US SENATE DEBATE: Lacoste Furious As MDC Tells US Keep Zimbabwe Sanctions In Place Until After 2018 Elections

US SENATE DEBATE: Lacoste Furious As MDC Tells US Keep Zimbabwe Sanctions In Place Until After 2018 Elections

Source: US SENATE DEBATE: Lacoste Furious As MDC Tells US Keep Zimbabwe Sanctions In Place Until After 2018 Elections | ZimEye

Staff Reporter| The US Senate was yesterday told to keep sanctions and punitive measures on ZANU PF in place until after 2018 elections.

Presenting before the panel, former Finance Minister Tendai Biti said the opposition movements will only advise the IMF and other institutions after assessing the conduct of the 2018 elections.

Biti spoke to a panel of senators saying the western world must only assist when reforms have been effected and acted upon by the Emmerson Mnangagwa regime.

He said, “if we are able to deliver as a country a free fair and legitimate election, in respect of which everyone accepts the results thereof and the provisions of the constitution spelt out in Section 2 of our constitution, the founding values of the constitution that deal with power transfer are respected and there is genuine power transfer in Zimbabwe, then quite clearly, there is an obligation in the international community to assist us particularly the third question where we have to engage the World Bank, the IMF and the Paris Club of lenders.”

Biti’s co panelist Dewa Mavhinga also added saying the US should push SADC, AU to insist on a roadmap for free elections, demanding domestic and international observers, and making sure outgoing ZEC boss Rita Makarau’s replacement is independent.

The development sparked a flame of fury inside ZANU PF’s Lacoste faction.

Tanzania-based political analysts Mr Tafadzwa Mugwadi said the MDC was exposing itself as a Trojan horse of imperialists. “Zimbabweans must be vigilant to repel this sanctions-mongering lot in the MDC. It is shocking that instead of contributing to the success of our new dispensation, the MDC is busy taking its begging bowl to its paymasters in their false hope of salvaging a clinically dead carcass. It is even more shameful that they are double dipping since they also get funded under the Political Parties Finance Act from Government. Unfortunately, they have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing since 2002 and come 2018, the writing is on the wall. President Mnangagwa is the only game in town.’


Another political analyst, Mr Goodwine Mureriwa, said the MDC was misdirecting its efforts. “They are misdirecting their efforts. When Zanu-PF is gearing itself for elections by going for Congress this week to confirm their Presidential candidate, when it is encouraging its supporters to register to vote and when it is in the electoral mode, they (MDCs) are not doing the same. They are going outside to look for money but money does not vote,” he said. Mr Mureriwa said it was also surprising that the MDCs were in America looking for funding which they have received and abused since 1999.

‘The CIA knows that the opposition abused their funding from 1999 running into billions of dollars. Everyone knows what Tsvangirai did with the money . . . They are splinter movements in the MDC that came out of fights over foreign funding. They went to America and advocated for sanctions and sanctions came – they expect electoral reforms in Zimbabwe from America? In international law no country can make a policy on behalf of another as this is tantamount to interference.” Mr Mureriwa said the MDC was going to meet a very unreliable man in Donald Trump.

“They are desperate for funding but they are going to meet a very unreliable guy. This is the guy who said America first, America second, America third. They should have realised the Trump whom they are putting so much trust in is an unprincipled leader who is now doubted by everyone in international relations. He has made statements on Iran, Iraq and declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel in violation of standing UN resolutions on how to handle the Palestinian issue,” added Mr Mureriwa.


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    clybert Kundiona 5 years ago

    What right minded person would go out to campaign for sanctions against his country all in the name of wanting to rule. This is the same person who would want votes in the next elections whilst they advocate for the suffering of the electorate. This has become an African ideology to ask for punishment of innocent people because some monkey wants to ascend to power.

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      Get lost you ZANU lackey. Nothing will be forthcoming so long as ZANU is in power. Go and look east, Comrade. China and Russia and North Korea have no sanctions. And they are not the filthy imperialistic west, remember?

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    Wechitembwe 5 years ago

    Taura zveku ZANU PF kwenyu isu tiite what we want with our future. Supporting supporting supporting success of our new dispensation, I do not know how myopic this analyst sees a new dispensation led by his desperate leader….he is your leader work alongside him not us so do not be hurt by actions the constitution offers tenets of free association, assembly and freedom of speech, by the way. your dear leader should explain better as lawyer that every Zimbabwe is free to associate with whosoever likes. Your new dispensation is about Mnangagwa haaaa what new there

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    jojo;la 5 years ago

    those MDC guyz are now in confusion…

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    I am personally not seeing anything wrong about the MDC move. What worries me more is the noise from ZANU PF. Why are they wasting their energy on blaming MDC rather than implementing the reforms needed for democracy.ZANU PF knows what needs to be corrected and done to have a garden of democracy. Why are they scared of democracy in the country, a thing which is good for everyone.

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    Our new dispensation. Haha. They are immediately on the attack. They should be contrite and humble considering they have ruined Zimbabwe. Wasn’t it just the other day Mnangagwa was saying he would be a servant of the people? Now they hate the thought of elections being witnessed by international observers.

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    Nyoni 5 years ago

    The MDC lot are wrong here. They should of agreed to a withdrawal of sanctions but insist on free and fair elections from our new regime before running off to America. This government ‘guarantee ‘ would of went a long way to appease the Americans. By sucking up to the Americans made them look like lackeys. We are not puppets of America or anyone else for that matter.

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    Future Muzondo 5 years ago

    It is shocking to note once again that the MDC have nothing to offer to solve the country’s problems, but sanctions. The sanctions hurt the man on the street most and not they and the other fat cats. If they think they are going to win elections by merely punishing the electorate they will get the shock of their lives. Most people are already fed up with the MDC’s dirty tactics of wanting to get into power, i.e., at all cost.

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    Allen Tongai 5 years ago

    MDC made a wrong move here. They asked for sanctions and for the last 17 years Zimbabweans have suffered. How does an opposition ask the government where are the jobs and then turn round and ask America to maintain sanctions. If truth be told this is treasonous. If sanctions are lifted, youths in Chamisa’s constituency have better chances of finding jobs. It’s sad he would rather have America keep him in their hearts where funding is concerned rather than young Zimbabweans finally getting a break.

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    Derek Adamson 5 years ago

    All the responses about sanctions are missing the point…..the sanctions are against individuals not the nation!!!!! You are just parroting Mugabe’s consistent propaganda.

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    patriot 5 years ago

    For all intents and purposes there is no justification for asking for free and fair elections yet advocating for sanctions on the other hand that further the suffering of the innocent poor that need jobs as soon as yesterday