President urges Parly to speed up Bills 

Source: President urges Parly to speed up Bills | The Herald October 2, 2019

President urges Parly to speed up BillsPresident Mnangagwa

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
President Mnangagwa urged Parliament to expedite the passage of Bills in the august House saying laws were a critical part of development. He said this while presenting his State of the Nation Address and officially opening the Second Session of the Ninth Parliament in Harare yesterday.

“The law must be a universal instrument of development. As such, the slow pace in this august House, which has resulted in a low number of Bills passing through Parliament cannot be allowed to continue.

“I, thus, challenge Honourable members in their individual and collective capacities, to play their part in speeding up our parliamentary processes,” said President Mnangagwa.

He laid out his legislative agenda that is a continuation of the economic, political and social reforms set out in the previous session.

The President also commended the progress made by Parliament in aligning laws with the Constitution.

“I commend the progress registered in the alignment of our country’s laws to the Constitution. This development will undoubtedly help further entrench democratic traditions, the rule of law and constitutionalism in our country. The Second Session of the Ninth Parliament is expected to continue the alignment process by considering amendment to the High Court Act, Labour Court Act, Magistrates Court Act and the Police Act.

“The Public Finance Management Amendment Bill will be placed before this Parliament in an endeavour to align the current act to the Constitution. In line with devolution, this Bill extends the scope of application of statutes to provincial and metropolitan councils as well as local authorities, including the mandatory submissions of annual budgets and financial performance reports.”

President Mnangagwa said a number Acts would be amended to improve corporate governance in the insurance and pensions sectors, stock markets and the financial services sector.

He said the Insurance and Pension Act will be amended to enhance good corporate governance while the Securities and Exchange Commission Bill is intended to strengthen anti-money laundering legislation.

The Bill to facilitate the appointment of the Deposit Protection Corporation as the liquidator of all deposit taking institutions, will also be tabled.

The Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill that President Mnangagwa declined to assent to in the last session is expected to be re-tabled, while amendments to the Gold Trade Act and Precious Stones Act would ensure the mining industry was more competitive and in sync with global benchmarks.

In the energy sector, the Petroleum Act will be amended to create an enabling environment for natural gas and oil exploration and exploitation. The Electricity Act will see imposition of stiffer penalties for vandalism and theft of infrastructure and equipment.