Temporary importation of goods for elections coverage 

Source: Temporary importation of goods for elections coverage | The Herald July 26, 2018

As we approach the elections date, we are expecting an influx of visitors into the country including foreign journalists covering the elections. To ensure smooth passage at the borders and avoid unnecessary delays at the borders, concerned stakeholders including clearing agents, diplomatic missions and Zimra officials are expected to adhere to the following guidelines.

The equipment

We anticipate that the visitors will bring in equipment such as cameras, video recording or filming equipment, drones, broadcasting equipment, food and other consumables.

General requirements

All goods have to be identifiable and where possible, serial numbers and identifying marks of the goods should be inscribed on the goods and endorsed on the clearance form, that is, the Application for Temporary Importation Privileges (ATIP) so that they can be identified on exportation. The invoice should be detailed and specify marks, quantities, including the weights where appropriate and value of the goods.

Controlled Importations

Some goods such as broadcasting equipment require import permits/licences from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Whilst drones require import authority from the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ). CAAZ requires the invoice containing identifying marks of the drones to process the requisite import authority. Importers should ascertain before departure from their home countries, what permits, if any, are required for the importation of their goods.

Clearance Procedure

Temporary Imports

The procedure shall be by completion of an Application for Temporary Importation Privileges (ATIP). The ATIP shall be guaranteed by a registered Commercial bank, Insurance Company or a cash deposit lodged with Zimra. Registered Clearing Agents also known as Customs Brokers in some jurisdictions are best placed to assist the importers with the customs formalities. A list of the clearing agents is available is available on our website.  There are clearing agents who hold valid Temporary Importation bonds. Such agents can use their bonds as security for entering the goods only at the ports where their bond is held.


Documentations required include invoices/inventories, packing lists and all ordinary shipping documents used in the clearance of cargo. They will be required to process the ATIP or paying the duty at the time of clearance. The following should be produced:

A duly completed Form 55 (Application for Temporary Importation Privileges) either covered by a cash deposit, or guaranteed by a Bank or Insurance Company registered in Zimbabwe.

A list in triplicate of the goods showing quantities, descriptions and values.

Commercial invoices for the goods

Permanent importations

This refers to goods which will remain in Zimbabwe after the visit and includes free handouts, consumables and give-aways. Any printed advertising matter and technical literature for free distribution will also attract duty. Full duty is payable on these goods on importation.  However visitors are allowed to bring into Zimbabwe goods which are for personal use of a value of up to USD$200 without payment of duty.

NB: It is recommended that, before departing to the border post, importers engage a Clearing/Forwarding Agent to assist with the clearing of goods.  If this measure is taken, and when he is in receipt of the relevant documents, the agent can accompany the importer to Zimra offices to effect clearance when the cargo arrives at the port of entry.

Business Hours

Beitbridge Border Post — 24 hours

Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport — 24 hours

Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport — 0600-1800 hours

Victoria Falls International Airport — 0600-1800 Hours

Plumtree Border Post — 06.00-22.00 Hours

Victoria Border Post — 06.00-22.00Hrs

Chirundu Border Post — 06.00-22.00Hrs

Forbes Border Post — 06.00-20.00Hrs

Nyamapanda Border Post — 06.00-20.00Hrs


This article was compiled by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority for information purposes only. Zimra shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from use of material in this article and no liability will attach to the Zimbabwe Revenue  Authority. 


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