Treasury seeks $18bn for infrastructure development 

Source: Treasury seeks $18bn for infrastructure development – NewsDay Zimbabwe


TREASURY has announced plans to raise $18 billion in the second half of this year for infrastructure development, notwithstanding the COVID-19 impact on cashflow.

“The 2020 budget targeted to raise $25 billion for infrastructure development. As at end of July 2020, $6,6 billion had been invested and the remainder of $18 billion would be raised and injected during the last half of 2020. Priority projects are continuing — the construction of Hwange 7 & 8 expansion project together with rehabilitation of other thermal power stations, Harare-Beitbridge Highway rehabilitation and expansion as well as other roads, expansion of RGM [Robert Gabriel Mugabe International] Airport and construction of the new Parliament building,” Treasury said in a report released last week.

Treasury has ring-fenced resources towards these projects, critical for enabling the doing business environment, and also has to provide social safety nets for citizens at a time half of the country’s population is food insecure.

The Hwange 7&8 expansion (600MW) is 45% complete with the Harare-Beitbridge Highway expansion underway. There are five contractors on the ground targeting to complete 200km this year. To date, over $600 million has been disbursed towards the project.

On dam construction, five dams are being prioritised this year, which are Marovanyati, Causeway, Chivhu, Gwai-Shangani and Sengwa.


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    Nyoni 1 year ago

    Here we go again. Billions stolen and not returned to the people. Treasurer send all members of ZanuPF to upgrade their skills . For over 40 years nothing has been learnt, absolutely zero. What’s next . Zimbabwe needs more children ? I don’t know .