A supporters flag indeed!

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Source: A supporters flag indeed! – The Zimbabwean 15.07.2015

History is being re-written here in Zimbabwe and this week’s paragraph gripped the country and caused wild jubilation when a new victory was won in our grueling sixteen year long trauma. Three months ago when Pastor Evan Mawarire spoke about what the colours in the Zimbabwean flag meant for him, the video on social media lit a fire in the hearts of ordinary people and from nowhere a movement now known as This Flag emerged and is spreading like wild fire.

For the past sixteen years many ordinary Zimbabweans have come to feel intimidated by our country’s flag; it had become the badge of war veterans, farm invaders and Zanu PF supporters. Wrapped around waists at ruling party rallies, erected in trees on seized lands, displayed on car dashboards to enable easy passage through police roadblocks. In April 2016 Pastor Evan Mawarire changed all that and started a tidal wave of new patriotism in Zimbabweans who’ve had enough and want their country back.

Reports described how many hundreds and later thousands had gathered to support Pastor Evan Mawarire who had been arrested and charged with inciting public violence after he had called for national stay aways. There are hundreds of photographs, videos, media reports and eye witness accounts on social media sites of events that took place at the Harare Magistrates court on Wednesday 13th July 2016. Images, audio clips and reports that brought tears to our eyes and made Zimbabweans everywhere so proud to be Zimbabwean. We got our flags out and put them next to us and if we couldn’t be there in person we were there in spirit and at every twist and turn in the story our hearts were in our mouths.

With shock, disbelief and disgust news came mid afternoon that the state had changed the charges against the Pastor to “subverting a constitutional government,” in other words treason. The new charge was challenged, the Magistrate adjourned to consider and outside still the people didn’t go away; more gathered. Night fell and still the people waited until sometime around 7.30pm Pastor Evan emerged. Free to go. Charges dropped. The Magistrate ruled that the new charges pressed by the State were a violation of the Constitution. The crowd erupted into jubilation. Hope had been restored.

Hope, not in one person, but in us; hope in the future for Zimbabwe. The courage of the thousands of Zimbabweans who descended on the Harare Magistrates Court and sat, stood, sang and prayed for justice has inspired Zimbabweans in many countries in the Diaspora to add their voices and their calls and protests are growing by the day. At the bottom of their posters #ThisFlag has one line which says it better than anything else: “Bolder Citizens, a better Zimbabwe,” and this week we have seen exactly that.

When I bought my own Zimbabwean flag some time ago I was told it was called a “supporters flag,” otherwise known as a Zanu PF supporters flag. A supporters flag indeed! I am a Zimbabwean and this is my country and my flag too I thought as I unfolded it and hung it by my desk! Proud to be Zimbabwean and proud to have been writing about events in my country for the past 16 years. Until next time, thanks for reading, love cathy 15th July 2016.


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    Hi Cathy. Long time I used to follow your posts.
    God is with us.

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    Viva Black power!
    Pasi nevanonyepera kuda Zimbabwe!
    Pasi nehurumende inodya vana vachiita kwashiorkor !
    Press on Zimbabweans!!
    To everything there is a season!!
    Aluta continua…

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    Hopefully, honesty will prevail. I am in Australia and fear that a crack down is imminent. Munangwawa is said to be supportive but I see him as a snake – the one which was in the garden of Eden in the beginning. I would encourage everyone to remain vigilant and resolute.