UZ exam derails Mohadi’s protection order trial 

Source: UZ exam derails Mohadi’s protection order trial – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 10, 2019


Vice-President Kembo Mohadi’s application for a protection order which was set to be heard at the Civil Courts in Harare yesterday was once again postponed for the second time after his estranged ex-wife, Tambudzani Mleya Mohadi sought postponement on the basis that she is writing examinations at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

The VP and his former wife have been at each other’s throat since the pair’s marriage was dissolved by the High Court recently.

Mohadi’s lawyer Norman Mugiya however, declined to shed more light on the matter, but confirmed the postponement of the matter to the end of this month.

“I cannot comment on the matter because it is before the court, but what I can simply say is that it has been postponed to end of this month at the behest of the defendant (Mleya) who is writing examinations at the UZ,” he said.

The last time he matter was postponed, it was the VP who had made a request to be allowed time to respond to Tambudzani’s affidavit.

According to the court papers, Tambudzani denied having caused problems warranting the granting of a protection order against her accusing Mohadi of being the most violent party between the two.

In her affidavit Tambudzani said at one point Mohadi had to be restrained by police officers and his aides after making attempts to shoot her and bludgeon her with an iron bar.

But in his affidavit Mohadi said he would not set his foot at the Beitbridge former matrimonial home given the violent nature of Tambudzani for which reason he has petitioned the court seeking a protection order.

Mohadi also said he is seeking another order interdicting Tambudzani from harassing him and interfering with his farm workers, but Mleya opposed the application challenging the authenticity of his affidavit.

Tambudzani’s challenge then prompted the court to postpone the matter by consent to allow Mohadi enough time to answer to the alleged fraudulent affidavit.

In his evidence Mohadi said he was harassed by Tambudzani when he went to collect his personal property from the pair’s former matrimonial home in Beitbridge.

“On March 31, 2019, I had to go to my former matrimonial home in the company of the police so that everything will be done peacefully and within the ambits of the law. The respondent (Mleya) had to be restrained by the police from attacking me. I proceeded to collect my property and I left and since then I have never been there and will never be there,” he said.

But in her response Tambudzani said the opposite of what the VP had articulated was what actually happened on the day in question.

“…The applicant (Mohadi) turned violent because the respondent refused to entertain his unreasonable and unlawful request. The applicant threatened to assault and to kill the respondent in front of several police officers and his aids. The applicant’s aides stopped him from assaulting the respondent with a steel bar as well as shooting the respondent with a gun…,” she said.