WATCH: Mnangagwa’s supporters beating opposition members

Zanu supporters beating opposition members.


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    Ndebele 4 years ago

    Why don’t Zanu and the Government announce the results for the upcoming elections now? WE all know that they (Zanu and the ZNA) are going to rig them. So why would be go to all the trouble of pretending to have an election when Zimbabwe has not had a free and election for 38 years? The Pommiea and Zanu have it all stitched up altready like they did in 1980. There are two or three descriptive words that spring to mindand they all apply to the Zanu/British Government Alliance. The first two are Fart and Farce. The election will be a complete Farce and the results will truly stink of like a good Zanu/British Fart. Watch and sniff this space for more Zanu – British Farty Farces.