‘ZANU PF will not brook anarchy’

Source: ‘ZANU PF will not brook anarchy’ | The Sunday Mail

‘ZANU PF will not brook anarchy’

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The ruling party will not stand idle as opposition activists promote anarchy but will respond appropriately to any threats to the country’s peace, ZANU PF acting spokesman Cde Patrick Chinamasa has said.

On Friday, President Mnangagwa, who is the ruling party’s First Secretary, also warned  Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that are dabbling in politics that they risk being de-registered.

Political activists and those aligned to the opposition have been fanning anti-Government sentiment, particularly on social media platforms, calling for protests.

Briefing journalists after the 341st Ordinary Session of the Zanu PF Politburo in Harare on Friday, Cde Chinamasa said the ruling party will not allow a repeat of the August 1, 2018 and January 2019 violence that was designed to destabilise the country.

The revolutionary party, he said, would not brook threats against a constitutionally-elected Government.

“We have noted statements from some social media platforms to plan and organise violent protests and overthrow a constitutionally-elected Government.

“Let me say to (MDC Alliance leader Nelson) Chamisa and those who are calling for demonstrations on July 31 that what happened protesting on August 1, 2018 and January 2019 will not happen again. We want to send this warning loud and clear to Chamisa that whatever you are threatening on July 31, we say, come to the front and face the risk.”

He added: “Those who are plotting anarchy should know that ZANU PF is not sleeping. This time we are ready and we will not allow a repeat of what happened before.”

He said the Politburo had received a report on plans by the opposition to organise violent demonstrations.

“Those doing so must stand warned and the law will not hesitate to deal with those. Our democracy and rule of law is very clear on how a Government is constituted. The meeting advised those planning to sneak themselves into Government violently through the back-door to desist from such devious agendas because they will have themselves to blame.”

Foreign missions

In his address, President Mnangagwa warned foreign embassies overstepping their mandate through clandestinely lending support to the opposition.

“Civil society organisations must stick to the functions and roles for which they were registered. Those who deviate from their mandates will attract de-registration,” the President said.

“Some of our guests of the State, our foreign embassies, are reminded that Zimbabwe is an independent and sovereign nation. They are once again dissuaded from interfering in our internal affairs and should stop forthwith funding of the destabilisation activities.”

Government, President Mnangagwa said, was alert to labour movements that were hiding behind workers’ grievances to drive political agendas.

“I urge those who purport to represent workers to do just that. It is a one-way traffic lane. Political ambitions and views belong to another lane. Choose the lane you walk on. Those in politics must seek the mandate of the people every five years, through the ballot box. That is the constitutional way, that is the rule of law way, that is the democratic way,” he said.


Cde Chinamasa, who is also ZANU PF’s secretary for finance, said Government, through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce led by Dr Sekai Nzenza, would leverage on the recently unveiled $18 billion stimulus package to support enterprises grappling with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“She (Dr Nzenza) reported that her ministry is doing an impact assessment to determine how many companies and industries have been affected, with 17 percent of enterprises having closed temporarily. The ministry is taking advantage of the stimulus package provided by the President.”

The ruling party is confident that the recently introduced Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe foreign currency auction system will stabilise the economy.

“We believe that overtime, we will get to a point where there will be an equilibrium in terms of the stability of the exchange rate. Eventually we believe that this will lead to a stability in prices.”

Party members are presently being rallied to play an active role in contributing to productive programmes such as the Pfumvudza initiative in agriculture.

“Politburo also commended programmes such as Pfumvudza for productivity by people with minimal resources, such as communal farmers.

“We are very happy that this programme is working well. We have stimulated our structures to participate fully in this programme. Awareness is being raised by our structures such as the Women’s League and the Youth League.”

The party also noted the rampant cases of corruption happening in the local councils, especially those controlled by the opposition.


  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 2 years ago

    But ZanuPF everybody seems to be the enemy . If they all are then who are you ruling. The opposition is there for a reason so we don’t understand what you are saying. Implementing a one party policy today is outdated ZanuPF and works for dictators only.
    Democracy as we say is followed according to policies to suit all citizens. Laws made for the party ,the opposition etc to uphold. Unfortunately degrees have not nurtured this so what was taught in school was all for nothing. Might as well have stayed in kumusha eating murewo and sadza all day. A wasted education if we can say so. Mugabe’s degrees proved this waste don’t you agree ZanuPF.
    This lesson believe it or not is being taught in schools and universities around the world. God what a disgrace.

  • comment-avatar
    Ndebele 2 years ago

    Zanu is anarchy. Look what they did in the Genocide.

  • comment-avatar
    Marco Castro 2 years ago

    Zanu-PF threatening everybody afraid of 31 July demonstrations of people who just want to be able to get a decent live putting food on the table for their children.