Guvamombe wants reporting conditions cancelled

Source: Guvamombe wants reporting conditions cancelled | The Herald May 20, 2019

Guvamombe wants reporting conditions cancelledMishrod Guvamombe

Panashe Machakaire Herald Reporter
Suspended chief magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe has notified the State that he will be applying for the cancellation of all reporting conditions and the return of his passport.

Guvamombe, who is facing criminal abuse of office charges, appeared before Harare regional magistrate Ms Lucy Mungwari, who advised him that the next trial date is June 5.

Through his lawyer Mr Jonathan Samukange, Guvamombe notified the court that he would make a full application on that date.

Prosecutor Mrs Tinashe Makiya said the State had taken note of the notice given.

When he initially appeared in court, Guvamombe was ordered to report four times a week to the police and not to travel 50km outside Harare, but he successfully applied for the relaxation of some of his bail conditions and reports once a week on Mondays.

Charges against Guvamombe arose on November 27 last year when he received correspondence from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) seeking internship places for its law students including former Government ministers Saviour Kasukuwere and Supa Mandiwanzira.

Guvamombe allegedly authorised the attachment of the students by appending his signature and referred the correspondence to the deputy chief magistrate for action without any comments or reservations.