Airport Road to have flyover

TRANSPORT minister Joram Gumbo has said feasibility studies are currently being undertaken on the construction of a freeway along Airport Road in Harare.

Source: Airport Road to have flyover – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 5, 2016


Gumbo said this in the Senate last week in response to a question by Bulawayo Metropolitan Senator Tholakele Khumalo, who wanted him to explain when flyovers would be constructed to reduce congestion in cities.

Khumalo suggested that big cities like Harare and Bulawayo now need flyovers and not walkovers.

“As of now, our first flyover in Harare will be on the Harare International Airport Road,” Gumbo said.

“That is the first one you will see in town and at this moment we are already working on a feasibility study to see how much it is going to cost us so that we can come up with a fly over.”

Gumbo said the freeway would stretch to the intersection of Robert Mugabe and Enterprise Road from the post office at Braeside, and the road proceeding to Morgan High School.

“Whenever it is necessary for us to have a flyover, our engineers can plan so that we have one, like the one we see when going to Mufakose. As we look into the future, our engineers are looking at coming up with what we see when we go to Johannesburg or Cape Town,” he said.

On the Beitbridge-Harare-Chirundu road, Gumbo said his ministry hopes to sign the contract before the end of November, with construction expected to begin early next year.

“Everything is in place for now, the financier and the contractor are ready and what is remaining for now is government processes. I have to bring documents to Parliament for approval because part of the funding for this road is a loan and MPs must look at its conditions,” he said.


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    Morty Smith 6 years ago

    How pathetic. A single flyover is parliamentary business? These fellows really are from the bush

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    Mazano Rewayi 6 years ago

    If only wishes were horses…..!!! Chitungwiza rail, Beitbridge-Chirundu dualisation, Harare Drive ring road, J’burg style flyovers, etc. Maybe “Gautrain” between Harare and Byo, oops sorry, Harare and eer Murombedzi. Dream on. How about water in the taps, how about stopping raw sewage flowing into Chiwero? finish Tokwe-Mukosi? etc, etc. Oh, the industries, the factories, the hospitals? Well, well, well…!!!!