Somerset carer facing deportation to Zimbabwe

Pewie Moyo, who has lived in the UK for 12 years, says she feels like she’s “not valued”.

Source: Somerset carer facing deportation to Zimbabwe – BBC News

Pewie Moyo, carer
Pewie Moyo works as a full-time carer for Yvonne Gage, who is quadriplegic

A woman who has worked as a carer for nine years has been told she must leave the UK without delay.

Pewie Moyo originally came to the UK from Zimbabwe under her partner’s visa, but they separated several years ago.

Ms Moyo works a full-time carer for a family in Trull, Taunton, where she lives with Karen Attwell, and cares for Karen’s wife, Yvonne Gade.

The Home Office has said it will not comment on individual cases.

Ms Moyo was told during a routine check-in three weeks ago, that her application to remain had failed and the decision was “in the system”.

A few days later, her solicitor received a Home Office letter confirming the decision.

It stated: “You have no basis to continue to stay in the United Kingdom and you are expected to make arrangements to leave the United Kingdom without delay.”

Ms Moyo said: “It’s really terrible, it feels like they don’t consider what I’ve been doing and contributing to this society. I feel like I’m not valued.”

Pewie with Yvonne
Image captionMs Moyo has been caring for Yvonne Gage for nine years

Ms Moyo has been caring for Ms Gage, who is quadriplegic and became paralysed after an aneurysm in her brain, for nine years.

Ms Gage’s wife Ms Attwell said: “We’ve got medical evidence we submitted to the Home Office to say they were very concerned about Yvie’s welfare should Pewie and Yvie be separated.

“We don’t have another carer that is as committed and that we love in the same way we love Pewie, it’s not that easy.”

Ms Moyo is now due to report back to a police station on Tuesday, 26 November and she fears she could be detained and sent back to Zimbabwe.

If she does return, she claims she could be tortured or killed, as she was a member of the opposition party.


  • comment-avatar
    Flick 3 years ago

    So, is there anyone who can replace Pewie, I doubt it. What I know about Zimbabweans, which is considerable, is that they are a committed, loyal and hard working bunch of people given the chance. If she is deported then it will be the UKs loss. End of.

  • comment-avatar
    Mpopota 3 years ago

    Sad that she has to leave but the children of Menard (Maynard) Muzariri and other people with terrible records are allowed to stay.

  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 3 years ago

    From looking at beautiful Pewie’s expensive wig I can see that she is being paid a very nice salary in the UK thank you very much.

    But Pewie that’s how this cruel world is. Just when you think you are comfortable and slipping into an interesting and challenging job and then retirement everything falls apart.

    Look what happened to most of us in Zimbabwe. We worked all our lives giving all that we had to our beloved country and suddenly there was no more job, no more salary, no more pension, no more retirement, just nothing.

    I only hope that you have not been spending all your hard-earned money on silly things and that if you have to come back home to Zimbabwe you have something hidden under your mattress for your old age.