WTF? Mugabe’s Psychomotor minister

via Mugabe’s biggest surprise: Psychomotor minister – Southern Eye by Chief Reporter

President Robert Mugabe’s Cabinet, as critics say, is old wine in new skin, but very few can say they were not surprised at the announcement of a Minister of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education and Vocational Training.

Former Masvingo governor Josiah Hungwe, has the honour of being the first minister and may be the last, to have such a high sounding title, which many shall find to be a bit of a mouthful and a jawbreaker. While others were still musing over a somewhat uncharacteristic ministry — Senior Minister Without Portfolio — which will be presided over by Simon Khaya Moyo, the Psychomotor ministry dropped a few jaws.

“What’s that? I cannot even spell the word,” a bemused Pathisa Nyathi, a veteran educationist and renowned historian said.

“If you had asked me about culture, which has a standalone ministry, I would have freely commented, but not this.

“I know that the word has something to do with physical skills, but I struggle to find its relevancy.

“Perhaps the minister knows that his ministry entails.”

The psychomotor aspect of the ministry and that it was a State ministry, left many confused, wondering whether it should not have been left under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

Psychomotor learning is defined as the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movement.

Psychomotor learning is demonstrated by physical skills such as movement, co-ordination, manipulation, dexterity, grace, strength, speed, actions, which demonstrate the fine motor skills, such as use of precision instruments or tools, or actions, which evidence gross motor skills, such as the use of the body in dance, musical or athletic performance.

Hungwe and his ministry, were the toast of the day on social media, as online users tried to make sense of the ministry.

Efforts to get a comment from him were fruitless, as he was probably attending the swearing-in ceremony for the new ministers.

However, after all is said and done, Hungwe and Khaya Moyo have probably rolled their sleeves and are hoping to hit the ground running in their respective portfolios.




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    Tjingababili 10 years ago


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    Sekuru Mapenga 10 years ago

    Psychomotor learning is the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movement. – Wikipedia. Just bizarre that Zimbabwe has a minister of Psychomotor Activities… anyway, the job comes with a Benz, fat salary, impunity for all crimes, and a membership for life.

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    Ngozi 10 years ago

    Glorified ministry for Boarder Gezi style education, this is not a loughing matter, you children will come home converted to green bombers and ready to shoot you if you do not comply with the government of the day.

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      Evangelist 10 years ago

      ZPF is well aware of its decisions and actions. Some look funny, yet disastrous to the mocking crowd at the end of the day. MDC only becomes wiser after being beaten.

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    Kuakwa 10 years ago

    Talking of Border Gezi style brain washing of youths, it’s high time we started debating the need to give people the right to bear arms. The reason Zimbabweans are the most docile people on the planet Earth is because having no arms they can be toyed with at will.

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    Stadoh 10 years ago

    it should have been given to psychology as it has to do with insanity

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    furedi 10 years ago

    What do you expect from people who claimed themselves to be 100+percent disabled mentally.

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    tando 10 years ago

    this old man is a genious. psychomotor has something to do with finding wat someone is really good at besides academically. i knw he has some dumb kid called chatunga or robert (watever). this ministry is for him and other dim wits like their mother, kasukuwere and stembiso nyoni