JUST IN: Liberation stalwart Morton Malianga dies . . . 

Source: JUST IN: Liberation stalwart Morton Malianga dies . . . | The Herald

JUST IN: Liberation stalwart Morton Malianga dies . . .
Cde Moton Malianga

Leroy Dzenga-Online Reporter
A dark cloud is hovering over the Zimbabwean sky as veteran nationalist Cde Morton Dizzy Paul Malianga has died this morning.

Cde Malianga who was 91, was one of the few remaining Second Chimurenga pioneers.

He was Zanu PF`s first Secretary for Youth and Culture, appointed at the party`s first Congress in May 1964.

In 1965, he was arrested by the settler regime for his liberation efforts and spent ten years in prison.

During his time at Salisbury Maximum Security Prison, Cde Malianga obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in economics, business economics and accounting. He also passed 15 of the 18 courses required for a law degree.

After his release from prison in December 1974, he worked with other members of the ZANU Central Committee in mobilisation for the liberation war. He attended the Victoria Falls talks, the Geneva Conference and the Lancaster House Conference.

In the First Parliament of Zimbabwe, Cde Malianga was appointed Senator and became Deputy Minister of Economic Planning and Development in 1981.

Two years later, he became Deputy Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development

In the second Parliament, he was elected Member of Parliament for Mutare West and appointed Deputy Minister of Trade and Commerce in 1988.

In March 1990, he was re-elected MP Mutare West and appointed Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce.

Cde Malianga had a special interest in media, when he was in exile in Cairo,Egypt, around 1963, he edited a journal called the Zimbabwe

News which was distributed to diplomats.

In independent Zimbabwe, he sat on the Zimpapers Board.

He is survived by his wife Cde Effie Malianga, two sons and two grandchildren.

At the time of his death, Cde Malianga is a Zanu-PF Central Committee member.


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    And what a paradise his liberation efforts resulted in. Good riddance to yet another zanoid thief.