SA expels envoys over booze scandal 

Source: SA expels envoys over booze scandal | The Standard

JOHANNESBURG — South Africa yesterday ordered several diplomats to leave South Africa within 72 hours for flouting their diplomatic privileges.

This follows an intensive investigation that found them guilty of engaging in illicit trade in duty-free alcohol.

Eyewitness News last year uncovered a duty-free alcohol ring run by Lesotho diplomats.

At the time, they justified their actions, saying they were making up for the shortages in their salaries.

On Thursday, the Lesotho government confirmed diplomats had been expelled from South Africa.

While Friday, Malawi’s foreign ministry reported its officers in Pretoria have been dismissed on similar grounds.

They are also expected to relinquish their diplomatic status, returning all diplomatic tools to Department of International Relations.

The department’s Clayson Monyela said investigations into similar transgressions by other missions accredited to South Africa were underway. — Eyewitness News


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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 1 year ago

    Dishonesty at top levels of governments of Malawi and Lesotho. Africa is on a downward trajectory that might never reverse comrades.

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    Mpopota 1 year ago

    Zimbabwe’s Dean of Ambassadors, PLO’s Ali Halimeh kept the nomenclatura well supplied with duty free spirits.