AMHVoices: Grace behind turmoil in Zanu PF

Source: AMHVoices: Grace behind turmoil in Zanu PF – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 24, 2017

IN response to Mnangagwa, Moyo square-off: I have had an opportunity to talk to Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo.

By Danai Pazvagozha,Our Reader

The man is intelligent. He has knowledge on various issues, and can project a sensible way of how events will move along.
But he has a very serious weakness that tends to dilute his intellectual prowess.

He has proved to be unable to control this weakness of his – childish pomposity.

But in this turf war with Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Moyo is playing proxy for First Lady Grace Mugabe.

He is simply fronting for Grace, who is poised to get a Vice-President’s post anytime this year and replace Mnangagwa.

Ngwena, as Mnangagwa is also known, will be relegated to be a mere minister or senior minister.

President Robert Mugabe then will delegate most issues to Grace and will infrequently go to office, thus partially retiring till “death do us part”.

Moyo will be appointed “special adviser to the President” and will have a lot of influence in decision-making given Grace’s mitigated level of knowledge and intellect.

But in their cloud cuckooland scheme, there is one real and serious obstacle – the army generals (backgrounded on the war of liberation) – who are blindly and religiously loyal to Ngwena.

These cannot imagine themselves saluting Grace – never.

Mugabe is practically disabled to retire them, given the manner in which they desperately and brazenly rescued him from defeat by MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008.

Hence, the real cause of all this hullabaloo in Zanu PF is Grace.

I see Mugabe’s (and Zanu PF’s) fate being congruent to that of the biblical Adam – who blamed his demise on his wife.