Zimbabwe has real challenges ahead: Tendai Biti

Source: Zimbabwe has real challenges ahead: Tendai Biti

Former Zimbabwean finance minister Tendai Biti. File photo.

Former Zimbabwean finance minister Tendai Biti. File photo. 
Image: James Oatway

Former Zimbabwean finance minister Tendai Biti says the real challenge in the country starts now as it needs to rebuild the economy and reintegrate internationally.

Biti was speaking on Radio 702 on Wednesday following Robert Mugabe’s resignation as president on Tuesday.

The Zimbabwean leader submitted a letter to parliament‚ tendering his resignation as head of state‚ a week after the military seized power.

Biti said before Zimbabweans go to elections‚ the country needs to iron out a couple of issues.

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“We can’t go to an election when people are so alienated and isolated. We have certain fundamental things we have to deal with before we even think of an election‚” Biti said.

“We need to ensure there are new fundamental rules to make everyone safe‚ to make constitutionalism solid.”

He said the country also needs to deal with the issue of the constitution‚ which bestowed too much power on one man – the president.

“We have to stabilise the economy to allow ourselves to move forward.”

Zimbabwe needs peace‚ stability‚ nation building‚ political and institutional reform‚ economic reform‚ international reintegration and normalcy‚ Biti said.

“These will require an inclusive approach … Today the real challenge starts.”


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    Fallenz 5 years ago

    Mnangagwa is reported to have said “the voice of the people is the voice of God”… sure sounds like something Mugabe would have said. But, if true, God has been punishing the people of Zim for something over the past several decades.

    There are many questions, such as, will the policia’s mandate be to protect the people, or ZANU-PF? Will the judiciary suddenly be freed from rulings based on political influences? Will there be a return of a free press? Will the economy be managed for the good of the nation, rather than for the off-shore accounts of a few? Will the victims of Gukurahundi finally get the justice they deserve, and the offenders exposed? (ain’t holding my breathe on that one… Mnangagwa was neck-deep in that genocidal atrocity)

    The immediate question is whether Mnangagwa will ALLOW the “voice of the people” be heard with free, fair, truly democratic elections… or simply a continuation of the cruelties of just another smug “African demigod dictator”. Will disinterested observers be welcomed at the polls and tally, or just one more “rubber-stamp” committee whose single purpose it is to cover the vote rigging?

    The time is short until the 2018 elections, so we will very soon know Zim’s direction… a continuation of being a colony that a few elitist rule for themselves, or a free people who govern themselves through democracy.

    I would caution to maintain the vigil… remember that in 1980 Mugabe promised democracy, the rule of law, and a government that protected the people…. and look at what was allowed to happen under his rule, which he declared was sanctioned by God.

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      Mnangagwa has been complicit ALL the way. He will ‘rule’ with an iron fist, backed by Chiwenga. Gukuruhundi is a total non starter.
      As for western investment: Forget it, until such time as credible free and fair elections are held. Money is not stupid. The rapacious Chinese investment will continue, as that is the only option open to ZANU PF.
      If within the next 3 months repressive legislation is lifted and Mnangagwa pushes for elections and the MDC is free to campaign wherever they wish, without fear or favour and an independent electoral commission is established I will hold some hope for the future of Zimbabwe. The constitution also needs to be looked at, curtailing the President’s over reach.