‘Speed limiter will reduce accidents’ 

Source: ‘Speed limiter will reduce accidents’ | The Herald March 12, 2019

‘Speed limiter will reduce accidents’

Columbus Mabika Herald Reporter
Dubai automobile technology firm, Autograde International, has started supplying and fitting vehicles in the country with speed limiter technology, a move the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) says will reduce road carnage.

A speed limiter is a mechanism used to limit the top speed of a vehicle. A local company, Systech Africa, is curating the device and its operations director Mr Tendai Mujuru said the gadget has already been certified by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) and installations have started.

“In conjunction with Autograde International of Dubai, we have brought the speed limiter technology to Zimbabwe,” he said.

“The technology has already been certified by SAZ and we have already started fitting vehicles for various organisations. So far we have installed all Mukumba buses, among others.”

Autograde, Mr Mujuru said, is the first company to fix and supply the speed limiter technology in the country. Mr Mujuru called on public transport operators to adopt the technology as a way to avoid accidents.

“We are almost approaching the Easter holidays, let’s avoid carelessness and speeding when driving,” he said.

“In this vein, we urge public transport operators to value the lives of people they are carrying and avoid speeding.

Mr Mujuru said this year alone, they were expecting to fit 200 000 cars with the device.

Besides reducing accidents, Mr Mujuru said, the speed limiter technology will also create thousands of job opportunities in the automobile industry.

TSCZ managing director Mr Obio Chinyere said the investment complements traffic laws in the country which require all public service vehicles to be fitted with the device.

“This has been a long overdue move. Our law requires all public service cars to be fitted with the device that can help reduce accidents by 60 percent and could save thousands of lives,” he  said.

“We have drivers who cannot by themselves control speed, that is when the device becomes of  use. The bulk of accidents in this country are mainly caused by speeding.”

In 2018, over 2 000 people lost their lives due to road traffic accidents caused mainly by human error and speeding.


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    mazano rewayi 2 years ago

    Better roads, clean licensing and diligent policing will do a better job, leaving the gadget money for fuel.