Activist sends prison uniform to Bob

via Activist sends prison uniform to Bob – The Zimbabwean 09/02/2016

President Mugabe turns 92 on February 21, 2016. Below, the Crisis Report, a publication of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CIZC) speaks to Moyo;

Q- What motivated your action to send this birthday parcel to President Mugabe?

A- My birthday present to President Robert Mugabe is more of a silent protest against gross human rights

violations and crimes against humanity which he and his Zanu (PF) regime committed since 1980 up to
date. I feel the President must be brought to justice one day and answer to crimes against humanity putting on the prison uniform I sent him. For the past three and half decades, Zanu (PF) has been enjoying impunity, violating the rights of the people of Zimbabwe and committing crimes against humanity simply because they know that they are exempted from the law. So I feel we must fight to erase the culture of impunity and make President Mugabe and his club of oppressors face justice on this land. In short, I was just saying happy birthday Comrade President and bear in mind that ‘mhosva hairove mdara’ one day you will have to answer for crimes against humanity which you committed.

Q- How do you view the Zimbabwean situation and its possible impact on the lives of youths?

A- Our economy is now dead and young people are the most affected group in this country. Their future is bleak especially if the Zanu (PF) government remains in power. Most of them are jobless and the Zanu (PF)
government has done enough to destroy their future. Our young graduates are out there in the streets as vendors and the government still cannot accept the truth that they have failed these young people. Most of these youths are ending up indulging in anti-social acts such as taking drugs, prostitution and fraud because
of poverty. If we are to go back to the root cause of why young people are suffering like this in Zimbabwe, you will find out that it’s crystal clear that Zanu (PF) has failed.

Q- What role do you think the youths need to play to address their situation?

A- Youths between 16 to 35 constitute 77 to 80% of the population in Zimbabwe meaning that they are the majority. Firstly they must lobby the government and advocate for free and fair polls to take place in 2018 and go to vote in numbers and try to bring this much anticipated change in this country. The secret is if Zanu (PF)
remains in power, then nothing will change. In fact, things will go from bad to worse so youths must be aware of that. Secondly they must put the government to account for everything which is obligated to young
people in this country. There is this so called ‘Employment Creation Fund and those youth empowerment initiatives by the Ministry of Youth. The youths must trace all those monies and put the relevant Minister
to account. They must not be mum on things that affect their livelihoods. The Minister must know that there are young people out there who will evaluate and measure his progress. Precisely, i am just trying to say we the youths are the majority so let’s take charge and set the pace in this country not to just sheepishly follow an
administration which is destroying our future every day.

Q- After a period of bloodshed which was experienced especially during elections, do you think Zimbabwe is on course as far as achieving national healing and reconciliation is concerned?

A- No not at all. Truth telling must start first before we talk about reconciliation. Let’s take a look at the Gukurahundi massacre. Up to now, Mugabe has not yet apologized or admitted what he did. He only said ‘It was a moment of madness’. Who was mad? What had happened to this mad man? What was then done to address the damage made by this mad man? The same applies to the 2008 bloody post election era. Nothing was said about it. So there must be truth telling first to find out who did what then we move to the next step of reconciliation.

Q- What is your analysis of Zanu (PF’s) policies and do you think they are benefiting the youths?

A- Zanu (PF) policies are made at rallies without consulting the people and most of these policies are out of touch with the reality on the ground. As a result that’s why Zanu (PF) can’t deliver. The youths are not benefiting anything from Zanu (PF) policies. In fact, those ill policies are the reason why they are suffering and jobless today.

Q- Youths have often been abused to perpetrate violence. How best do you think they can overcome this challenge?

A- Political exploitation will hardly end as long as these young people are wallowing in abject poverty. Zanu (PF) takes advantage of those unemployed youths to abuse and manipulate them to perpetrate political violence in return for material gains. So the root cause of all that is poverty. Let’s alleviate poverty and you will see the number of youths offering themselves to be used as shenanigans reducing.

Q- Would a coalition of youths help to address their current challenges?

A- Yes if they can galvanize their efforts and fight for change, i am sure that will help to change their situation. What then is needed is for them to put aside their differences, personal interests, egos and unite to fight for a common goal in harmony.

Q- After you sent that parcel to the President, many people feared for your life. Have you been getting any threats or do you have any fears?

A- Yes I have been frequently receiving death threats through anonymous calls but I will remain focused and determined. I don’t regret doing it. I really had to do it in pursuit of justice for this land.


  • comment-avatar
    Zvakwana 6 years ago

    Well done I salute you.

  • comment-avatar
    Mazano Rewayi 6 years ago

    More and more are becoming fearless. Let’s overcome our fear and turn this tide into an avalanche. But just a point of correction. The youth need not lobby “government” – they should just boot it out. Are the youth not ashamed to be led by geriatrics already out of their wits in this day and age? If the youth of the seventies dared Smith who had the “second strongest army on the continent” why do those of today whimper at the mere mention of Zpf which cannot even afford meals in the barracks? Freedom only comes to those who sacrifice for it. Let’s pay the price.