Chihuri Out, New Police Chief Pledges To Reform ZRP

Source: Chihuri Out, New Police Chief Pledges To Reform ZRP | ZimEye

By Langton Ncube|Acting Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga said the police were going to adopt professional standards in dealing with the public as opposed to what happened during his predecessor Augustine Chihuri’s time.

Matanga who was addressing senior police officers in Harare on Wednesday said he was going to take all complaints raised by the public seriously.

“Complaints are double-pronged. Firstly, they serve as a feedback from the users of our service and secondly, they are an indicator of matters that need to be addressed in our planning and implementation strategies. That, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, like most modern police organisations, derive their legitimacy from the people, is beyond doubt,” he said.

“ As an organisation, we long accepted this viewpoint and committed ourselves to continuous learning under public scrutiny,” he said.

He added, “Indeed, our Code of Conduct, the Police Client Service Charter and all our policies emphasise the need for professionalism in the discharge of our policing mandate at all times. We are obliged to take heed of matters that are of concern to the public as they have a right to point our mistakes. And at times, do not expect them to use restraint language in doing so. Where need be, our ongoing desire should be to use the complaints as a yardstick of reforming and re-engineering our services.”