Investors urged to shun corruption 

Investors urged to shun corruption 

Source: Investors urged to shun corruption | The Herald May 24, 2018

Investors urged to shun corruption
Mr Moxon

Fidelis Munyoro Senior Writer
President Mnangagwa yesterday said business now takes precedence over politics and urged investors in infrastructure development and real estate to shun corruption and report any underhand dealings.

Speaking after touring a state-of-the-art mall, Village Walk at Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale, Harare last night, President Mnangagwa said everyone had a role to play in the fight against corruption.

“Now, business takes front seat and politics back seat. The cost of short-cuts and the disregard of local authority by-laws and architectural requirements have far reaching and dire implications to one’s investments,” said President Mnangagwa.

“Individuals and corporate property investors must therefore make sound and corrupt-free decisions with regards to infrastructure investments.

President Mnangagwa cuts a ribbon to officially open Village Walk Borrowdale while Minister Bimha (right) and Mr Mycroft and other dignitaries look on in Harare last night. — Picture by Tawanda Mudimu

“Let us all take it upon ourselves to retain the high urban development standards that Zimbabwe is renowned for.”

President Mnangagwa urged all residents, traders and shoppers to use the facilities in the shopping mall with pride and in a responsible manner.

The President commended Mopani Property Development (Pvt) Ltd for implementing the project.

“This investment is a demonstration of the goodwill and confidence that you have in the new dispensation and the future of the country,” he said.

“In addition, this state-of-the-art infrastructure is a reflection of our renewal and modernisation of our image thereby going a long way towards motivating other investors to do business in Zimbabwe.”

President Mnangagwa also appealed to those in infrastructure development, real estate and land development to design and make their investments with the Government’s vision and national aspirations in mind.

“I further urge you therefore to incorporate contemporary and even post-modern designs in the architecture of our shopping malls, office complexes, homes and buildings in general,” he said.

“Let us fully maximise the limited urban land by, for example, using multiple storey designs and underground parking.”

President Mnangagwa said as the country prepares for intensive economic activities the availability of quality infrastructure becomes key.

Investment in real estate and infrastructure, the President said, was one of the key pillars of economic development as it stimulates various supply-chain linkages, such as steel, cement and roofing materials.

“It is commendable that this investment will lead to creation of employment and availability of space for business, shopping and leisure not only for residents within this vicinity, but also for consumers within the city and beyond.

“I therefore, urge the tenants of this mall to have the needs of a broader market segment in mind and offer a wide range of products which are affordable and of high quality.”

President Mnangagwa tours TM Pick n Pay Borrowdale while the supermarket’s managing director Mr Malcolm Mycroft (right), Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development Minister Dr Mike Bimha (partly obscured) and other Government officials look on in Borrowdale, Harare, yesterday. — Picture by Tawanda Mudimu

President Mnangagwa also reiterated Government’s commitment to partner the private sector to help unlock value for sustainable economic recovery of the country.

“We continue to create an enabling environment to ease the convenience and cost of doing business to ensure that the country is a safe, attractive and competitive investment destination,” he said.

The President said his administration that has adopted “Zimbabwe is Open for Business” approach, welcomed both local and foreign investors and urged them to identify the investment possibilities within the context of the country’s vision to become a middle income economy by 2030.

Meikles Group chairman Mr John Moxon who represented the shareholders involved in the project thanked President Mnangagwa for accepting the invitation to come and officially open the mall.

He also congratulated everyone involved in the construction and development of the beautiful centre.

“The development of the Borrowdale Village Walk demonstrates our commitment to the growth of infrastructure and local investment that creates jobs in Zimbabwe,” he said.