Residents Continue to Violate Lockdown

Source: Residents Continue to Violate Lockdown | The Herald

Residents Continue to Violate Lockdown

Mirriam Madiye
Features Writer
Covid -19 cases in Harare continue to soar with 11 395 cumulative positive cases and 422 deaths respectively in the capital city alone as at January 26.

On January 25, 48 new deaths were recorded in the capital with 13 new deaths on January 26, worrying figures if given the complacency to follow Covid-19 guidelines, regulations and prevention measures.

There are 7928 cumulative recoveries in the capital and 3045 active cases.

In most high density -residential areas of Harare, people are violating lockdown regulations every day.

A visit to shopping centres around Kuwadzana revealed how people are no longer properly wearing their masks while some do not even both to wear them.

Roaming the streets, supermarkets and beerhalls, most seem oblivious of the fact that a second wave of Covid-19 is more aggressive, and not afraid to contract the disease or unknowingly spreading it to others.

It is also business as usual for vendors and illegal money changers.

They can be seen displaying their wares conducting their day to day operations.

Even after the 6pm curfew, it is still business as usual.

“The vendors do not wear masks at all. Their customers also do not wear masks and social distancing is non-existent. Most people are misinformed about the virus and surprisingly still think it only affects the rich,” said Mrs Moyo a Kuwadzana resident.

When waiting for public transport, social distancing seems a thing of the past. Hordes of people stand at bus terminuses and at shop entrances as waiting to be served.

Others, for no reason just loiter around the shopping complexes.

At funerals, people continue to violate the set number of 30 mourners.

“People are clearly not heeding the call by government to follow lockdown measures for their safety,” said another resident who declined to be named.

Police has made numerous arrests and warnings to the members of the public related to contravention of the national lockdown regulations, but most people continue to disobey the regulations.

The Covid -19 pandemic has changed the global political and socio-economic setup within a short space of time. With Covid-19 positive cases and deaths spiking, government put various measures to curtail the pandemic.

On January 2, of this year, Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Constantino Chiwenga announced a 30 day lockdown for the country to address the Covid -19 pandemic.

As a result, all formal business was   suspended for 30 days and only essential service providers remain open with only essential staff physically reporting for duty. They are operating between 0800hrs to 1500hrs.

Curfew starts from 6pm – 6 am.

Only 30 people are allowed to attend a funeral, all other gatherings banned. People should stay at home save when going to buy for food, medicine or transferring sick relatives.