SOUTHERN NEWS | Poll surveys dubious, say Mujuru coalition 

Source: SOUTHERN NEWS | Poll surveys dubious, say Mujuru coalition – DailyNews Live

Jeffrey Muvundusi     20 June 2018

BULAWAYO – People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) has dismissed the recent poll
surveys which have literally thrown them out of the election race, in the
process concluding it to be a two-horse race pitting the MDC Alliance and
Zanu PF.

Zimbabwe’s Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI), in partnership with
Afrobarometer predicted a closely-contested 2018 election with President
Emmerson Mnangagwa emerging the winner ahead of MDC Alliance president
Nelson Chamisa.

The survey predicted that Chamisa would garner 31 percent against Zanu PF
presidential candidate Mnangagwa’s 42 percent, a result which points to an
election re-run.

While the survey factored in 25 percent of unknown voters who in this case
will determine the winner, it revealed that the rest of other presidential
candidates will collectively garner two percent of the total vote.

On the other hand, a survey by Pan African Forum Limited showed that
Mnangagwa will get 70 percent, Chamisa 24 percent and Joice Mujuru of the
National People’s Party 1,0 percent.

The Kenya-based network of African scholars, however, showed that other
presidential aspirants will also manage just 1 percent while 3,0 percent
comprises the undecided.

PRC felt the predictions were much ado about nothing while using the
United States of America poll results as an example.

“I don’t know the validity of the results of those people,” PRC
secretary-general Gorden Moyo told Southern News.

“As you would know, last year a lot of think tanks came up with results
for Donald Trump in the United States. Everyone was saying Hillary Clinton
was going to win and what were the results. So we don’t care about some
dubious researchers who go around and say we are third or we are fourth.

“We believe in the veracity of our arguments and the will power of our
people and we are participating in these elections and we believe we will
come out as victorious as we should be,” Moyo said.

Meanwhile, asked why they have resorted to conducting cluster rallies in
constituencies, instead of hosting bigger rallies like MDC Alliance and
Zanu PF, Moyo said: “This is a totally new approach this is our own
strategy, we go to the people, we are meeting the people, interfacing with
the people.”

“When we were at MDC, we had a crossover rally where thousands and
thousands of people attended and what were the results, they are there for
everyone to see.

“This is our own strategy and we will not listen to other people to tell
us about us. We have a strategy to lure the people one on one, two on two,
10 and 10 and 100 on 100,” Moyo said.

MDC Alliance stutters in Byo South

INCUMBENT Bulawayo South MDC legislator Eddie Cross’ decision to step
aside ahead of the July 30 harmonised elections has opened avenues for
Zanu PF and new entrants in the constituency if events on the ground are
anything to go by.

MDC Alliance has been missing in action due to its failure to resolve in
time the issue of who is going to represent the coalition in the
constituency after Cross stepped aside.

The constituency has seen a double nomination after two of its candidates,
Kunashe Muchemwa and Francis Mangwendeza, filed papers for the same
constituency. By the time of going to print, the two were still holed up
in negotiations in Harare with the authorities on who should be given the

While these have been sideshows by the Alliance, which many thought has a
higher chance to retain the seat, events on the ground point to a shift in

In other words, no candidate representing the MDC Alliance has campaigned
so far in Bulawayo South, yet Zanu PF’s Raji Modi, Josphat Muzaca Ngulube
(Independent)  and Clayton Jones (PRC) have moved miles in their bid for

However, Modi appears to have been moving faster than the other

“I am man of few words and more action” has been the mantra that has
gripped Bulawayo South constituency as the battle to represent the
constituency reaches fever pitch.

Ever since he sailed through the chaotic Zanu PF primary elections, Modi
has, perhaps through his financial muscle, threatened to overshadow two of
his close competitors Jones and Ngulube who have been working hard in the
constituency since the beginning of the year.

Of note, however, is the investment in the constituency by Modi that
should leave any competitor freaking out. As popular as he is in business
circles, politically he is no gifted speaker. He hardly stands in front of
members of the constituency.

His speeches have usually lasted a minute or just below two minutes. Maybe
realising his weakness in that department, he has expanded his energy on
“working than talking” hence his mantra “I am a man of few words and more

Firstly, it was his refurbishment of the derelict Sidojiwe Flats where he
poured in $40 000. The flats, which were a health hazard, is home to
almost 1 000 residents and the renovations are almost complete.

From there, he conducted health expos where residents were treated for
free. As if that was not enough, the popular businessman has been
distributing food as well as reaching out to the needy and the elderly
among other things.

Over the weekend, Modi brought over two hundred residents from the
constituency to witness the launch of the inaugural Raji Modi Cup
tournament in Barham Green.

A total of eight junior teams took part in the tournament which is set to
be an annual event.

“I have always been a great lover of sport and have helped a lot of such
clubs, such as the Heath Streak Academy and also contributed tremendously
in the SRC Board, where I currently hold a position,” Modi told the

He also offered to resuscitate the Barham Green Sports Club which he said
will be the centre for the tournament.

“As we launch this event, I want to promise you that Barham Green sports
club will never be the same again. Firstly, we are undertaking an
assessment report on what can be resuscitated repaired or replaced. From
there, change will begin to happen. I am a man of few words and more
action,” he said.

Regional parties speak on presidential aspirants

OVER a hundred political parties have registered with the Zimbabwe
Electoral Commission (Zec) to take part in the much-anticipated plebiscite
due end of next month.

However, a record 23 parties in the end successfully fielded presidential
candidates. Some of those who didn’t field are regional parties.

While veteran politician Dumiso Dabengwa last week decided in the last
minute to drop his presidential ambitions by not filing his papers at the
Nomination Court, he surprised many when he revealed he was going to back
MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa for the hotly-contested

Newly-formed United Movement for Devolution led by Lovemore Moyo – the
former Speaker of Parliament – said party members were free to vote for
any presidential candidate of their choice.

“Officially, we are not backing any presidential candidate in the 2018
harmonised elections.

“The reason being that the 2018 harmonised elections were never part of
our political strategy hence there was no party decision on who to support
among the aspiring presidents,” he said.

“However, our members are free to exercise their constitutional right to
vote for a presidential candidate of their choice since our party did not
field a presidential candidate,” Moyo added.

Moyo said the party has fielded House of Assembly as well as local
government candidates.

“We fielded 16 council candidates across the region. I am happy to inform
you that 15 council candidates were successful and only one was
disqualified,” Moyo told Southern News.

“We fielded eight parliamentary candidates across the region and all of
them were successful.

“I am extremely satisfied with this milestone achievement in a short space
of time.

“Remember, the number of candidates fielded in both parliamentary and
local authority seats reflects the extent to which UMD has covered ground
since its inception,” he said.

Alliance for National Salvation (Ansa) president Moses Mzila Ndlovu said
he could not contest the presidential race due to financial challenges but
said they have advised their members not to vote anyone from Zanu PF.

“We only managed to field five candidates and everything was determined by
the depth of our pockets. So I could not vie for the presidential race yet
I didn’t even have money to support the other candidates,” he said.

“As for which presidential candidate we are going to back, we have not yet
resolved that one but we have told our supporters not to vote anyone with
a Zanu PF surname.

“We just said to them, use your conscience and vote a presidential
candidate of your choice but don’t vote Zanu PF,” Mzila Ndlovu said.

Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) president Mqondisi Moyo said their party
had nothing to do with national elections.

“As for the presidency, we are not backing anyone as MRP,” he said.

“We don’t have a say in determining who rules in Zimbabwe since we are
said to be the minority and it’s not people from Matabeleland and Midlands
who put Zanu PF into power in 1980 and I feel even right now it is said
that 5,4 million people registered to vote this year and from the three
provinces that is Mat North, Mat South and Bulawayo the figure does not
surpass 800 000 and this means the 4,6 million people from other provinces
can determine who is the next president without us.”