‘Vote for female President’ 

Source: ‘Vote for female President’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 17, 2018

UNITED Democracy Movement (UDM) leader Violet Mariyacha has called on the electorate to go against the norm and vote for a female presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections, claiming male candidates had a proven poor leadership record.


Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting to elect a new national executive council for her party, Mariyacha said: “Males have been letting us down for long, so I urge you to rally behind a female presidential candidate like me. The people of Zimbabwe really need change and new insights. They now prefer a mother because mothers have a soft touch and heart.

“Age doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take away the brilliant plans I have for Zimbabwe. Many of our aspiring MPs and councillors are youths, so we are guaranteed that victory is certain. Although we are a small party, we are going to field House of Assembly candidates in all constituencies,” she said.

Mariyacha extended the begging bowl to well-wishers to fund her party programmes.

Other UDM executives include chairman Eddington Mugova, secretary-general Andrew Nyati, national organising secretary Sam Mudzimurema, Paul Sakarombe (treasurer-general) and Gerber Ngwere (national information and publicity officer).