Nurse aides trained to fight Covid-19

Source: Nurse aides trained to fight Covid-19 | The Herald

Nurse aides trained to fight Covid-19

​Precious Manomano Herald Reporter


International medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders recently trained nurse aides on providing Covid-19 patient care to enhance the fight against the pandemic.

This is expected to fill the human resources gap in Zimbabwean hospitals and clinics.

The programme equips nurse aides to improve Covid-19 patient care in hospitals.

MSF nurse mentor Mrs Shingairai Mawarire said the main aim of employing the programme was to relieve the overwhelmed nurses of some Covid-19 specific duties, which were shifted to nurse aides after the training.

“While the role of nurse aides existed in most hospitals around the country, their inclusion in Covid-19 wards focusing on patient care was new and essential. Increasing the number of nurse aides enabled nurses to focus on more technical nursing duties,” she said.

MSF nurse aide Ms Tariro Zhou said the training equipped her with basic technical skills to assist in the Covid-19 ward at Wilkins Infectious Hospital in Harare.​