it every day. They cannot leave because they do not have the means. These are the strongest case for bringing change in Zimbabwe because they are reliable and know suffering. For this reason Zanu has kept a clamp on this population.

The joy is that they understand but will take time to accept that change is come and Zanu is gone if and when they go because they have been a reality of pain bearing for too long. The coming into power of Zanu is not at all looked at as victory by any stroke of imagination. The two groups we have shown above tried to paint an impression that victory was great in Zanu camp but it could never be compared to 1980 for example. People are tired of being cheated. Change has to come from both within and outside. Change is the only way Zimbabwe will survive the future. We all owe it to change and have to work to change for the better of the country, people, vegetation and people. We agree Zanu is a selfish beast that is synonymous with corruption.

It is all because politics of poverty and corruption has taken up all structures of Zanu from top to the ground and has spread into state organs. In such circumstances there is neither hope of economic recovery nor for youth inspiration to run the country on good governance. Education needs be intensified for people to stand their ground. Together we cannot be beaten down by few corrupt army officers, central intelligence guys and hooligans within police. People you know, people you understand and people you will bring change soon. We are the people. The fact is that politics of slavery must be changed, or has to end than to be watched while thriving irrespective of any prevailing circumstances.


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    joseph 9 years ago

    “Politics of slavery” yes of course but you failed to allocate it’s origin hands off ZANU or Mugabe for that matter, in contrary the West owns that slavery project we are slaves of the West from flesh to our souls. Did you know that the founders of democracy are the same people who introduced Aids virus under depopulation agenda. Democracy is just a satanic deceiption there is a lot more behind it. The illuminati religion of satan is already controlling the world from underground. Mugabe is fighting a biggest war of all times. May the almighty give him stength and protection!

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    Old Religion 6 years ago

    Can we stop deluding ourselves and deal in reality. We are aware the wes owns slavery. We are aware of what happened in the past. We are aware of how he and foreign governments have manipulated african leaders and countries for the profit.

    The point now is ‘we know all that’. So what are we going to do to improve our situation. Are the Zimbabwean people really sitting in fertile land that can grow crops, wood that can build bridges and intelligence to get clean water from the ground and saying they can’t do anything to help themselves.

    If they stop trying to imitate the WEST and recognise their their own Messiah, they may have a chance. We are no longer illiterate children. It’s time to stand up and do.