Another cleric denounces Mugabe

ANOTHER disgruntled Harare clergyman, Tapfumanei Zenda, yesterday launched a solo protest against President Robert Mugabe’s regime, hardly a week after the Zanu PF strongman tore into #ThisFlag campaign leader and cleric Evan Mawarire and urged him to confine himself to the pulpit.

Source: Another cleric denounces Mugabe – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 2, 2016


Zenda yesterday held his solo protest march in Harare’s central business district, holding a placard which denounced government misrule.

He also blasted Mugabe for his jibe against churches, particularly his scathing attack on Mawarire.

“The Church as a whole is concerned about the blasphemous remarks by Mugabe on the Church. Whenever a leader touches the Church he calls God’s judgment upon himself. Almost every true and serious Christian is praying against him (Mugabe) because of utterances aimed at derogating the name of Jehovah God,” Zenda said.

“The people are crying for freedom because independence only without the aspect of freedom is not enough. Basically ordinary citizens are more concerned about their freedoms in order to enjoy the fruit of independence.”

Instead of clamping down on peaceful protesters, Zenda urged Mugabe to initiate dialogue involving all stakeholders.

“Zimbabwe is at the edge of a catastrophic turmoil while government is putting on a defensive attitude and wearing a brave face. But whilst in a denial attitude, the Church cannot be silent and turn a deaf ear at the cries and concerns of Zimbabweans. God sides with the oppressed, marginalised and poor. Those are the majority of ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe at the moment,” he said.

Another solo protester, Kudzanai Karoro from Chinhoyi, has too launched a video warning Mugabe that the current anti-government protests would not stop until he left power.

Karoro’s video has gone viral on social media platforms.


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    tonyme 6 years ago

    Mugabe needs to look himself in the mirror and reflect 40 years ago. Think of Ian Smith and the quest for freedom.Think of ZAPU and the emergence of freedom fighters. That is where we are. Give us what we fought for, independence and freedom. We have neither.

  • comment-avatar
    IAN SMITH 6 years ago

    Sorry Tonyme paying any attention to Bob Matibile verbiage is like listening to a drunken Uncle who’s just come from the pub.
    If there is any thing that Bob loves it’s attention he is a notice box of note.

    So the least you pay attention to him hurts like hell, he is a vegetable in dippers, a toothless bull dog who spends the day laying down with the occasional bark.

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    Tiger Shona 6 years ago

    That Mugabe will not leave unless under mortal threat. He has too many skeletons in the closet.

    • comment-avatar
      Fallenz 6 years ago

      Exactly. Once atrocities reach a certain level, the leadership has forced themselves into a box and must retain power by any method, else they will be called to book and face the consequences for their crimes. Grave atrocities call for grave consequences. Comrade Mugabe and his ZANU-PF cadre reached that point long ago.