What happened to the culprits?


A loyal reader has compiled a pretty comprehensive list of the looting that has taken place in Zimbabwe over the past 37 years. Take a look: Imagine what we could have achieved if all this money had been properly utilised.
(1982)The Paweni scandal .
(1986)National Railways Housing Scandal
.(1986).Air Zimbabwe Fokker Plane Scandal worth $100 million
.(1987), Zisco Steel blast Furnace Scandal
. (1987), Willowgate Scandal
(1988), ZRP Santana Scandal
.(1989), War Victims Compensation Scandal
(1994), GMB Grain Scandal
(1995), VIP Housing Scandal
(1996), Boka Banking Scandal
(1998)ZESA YTL Soltran Scandal
.(1998), – Harare City Council Refuse Tender Scandal
.(1998), Housing Loan Scandal
(1999), Noczim Scandal
(1999), GMB Scandal
(1999), – Ministry of water and rural development Chinese tender scandal
(1999), Harare Airport Scandal
(2001), pillaging and milking of Ziscosteel.
.(2005)kundozi Scandal
(2005-8), pillaging of diamonds in Chiadzwa
(2006-present), the Airport Road Scandal
(2008),pillaging of the central bank.
.(2014 )salary gate Scandal
(2014).navistar insurance Scandal
(2015) air zimbabwe scandal
.(2015)Zinara procurement Scandal
.Zesa Scandal (2015)
(2015)Psmas Scandal
(2016) Jonathan Moyo and Gandawa brazen fraud of ZIMDEF funds
Chombo ignatius
Mpofu obert
The Mujuru empire
Mandiwanzira supa
PSMAS – Cuthbert Dube
Minister Parirenyatwa advance payment from PSMAS

2.ZBC Bosses -inflating the price of that van, and mega salaries
4.Zimra hogging the limelight, mega salaries – nothing done
5.City of Harare bungling on labour and payig huge salaries – nothing done
6.Zisco steel bled dry, and all of Redcliff made destitute – nothing done
7.Essar deal for Zisco came and went nothing, Hwange also on its knees
8. The $15Billion Chiadzwa leak, no one held to account, nothig
9.Nssa has been in the headlines, for a long time, inflated packages, inflated salaries



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    what about Chinamasa’s son leaving the country with 7 million bucks in cash, some was for his friends??

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    Thank you for the record.
    Could you elaborate by naming the individuals involved?

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    Red Dog 4 years ago

    Spending your time compiling useless lists. Get a life you loser. Get a job or find something sensible to occupy you.

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    Unfortunately I don’t remember the individuals except the ministers son, who was apparently driving through to South Africa via Beitbridge where the money was discovered, it was apparently not only for him but a couple of other students.
    it could have been fake news at the time but generally speaking there is no smoke without fire?

    As to Red Dog, has the editor of this report struck a nerve somewhere and somehow, perhaps you think things were run in a very orderly way for the last 37 years ? millions of Zimbos would disagree as witnessed by the solidarity march with the military last month