Hyenas wreak havoc in Mberengwa

Source: Hyenas wreak havoc in Mberengwa | The Herald

Hyenas wreak havoc in Mberengwa

Freedom Mupanedemo

Midlands Bureau

Villagers under Chiefs Mposi and Maziofa in Mberengwa are living in fear of hyenas which are reportedly attacking people and livestock even in broad daylight.

Hyenas are known for scavenging at night, but villagers in Chaza area said the carnivores were becoming daring and preying on people during the day.

“They have attacked and injured several people in the area and it is now very dangerous to travel alone,” said Mr Raynos Gwatumba.

He said the hyenas were also breaking into livestock pens at night, killing goats and cattle.

“It is a terrible situation which has already been reported to the local traditional leader, Chief Maziofa and the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks), but we are still to get assistance,” he said.

Another villager, Mr Artwell Zhou, said parks officials asked the villagers to contribute funds for fuel for them to go to the area to hunt down the marauding hyenas.

“Parks officials from Masvingo are the ones who are supposed to come down here, but they have requested fuel from the villagers,” he said. “They have also requested that we provide three or four goats to be used as bait so this is what we are organising as villagers through the local traditional leader.”

Chief Mposi said they were still trying to mobilise resources requested by parks officials for them to travel to Mberengwa.

Parks spokesperson Mr Tinashe Farawo said he was still to check with the Masvingo office to get an update on what was happening on the ground.