Mnangagwa Names Dokora As “A Destroyer Of Zimbabwe’s Legacy”, Teachers Celebrate Development

Source: Mnangagwa Names Dokora As “A Destroyer Of Zimbabwe’s Legacy”, Teachers Celebrate Development | ZimEye  November 30, 2017

By Dorrothy Moyo| President Emmerson Mnangagwa has named former Education Minister Lazarus Dokora as part of the group that destroyed Zimbabwe’s and ZANU PF’s “prestigious” legacy, a development that has been celebrated by hundreds of thousands of teachers, parents and school children who were affected by his draconian curriculum.

Mnangagwa had already cited Dokora in documents seen in the weeks running up to the coup that eventually removed President Robert Mugabe.

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union has celebrated Mnangagwa saying it “appreciates the anti-corruption stance taken by the new President. Corruption is a serious scourge which has undermined the attainment of crucial socio-economic rights provided for in the constitution.  The union has consistently called for an end to corruption which has seen millions being siphoned out of the education system by greedy elements like former ministers Lazarus Dokora and Jonathan Moyo.”

This week Mnangagwa named Dokora as one of those non constituency MPs whose tenure must not be renewed, and Dokora is as a result no more an MP in the same way he is no more a minister.

Meanwhile, Dokora is named by Mnangagwa in the President’s rebuttal of Professor Jonathan Moyo’s Blue Ocean document. An excerpt addressed to former President Robert Mugabe way back in September reads:

Let me put this into perspective. During Your Excellency’s visit to Singapore in March 2016, their ally, a Rodney Dangarembizi approached Major General Mugova and outlined this duo’s scheme which borders on treason.

Dangarembizi, who was a previous acquaintance of General Mugova, was sent specifically to dangle a carrot to him to join the gang with the promise that he would be appointed Commander (Of The) Defence Forces.

Dangarembizi bragged that the group comprising himself, Cde Kasukuwere, Professor Moyo, Dr Chombo and Cde Walter Chidhakwa and Dr Lazarus Dokora had taken over the running of the country from you Your Excellency.

Cde Tshinga Dube here can confirm that Vice President Mphoko here told him of that plan as well.

Also, as part of their efforts to create a wedge between the Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and the Army Generals, this group has on several occasions peddled the story that the Army intended to carry out a coup under my instructions.

It is the same message, which for some reason, continues to be peddled. In some countries, treasonous characters such as this duo could have been languishing in jail.

On March 3 2016, Cde Kasukuwere told Newsday reporter Xolisani Ncube of the alleged coup with the intention of inviting to carry out that story.

The National Commissar here even went out of his way to sound correspondents of foreign media such as the BBC to prepare to cover the event.

On July 5 2016 while you were out of the country, Professor Moyo concorted a story that his cousin Major Nkosana Moyo who is with the Presidential Guard informed you of a planned coup by the Army and install me as the country’s new leader.

You specifically cited General Sanyatwe as the brains behind the alleged coup d etat.

The sad thing is that you wanted to destabilise the army unit that central to the protection of the First Family you purport to want to protect.

It is a fact that you wrote a letter to that effect and after that was ignored, you tried to resuscitate the matter months later, all in a bid to destabilise the army.

Was it then a coincidence that on that same day Mashayamombe was spreading the rumour that he had been blocked by Army from visiting ZBC’s Pockets Hill Studios?

Mashayamombe claimed at the time that the Army would carry out the coup within weeks, all in a brazen and bizarre attempt to tarnish my name.

What has happened since then?

Why should people believe your coup claims now when you have lied about that before?

Who is trying to capture the Army here?


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    spiralx 5 years ago

    Irrespective of any political ambition, Dokora’s educational stance was ridiculously out of step with current trends and requirements for the modern international world that Zimbabwe should be trying to be part of.