Zapu mulls recalling ex-members in Zanu PF

Source: Zapu mulls recalling ex-members in Zanu PF – NewsDay Zimbabwe


OPPOSITION party Zapu has announced that it was considering recalling its former members who remained in Zanu PF after the party allegedly pulled out of the Unity Accord signed in 2008.

The party is allegedly concerned that those who remained in Zanu PF after the late Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa pulled out of the Unity Accord were the reason why Gukurahundi issues have not been resolved.

Around 20 000 unarmed civilians from Matabeleland and parts of Midlands province were massacred during the 1980s Gukurahundi genocide.

When Dabengwa pulled out in 2008, he demanded that all Zapu properties that were confiscated at the height of the genocide must be returned to the party.

Last week, Zapu spokesperson Mso Ndlovu told Southern Eye that the party’s national executive was discussing the issue of recalling its former members that are in Zanu PF.

“Firstly, we would be looking at whether these people add value to Zapu. Secondly, we will also consider whether recalling them adds any strategic value to the democracy project,” he said.

“Otherwise as Zapu, our party has severed ties permanently with the cult (Zanu PF) masquerading as a liberation movement.”

Ndlovu’s statement comes soon after dethroned Ntabazinduna chief, Nhlanhlayemangwe Felix Ndiweni urged Zapu to recall all former members who remained in Zanu PF after the pull out from the 1987 Unity Accord.

The Unity Accord was signed by the late former President Robert Mugabe and the late Vice-President and Zapu leader Joshua Nkomo.

Ndiweni advised the opposition party, now led by Sibangilizwe, Nkomo’s son, to initiate recalls of former Zapu members from Zanu PF.

Currently, the most notable senior remaining former Zapu members are Kembo Mohadi, Tshinga Dube, Angeline Masuku, Judith Ncube and Ambrose Mutinhiri, among others.

Ndiweni said Zapu should seek a ban on the use of its name in the purported Unity Accord with a declaration that the pact no longer exists.

“There was the murder of over
20 000 Ndebeles, the rape of over 100 000 women and young girls, the injury and maiming of over
300 000 people and the dislocation of over one million people. These are not small events,” he said.

“For even the murder of a single individual is significant. Even the rape of one 15-year-old girl is significant.

“So the Unity Accord of 1987 was designed to draw a line under the Fifth Brigade’s operations among the Ndebele nation. There was a power-sharing of some sorts, as the foundation of the amalgamation of Zanu and Zapu.

“Suddenly with shock and horror, we find that Zapu has lost the position of VP in government. Suddenly, we find that Zapu has lost the position of Home Affairs. Suddenly, we find that Zapu has lost the position of party national chair,” he said.

Ndiweni said the death of Simon Khaya Moyo worsened issues as Zapu had lost an important information portfolio.

“Mnangagwa has removed Zapu from Zanu PF. In short, the Unity Accord does not exist anymore.

Those still in Zanu PF claiming to be from Zapu need to leave Zanu PF,” he said, adding that they were claiming allegiance to Zapu using the party name to hold their political careers in Zanu PF.