Load shedding jams Beitbridge 

Source: Load shedding jams Beitbridge –Newsday Zimbabwe

Vehicles stuck at BB border

TRAFFIC between Zimbabwe and South Africa has come to a virtual standstill after South African Immigration stopped working after the internet shut down due to power outages in the country.

Immigration officials at Beitbridge said from Monday afternoon traffic slowed down, but it had completely stopped this morning.

Human and vehicular traffic has literally halted and no people or cars are coming in or going out, said the officials.


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    Nyoni 2 months ago

    It doesn’t seem to amaze me how things have planned out in these countries with no plan whatsoever. Simply put where are the so called engineers here. I mean all suited up engineers who don’t want get their hands dirty. It appears ideas are short here but let me assure you there many ways to alleviate the power shortage. I’ll let you think about it and it’s not solar as a start.