Chombo’s prophet

This was the man running our finances. He believed in witch doctors and apostolic prophets. Meanwhile, he professed to be a Roman Catholic.


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    Ndonga 5 years ago

    How sorrowful…

    And we still wonder why our nation was never blessed during those terrible 37 years…

    Why are his witch doctors and apostolic prophets not helping him now?

    Why did they not warn him that night that our army was on their way to his house, and then help him escape with his stolen millions of US $?


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    This did not just happen after the arrests, happened way back and was unchallenged right? Who else is accomplice to this folly? We need proper leaders to take th nation forward. Looking like opposition and rights groups are all slumbering when we must be helping each other shape the future. There is a lot of accountability going with this when history eventually gets written correctly we shall all look quite foolish. How come ?