A Zimbabwe politician says all the Chinese in his country should be deported

Source: A Zimbabwe politician says all the Chinese in his country should be deported — Quartz May 17, 2016

A member of a Zimbabwean opposition party has called for all Chinese nationals to be kicked out of the southern African country.

“[Chinese nationals] have contributed nothing of value except to aid a corrupt and repressive political system while looting away our national resources,” Willias Madzimure, the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) secretary for international relations wrote in an editorial on Monday (May 16). “The PDP calls on all Zimbabweans and other international stakeholders to come together and call for the Chinese to exit our country immediately.”

Madzimure accuses Beijing of “bleeding” Zimbabwe’s economy by supporting president Robert Mugabe. Under Mugabe’s watch the country is now struggling with a cash shortage, high unemployment, and slow economic growth.

The PDP has minimal influence over a government dominated by Mugabe and his ruling party, ZANU-PF, but their calls reflect a growing backlash against Zimbabwe’s long-time partner.

For the past three decades, Zimbabwe has relied on China as an ally in the international community and as a trading partner. In 2008, Beijing vetoed a UN resolution that would have sanctioned Mugabe for orchestrating violence against opposition groups in a run-off election. As of last year, more than half of the country’s tobacco exports go to China, and the government recently adopted the Chinese yuan as one of Zimbabwe’s legal currencies. China is Zimbabwe’s top investor, with investment in agriculture and mining among other sectors reaching almost $50 million last year, according to China’s embassy in Harare.

Mugabe is also taking a harsher stance with Beijing. The 92-year-old ruler has ordered all foreign diamond mining companies, including large Chinese companies Anjin Investment and Jinan Mining, to turn their operations over to the government. Mugabe admitted in March that the country had lost $13 billion in potential revenues because of illicit trade in the diamond industry.

“On one hand, by aiding and abetting the criminal Mugabe regime and, on the other, salting away billions of dollars from the country, the Chinese are killing the country twice,” Madzimure said. “This is the worst kind of imperialism and as Zimbabweans we must rise and resist it.”


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    I thought it was Biti who said it, but it was dumb anyway. Such statements compell the Chinese to support Mugabe. The smart way was to say we love the Chinese, win the next election with their support, and then throw them out.

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    amina 6 years ago

    Chinese are all over the world, they are not a problem but they check the weakness of any government and people and exploit. In Africa, they realized that African leaders are greedy and they want to stay in power forever, and they became isolated in their countries and abroad. So they stand behind these corrupt leaders and exploit. In counties where they are no exploitation they do good business, they are in Americas, Europe and even Australia. They do their things while government does its on business. In Zimbabwe, problem is Mugabe and his ZANU PF. They are exploiting the country resources as a benefit for protecting the regime.

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    This is all political correctness. They need to go. If they British could you imagine how this country would have progressed. Just look at what they did in 100 years bloody amazing. I am not British but you have to give credit where it’s given. Mugabe has taken Zimbabwe back to the 1940 and worse over 50 years backward.

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    Mazano Rewayi 6 years ago

    The Chinese are not a problem, we are for exposing our weaknesses. All powerful creatures – countries, people or animals – will loot if the opportunity presents itself. If you always run to a strong rich and powerful man for everything from food to blankets do not complain if he sleeps with your wife and daughters (and even sons too nowadays).