War veterans breathe fire •rally behind Mutsvangwa •accuse G40 of fronting regime change

via War veterans breathe fire •rally behind Mutsvangwa •accuse G40 of fronting regime change | The Herald February 16, 2016

Fidelis Munyoro Chief Reporter—
THE Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) yesterday rallied behind its national chairman Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa and dismissed the vote of no-confidence passed against him and three others last week as null and void, accusing the protagonists of being agents of regime change.An emergency meeting was held under a tense atmosphere at a city hotel yesterday and was attended by provincial chairpersons and national executive members from all the country’s 10 provinces.

They all pledged solidarity with Cde Mutsvangwa, his wife Monica, vice chairman Cde Headman Moyo and secretary-general Cde Victor Matemadanda, who were purportedly ousted last Friday by some war veterans headed by Cde Mandy Chimene.

The solidarity messages were punctuated with the slogan “Pasi neG40”, with some members responding with “Pamberi neOperation Shumba”.

After the solidarity messages in support of Cde Mutsvangwa, Cde Matemadanda was in a no-nonsense mood as he spelt out the agenda of the meeting which sought to adopt a special resolution to convene an emergency general meeting of freedom fighters to look into recent developments in the association, the party and the nation.

At the centre of recent developments, Cde Matemadanda said, was the recent abusive language and the vilification of the war veterans at a rally in Rushinga in October last year addressed by the First Lady and the emergence ‘within Zanu-PF of counter-revolutionary clique G40 (Generation 40)’.

“Recent developments notably, harassment, suspensions and expulsions of revolutionary elements within Zanu-PF in defiance of the party’s constitution and procedures, by or at the instance of G40. Dissipation of resources,” said Cde Matemadanda.

He said there was brutal and inhuman treatment of citizens by local authorities at the behest of Minister of Local Government Saviour Kasukuwere through the destruction of homes and livelihoods.

“Houses are being destroyed and women with babies just coming out of hospitals are being left homeless. It is like Zimbabwe has become a war zone like what is happening in the Middle East. This is wishing for the instability of the Middle East to be experienced in Zimbabwe,” he charged.

“We are seeing bulldozers of America destroying and killing our companions in that country. This is what is happening here.” Cde Matemadanda also talked about paying lip service to the plight of the people.

“Some people are dying of hunger yet there are people who are bragging and showing off their riches. Rich people who live in luxury after acquiring homes for free while the ordinary people suffer. War veterans did not suffer for those in positions of authority. No! We suffered for the ordinary people who were being abused by the white man. We are saying no to that.”

On corruption, Cde Matemadanda said the scourge was alarming in the country and corrupt people were well known in the country. He said instead of stemming corruption, the corrupt people were being awarded.

“We are saying it is time to tell the truth. No one gave us authority to pursue the liberation struggle. The liberation struggle is now being rubbished. We are not going to ask for permission to fight corruption. To fight nyaya yekudzvinyirirwa kwe povo,’’ he charged.

Cde Matemadanda also said recently the country witnessed the violation of the constitution and rule of law when police arrested Prosecutor-General Mr Johannes Tomana in connection with the bombing of Gushungo Dairy. He said Mr Tomana was tried and sentenced to one-year in prison while he was out of the country on state business.

“Where else have you seen a Prosecutor General being tried and sentenced while in the west or north Africa? He was sentenced to a year in prison. Imagine this is a man you entrusted as the custodian of your laws. He is arrested, tried and sentenced while he is far way from his country. You shove him in an open truck. You are humiliating your own constitution. You want us to be persuaded by somebody to see that this is nonsense.”

Cde Matemadanda said people should not interfere with the security sector. He warned those pushing for the security sector reform agenda of the Western governments through vilification of the defence forces. In other countries, he said, if you burn an army uniform you risk being charged with treason.

“A soldier is a symbol of the State. But now the military has been made child’s play at rallies. Soldiers take allegiance oaths and even if you scold him, he cannot answer back. We are soldiers because once a soldier, always a soldier,” he said.

“But we know the conditions under which they live sacrificing their lives. Even the young ones who went to war to protect Zimbabwe’s interests in Mozambique, Somalia, more recently DRC, everywhere. They died, but they have not been respected by the people they protected. Vanhu varikuenjoya maresources avarikuchengeta vanhu ivavo. Musoja anotaurwa parally. Musoja anotongwa ne Defence Forces Act.”

This, said Cde Matemadanda, showed that the centre is being disturbed.

“It is one centre that should be holding, but vanhu varikuenda vachinotanhaura masimba ecentre vachigovana,” he said adding. “The powers of the State are not given to two or three people. It is one and that one is President Mugabe”.

Cde Matemadanda said they know where all these machinations are leading to. He said the West and all those with regime change agenda knew there would be a reaction to this. He said the freedom fighters fought the Smith-regime and would not be intimidated.

Cde Matemadanda asked what crime the freedom fighters committed for them to be insulted.

“Chii chatakanyanya kutadza? Kunzi urimuwar vet watova benzi pavanhu. Chambonyanya kushata chii? Tidanei mutiudze. Kana takapusa tikasunungura nyika chigarikayi makanyarara. Munotitukirei? Zvamurikudya zvakanaka takamboti tipeiwo? Idyayika ndimi muneluck. Idyai mugute isu tife nenzara. Matekenya tisu, nhasi nhamo tisu. Ndoomugove wedu iwowo.”

Turning on tribalism, Cde Matemadanda said there is no place for ethnicity slur in Zimbabwe. He said some people were seeking to divide and confuse the nation through promotion of tribalism at a rally in Chiweshe last week. He said as war veterans they were shocked by the song “MaZezuru unconquerable” and berating the Karangas. “Murikuti tidii? Murikuti chii maTusti nemaHutu muno muZimbabwe?”asked Cde Matemadanda.

He said in Zimbabwe people are one, fought the war as one and would remain one people. This country, he added was not for the Zezuru, Kalanga, Venda, Tonga or Ndebele but Zimbabweans. “Munoda kuti zvisvike pakadii? Zvirikuda maporofita here kuti muone kuti nyika uirikuendakupi?

Cd Matemadanda said the G40 machinations have created a real crisis which called for urgent resolutions.

“This is a deliberate G40 scheme backed by certain western powers, to emasculate the association and the party and thus precipitate a national crisis through paralysis and capture of State and Zanu-PF power by G40,” said Cde Matemadanda.

“The gravity of the situation and importance of the matter to freedom fighters and the general citizenry requires that the matter be given serious attention through debate and resolution by the general congress of members.”

Speaking at the same occasion, Cde Mutsvangwa said he would take the special resolution adopted by the national executive to President Mugabe, who is the patron of the association for his consideration and map the way forward.

He assured the freedom fighters that President Mugabe has an ear for the war veterans because he was part of them. He said the war veterans had nothing to fear. “You are the angels of revolution. You are President Mugabe’s angels, and angels for the departed heroes of the struggle,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

“Masoja edu haasi ekutamba nawo, tinozviziva,” Cde Mutsvangwa said banging the table. He said Zimbabweans would be happy and in peace to hear that freedom fighters met and discussed the events occurring in the country.

“You are here in civilian clothes and your colleagues in uniform- you know them. They too, will be happy and will sleep tight today because of this meeting,” said Cde Mutsvangwa adding, “You have calmed the situation.”


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    mapingu 8 years ago

    Haaaaa; tibvireyi mhani; imi mazidofo eZANU PF! Inga wani One-Centre-Of-Power (murume wenyu), Gushungo, akataura kare wani kuti everything is always fine in his house – no factionalism no what. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • comment-avatar
    Weganda Jena 8 years ago

    Because the war veterans allowed themselves to be abused by ZANU PF to abuse the electorate; because the upper echelons of the military through Zvinavashe allowed themselves to be abused by ZANU PF through “straight jacket position” and abuse the electorate; because Ngwena and company allowed themselves to be abused and abuse the general populance; surely tell me! What is your point in the article; do you want continuation of Mutsvangwa nonsense> Let them suffer same way we have suffered. Tribalism was plummeted by Mai Mujuru and her Cabal through Ray Kaukonde and their Zezuru business empire but it wont succeed.

  • comment-avatar
    kalulu 8 years ago

    Let’s hope the war veterans have seen the real light at long last but they should go further and not worship anyone even the president but to be guided by both the national constitution and their party constitution and not pay allegiance to a mere mortal beyond what he deserves.

    They are now saying they fought for the people and yet during the general elections they were sent to usurp the rights of people to elect MP’s and a national president of their choice.

    Have they forgotten establishing ‘torture centres’ throughout the country beating, torturing innocent people to death for the sake of keeping Mugabe in power and now because Grace is savaging them they are retracing their roots.

    Could the war veterans make a public declaration that they now stand for people’s rights including the freedoms to belong to a political party of their choice and not to be ‘herded’ to poling stations by chiefs, war veterans and misguided ZANU of youths to vote for a particular party against their wishes.

  • comment-avatar
    Adam Jones 8 years ago

    These are the same o vets who delivered hell on earth under Jabulani sibanda. Now that they are being vilified they jump up n down asking bob to beat up his wife? Do they honestly think that bob is oblivious of what his stupid wife is doing? They are deluded if that is what they think. But then what can one expect from o vets?

    It’s part of bob’s plan – divide n rule. It always has been. Tragedy is that our country has gone to the dogs while he plays his game of survival. As for the o vets, let them shout from the mountain top – no one listens to them any more. They lost all credibility when they sold their souls for $50 000 back then , triggering the demise of our economy. Now that bob has no more use for them, they are beginning to feel the cold. The rest of us have never really experience freedom despite 1980. We simply moved from white oppression to even worse oppression by dark black ZANU …

  • comment-avatar
    Tinomunamataishe 8 years ago

    The so called war veterans lost respect a long time ago, I am surprised to hear they are still making noises.

    This is a very small minority of the population who think the rest of the population owes them a living.

    Mugabe has used them as a toy and they have been running errands for him all these years without even thinking.

    Now that Mugabe sees that he can do away with them they cry foul.

    Where were they when Mugabe was looting money out of treasury to satisfy their appetites?

    Where were they when people were being killed just for supporting a party that was not Zanu PF?

    Now they want to sound very patriotic yet deep down these are the most selfish people on planet earth.

    I hope Grace continues to denigrate them, they thought they were sacrosanct, the truth is they are not.

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    amina 8 years ago

    The last Hero and war veteran died last year, the rest masquerading as war veterans are all girlfriends of Mugabe. Mhanda was the man who could stand up and oppose Mugabe, he was the only one who also pointed out at the historical errors that started way back in the 1970s which lead to the split of ZANU PF from ZIPA and then lead to the formation of two war military groups, ZIPRA and ZANLA which then resulted in two political parties. He alluded to the betrayal of Sithole at the behest of Shonas and then the sudden demise of General Tongogara and the cosy relationship of Gen Mujuru and Mugabe. He went on to reiterate the dictatorship of Mugabe and the evil of alliance of Mugabe and Mnangagwa that saw some war veterans being barnished from gains of independence and prior to that where Gumbo and partners were arrest. These so called war veterans are stupid, selfish and ignorant. When Grace run down Mujuru they stood and even sidelined her. Jabulani Sibanda was a loner in the fight. Mutsvangwa went to discredit Mujuru on issues. Yet Mugabe is not even a war veteran, but a war collaborator hence he never risked his life in front of a barrel of a gun. Now they seem to be waking up, but their image has been tainted so much that its difficult to see through. Mnangagwa must stand up and face the coward Mugabe.