Chamisa pledges 2m trees annually

Source: Chamisa pledges 2m trees annually – DailyNews Live

STAFF REPORTER      4 December 2018

HARARE – MDC president Nelson Chamisa said they aim to plant two million
trees annually until 2026 and even beyond.

Chamisa said this in Norton on Saturday when he went on to plant what he
termed “the New Zimbabwe Democracy tree” adding his party had taken time
to commemorate and be part of a national effort and indeed global duty to
plant trees for the good of our environment, the earth and its future.

He said all our cities, towns, villages and communities must be climate
smart making Zimbabwe a wholly GREEN country by 2026.

“I urge tree planting as a habit and a culture by all Zimbabweans. It has
potential to be replicated by other citizens elsewhere. I am urging
Zimbabweans to each plant a tree for democracy, for peace, for love and
for harmony with the environment.

“Planting trees is an attitude of gratitude to the Creator, God The
Almighty who gave us the precious fiduciary duty to exercise judicious
stewardship over His creations. Indeed, planting trees is our gift to the
future and next generations,” said Chamisa.