Zimbabwe VP Chiwenga rushed to Cape Town hospital 

Source: Zimbabwe VP Chiwenga rushed to Cape Town hospital – The Citizen

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga described the strike as "deplorable and reprehensible"

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga described the strike as “deplorable and reprehensible”

Last October, the vice president was treated in Johannesburg.

Zimbabwean Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was rushed to a hospital in Cape Town on Saturday night, with his condition said to be in “terrible shape”.

No official comment could be obtained from government, with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba not answering calls to his phone.

However, the African News Agency has been reliably informed that Chiwenga was taken to Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. “He left last night [Saturday] for South Africa,” a source said.

Last October, Chiwenga was treated in Johannesburg.


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    Flick 3 years ago

    It’s OK for the few but not the many, to leave the country on so called medical grounds. But what amount of the countries wealth left on the same plane.

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    Zanu pf’s policies have decimated the country including the health service. Nice for the ‘privileged’ like Chiwenga, Mugabe And ED to get health elsewhere

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    Doris 3 years ago

    Exactly.  Stay here like the rest of us.  There are some excellent doctors, surgeons and hospitals here. Tragically they are struggling to treat patients because of the shortage of drugs. A pathology Centre is forced to ask their patients to pay in US dollars as the Reserve Bank hasn’t supplied the forex to purchase the reagents needed for blood testing. It’s an absolute disgrace that these so-called bigwigs (though for the life of me I cannot figure out why they think they are big) seek medical treatment outside Zimbabwe.

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    Revaldo 3 years ago

    Sabhuku avo vakafa hndicheme ini