BREAKING: RBZ nails CBZ Bank over cash leakage

Source: BREAKING: RBZ nails CBZ Bank over cash leakage | The Herald

BREAKING: RBZ nails CBZ Bank over cash leakage

Herald Reporter
POLICE are investigating a case in which CBZ Bank released new $2 notes amounting to $44 180 to a single customer.

This followed a picture of wads of new notes stashed in a black plastic container that went viral on social media. In a statement, RBZ said it established that a CBZ bank customer had withdrawn $44 180 and the police have now taken over investigations.

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  • comment-avatar
    Tendai 3 years ago

    So thats about US$1,500 ……….. I need more than that just to live here in Sandton for a month

  • comment-avatar
    drsolomon 3 years ago

    These are the people tormenting the rest of the poor population by charging 50% to give this cash to hapless povo for electronic money. Then they round trip to get more from these irresponsible banks. If limit is 300 per week how come someone gets away with 44,000 and the bank still continues to operate? Insist on your own regulations or do not create them to milk the poor please! You must know how much suffering the queuing povo are going through and you do not care at all? How come people in authority sleep when day in day out povo stand in queues and never get their cash out? This is unacceptable mahumbwe chaiwo. God bless Zimbabwe and its economy so that the poorest who work hard are not robbed.